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Ketevan Tsikhelashvili: “It is illegal when freedom of movement is violated”
In 2015, 341 persons were arrested for illegal crossing of the so-called “border” to occupied Abkhazia and 162 to the occupied Tskhinvali region. Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) spread information about it based on the data provided by the State Security Service of Georgia.
City Hall Announced Tender on the Rehabilitation of the Swimming Pool Second Time
The swimming pool in Gori has not functioned for two years already because of the demolished building. In accordance to the conclusion of the Levan Samkharauli Expertise Bureau, the technical conditions of the building are not satisfactory. As promised by the local government, the rehabilitation of the swimming pool was to be finished before the end of 2015 but it has not finished yet.
Victimized by Pyrotechnics Request Prohibition Import of Explosives for New Year
Over 20 patients applied to the traumatic unit of the Gurjaani Geo Hospital early in 2016. Majority of patients were children. Head of the unit Tamaz Simonishvili said they had operated 3 patients injured by pyrotechnics in their hospital.
Session to Be Held in the Gori City Council on February 5
On January 25, a session of the Gori City Council bureau was held where participants discussed the agenda of the February 5 session. Discussion of the bill of 2016 budget is on the agenda, which was rejected twice by the Council. According to the February 5 agenda, secret ballot will be held to declare mistrust to the chairman of the City Council Papuna Koberidze, his deputy Nino Zurabishvili and chairmen of four commissions.

Telavi Municipal Board Allocated 45 000 Lari for the Procurement of Vehicles for Two Senior Officials
Local budget allocated 45 000 GEL to purchase vehicles for the chairman of the Telavi Municipal Board Archil Tkhlashadze and his deputy Gia Gigiashvili.

European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine
The European Parliament adopted on January 21 resolution on implementation of Association Agreements and deep and comprehensive free trade treaties with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
The resolution, which was preceded by debates a day earlier, acknowledges the European aspirations of the three countries and calls on them to pursue reforms.
Two Citizens of Georgia Remain in Tskhinvali Detention Setting
On January 20, the 62nd round of the meetings in the frame of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism was organized in Ergneti village. Detention of people for alleged illegal crossing of the so-called border was one of the topics on the meeting agenda. Head of the analytic department of the State Security Service of Georgia Irakli Beraia said all of 11 detainees were freed for the past one month but two more citizens of Georgia still remain in the Tskhinvali based prison. Tskhinvali court sentenced them to one-year imprisonment for illegal crossing of the so-called border.

Orthodox Christian Woman Forbidden to Take Care of Sakuneti Mosque
“There is Saint George’s Church here. People come and give alms to the church. Once, on the St. George’s Holiday, a man from Atskuri village brought a sheep and sacrificed to the church. Then he heard a voice in the dream – “have I offended you?” and next day he come and sacrificed the sheep to the Mosque too,” you will hear many similar stories in Sakuneti village from locals, the Mosque and Orthodox Church are located several meters away from each other. The church is functioning but the mosque is abandoned. In 2012 the Sakuneti village mosque received status of the cultural heritage. According to the inscription it was constructed in 1927.
Human Rights Center Requests Effective Investigation into Aleko Elisashvili’s Case
On January 14, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about the case of Aleko Elisashvili, former chairman of the Pardon Commission.
Twice Rejected Budget and Impeachment in Gori City Council
Opposition members of the Gori City Council state the Council chairman and his deputy stay their interests higher than the city interests. According to the Council members, the twice rejected 2016 budget was to be presented to the City Council on January 14 but the announced session was postponed to February 5. The Council members state it is connected with the requested impeachment of the Council chairman and chairmen of four commissions.  
Issue of Ownership over the Kutaisi Holly Annunciation Church Is Still Unresolved
Nowadays, there are five historical churches in Georgia which the Catholic Church claims as theirs though all of them now belong to the Georgian Orthodox Church. The disputed churches are located in Kutaisi, Gori, Batumi, Ivlita (Akhaltsikhe municipality) and Ude (Adigeni municipality).
How the Parliamentary Elections were conducted?
Without violations With violations They were falsified I do not know I hesitate to answer


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Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


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