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Hammerberg Is not Satisfied with the Work of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Vice Versa
South Ossetia de-facto government names 140 ethnic Ossetians to be missing. The representatives of South Ossetia de-facto President and a public defender, Davit Sanakoev state that this number includes not only those lost after the 2008 August war but all the lost people between 1989 and 2008.
Givi Berikashvili’s Relative is Sentenced with Preliminary Imprisonment
Tbilisi City Court Judge Vazha Pukhashvili passed sentence of preliminary imprisonment as a compulsory measure against individual undertaker of LLC “Kidobani” Nino Lortkipanidze, a relative of actor Givi Berikashvili. Nino Lortkipanidze is one of the 18 individual undertakers the case of compulsory measure of whose was discussed on October 7th by the judge Pukhashvili.
Residents of Potskhoetseri Urge for Help
An IDP from Abkhazia Madona Vekua lived in the building for compact settlement in Tbilisi. Two months ago, she was internally displaced once more – the ministry of the IDPs from the occupied territories, refugees and accommodation resettled her from the former building of the Russian military base to Potskhoetseri settlement in Samegrelo region. Madona Vekua complains about her health. There are no conditions to take medical treatment in Potskhoetseri. There is not even a hospital there.
Where Did “Sandra’s Buses” Disappear?
 Zviad Khmaladze Is Selling Out Municipal Transportation

LLC “Gortransavto,” which was seized from its owner Guja Berikashvili by the local government, is being urgently sold out on the auction today. Why is the enterprise concerning which the court made decisions beneficial for its previous owner being sold?! Guja Berikashvili doesn’t want to express his position on this issue. But, a lot more interesting is the fact that Berikashvili himself might participate in the auction. Practically, he will have to purchase his enterprise for the second time.
Clinton Renews Call for Russian Withdrawal From Georgia
 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has renewed the U.S. call for a withdrawal of Russian forces from Georgia under the accords that ended the two countries' brief war in 2008.
Roman Gventsadze: “I Like Vano Merabishvili but I Cannot Understand the Idea of the “Reasonable Doubt”
 “Georgia has not had such a strong minister of internal affairs since 1990s. Vano Merabishvili is the cleverest and strongest person of all ministers I know; he is even better than I was -I once said it and one oppositionist commented on my words: Roman Gventsadze praises Merabishvili because he promoted his son and released his grandson from prison. It is not correct. My son still occupies the same position and my grandson is still in prison,” said former minister of internal affairs of Georgia Roman Gventsadze who likes the current law enforcement system though he does not avoid criticizing of the mistakes too.

Clinton Sent Gilauri Home with Some Hard Homework
 Clinton said that parliamentary elections of 2012 and then president elections of 2013 “should showcase, that the Georgian democracy not only meets, but exceeds international standards.”

US State Department published the official version of US Secretary General Hillary Clinton speech. Clinton gave a speck on October 6th at a meeting held in the frameworks of Charter of Strategic Partnership with Georgia. The meeting was attended by the PM Nika Gilauri, Ministry of Energy Aleksandre Khetaguri and the Assistant of State Secretary of USA Philip Gordon. According to Hillary Clinton, free elections, trustworthy institutions and active civil society is the guarantee for stability and legitimacy for any government.
Court Completely Satisfied Request of the Investigation When Imposing Preventive Measures over Individual Entrepreneurs from the Shopping Centers
 The request of the investigative department within the Georgian ministry of finances was almost completely satisfied in regard with the detained individual entrepreneurs from the shopping centers “Kidobani” and “Pasaji”. Judge Vazha Pukhashvili at the Tbilisi City Court sentenced 10 accused to pretrial detention as it was requested by the investigation.
Memory Toast to Georgian and Abkhaz Soldiers
Much was said on the 17th anniversary after the defeat of Sokhumi but the words of the General Giorgi Karkarashvili made impression on me. “Today, our gathering looks like a toast. I want to remember the soldiers who died on our side and make a memory toast to those who were killed by us.”
The Dining & Boiler Rooms Sold Out along with the IDPs
  In the building of former boarding school in Senaki, as a result of the state strategy, the residence homes of IDPs in the compact centers are started to be rehabilitated and given to their ownership. But, as it has turned out, the residence homes of IDPs in the former dining & boiler rooms situated thereby won’t be renovated as it’s under the private ownership.
Inadequate Priorities of Rustavi Local Government
62-year-old Tengiz Sanikidze asks Rustavi City Hall twenty GEL voucher for the medications: “We were told right before election that City Hall was going to give twenty GEL vouchers for the medications. I live in number 26th at the Friendship St. Every pensioner from our apartment building has been in the polyclinic. We were registered. We had to sit in a line for an hour. Then we went back to City Hall and brought the receipt from the polyclinic. We were told that we would receive vouchers, but have not received anything yet,” – states Sanikidze.
“Secret” City Friends of Municipalities
Municipalities are “making more friends” with different cities. For example, the head of Gori municipality city council Zviad Khmaladze often goes to the city of Lutsk owing to “friendship.” During his last visit, he was accompanied by Shida Kartli governor Zurab Arsoshvili. Nobody knows the real reason of friendship between these cities, especially on the background of Shida Kartli government’s mystified visit to Ukraine in the month of August.
Where Should We Live? – Dilemma For Akhalgori District Residents
 About 7 700 people lived in Akhalgori district before the armed conflict in August of 2008. As a result of the military operations, Russian armies deployed in the district; however, unlike other districts of the former autonomous republic of South Ossetia, mass ethnic cleansing did not take place in Akhalgori district. Currently, the Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories work for the district and according to it, there is emergency situation in Akhalgori district.
Turned Off Electricity and Threats of Eviction against IDPs
 By the government’s strategy, the IDPs are going to be placed in new residence homes. With this intention, special high storied apartment buildings are being built in Poti. Before the exploitation of the new homes, the city government provided residence places for several families. It is one of the high storied apartment buildings at Gorgasali St. #5/38, the building of which started during the communist period when it was called a cooperative apartment. This house has been in the form of carcase without an owner for years now. The communist era finished without the completion of the house.

Creeping Occupation, False Alarm or Modeled Provocation?!
On the night of September 29th, the population of villages (Zemo and Kvemo Niqozi (Upper and Lower Niqozi), Zemo and Kvemo Khviti (Upper and Lower Khviti) belonging to the community of the village Niqozi, Gori Region, started panicking. According to the information spread by the national televisions, Russian armed forced transferred in Zemo and Kvemo Niqozi and occupied 25 hectare territory. This information is confirmed only by one lady in the whole community who names the policemen as the source of the information.
“Nobody Is Interested in the Facts of Fabrication”
In a few days, the minister of internal affairs of Georgia and chief prosecutor will receive a letter from the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party. The letter is about the violations observed in Kutaisi during the local municipal elections in 2010; the violations resulted into total falsification of the election results in Kutaisi. Nato Katamadze, the head of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party, requests liability of those people who participated in the fabrication process.
Nothing Personal – Draft Law Which Protects and Makes It Public
Will the personal lives of people protected in Georgia and what are the guarantees that their personal information will not become the reason for their personal discrimination - these are questions asked by one part of lawyers regarding the draft-law on the “Protection of Personnel Data”.
“Accused Victims” Victims of “Zero Tolerance” and “Selective Justice”
The press-conference in the office of the Human Rights Center on October 4 was dedicated to the inadequately strict verdicts passed by the common courts of Georgia. At the press-conference the human rights defenders discussed the concrete verdict passed by the judge of the Tbilisi City Court Badri Kochlamazashvili on September 28. Kochlamazashvili sent the young people wounded in front of the Technical University a year ago to prison for 3,5 years and imposed fine of 3 000 GEL on each of them.
Prisoner Died Because of Incorrect Medical Treatment
Irakli, Giorgi and Nika look at the photo of their father to remember his face; the father Kakhaber Bezhanidze died in prison on September 26, 2009. According to the diagnosis, he died of ulcer on stomach and duodenum and of acute sepsis. The council of the professional development within the State Regulation Agency of the Medical Activities sanctified the doctors who treated Bezhanidze. However, the sanction is only a suspension of the doctor’s license for 4 months. The widow of the dead prisoner Marina Turmanidze states her husband died of the incorrect treatment and is about to request a compensation from the state.
“Any crimes against missing persons must be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators should be identified and prosecuted”
Georgian MIA and Tskhinvali De-Facto Authority Discontent About Hammarberg’s Strict Report

On September 29, the results of the monitoring of the investigations concerning the treatment and fate of certain missing persons during and after the armed conflict in August of 2008 were published. The document constitutes the introduction statement of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg and statements of the experts of the CoE.
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