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In Georgia More And More People Wish To Migrate Abroad
According to the 2009 report of the UN High Commissionaire for Refugees, Georgia is among top ten states whose citizens request migration abroad most often. Unlike 2008, Georgia moved 7 stages backward in the rating. Before that, it occupied 17th place; in 2008 5 454 citizens of Georgia had requested shelter in various states of the world; in 2009 their number increased up to 10 994.

Before the Elections, Funds Allocated for Local Self-Governemnts Are Seriously Increased
Before the elections, funds allocated for the local self-governments from the central budget have seriously increased – it is said in the report of the Transparency International – Georgia; the report is about the use of administrative resources for the pre-elections campaign. According to the report, the number of personnel at the Tbilisi City Hall as well as in the district administrations of the regions of Georgia has noticeably increased.

Imprisonment of Khatuna Charaeva – One More Shameful Act of Primitive Georgian Politics
“If Khatuna Charaeva had really committed the crime, she would not have been released,” said conflict expert Paata Zakareishvili in his interview with the humanrights.ge. He added that the ethnic Ossetian woman was arbitrarily detained because of primitive and shameful Georgian politics.

Weapons Trafficking, End User is NOT Georgian Territorial Integrity
The fallout of the war of August 2008 brings us up to speed with a much larger game that is being planned and played-out within the framework of today’s security reality. I've always suspected Georgia of having been, perhaps even before the final breakup of the USSR, a hub and transit point for most every illicit item one could imagine. It is about location and its topography - mountainous forests, the Black Sea – all make it perfect for such. Conflicted areas such as Georgia and other breakaways provide generous conditions for all kinds of illegal and shady activities.

Noghaideli’s Noisy Visit in Guria Region
Leaders of the National Council met their supporters and members in the Ozurgeti Drama Theatre on March 24. Before the meeting, the organizers did not allow the family members of journalist Davit Bolkvadze, who died during the Civil War, into the hall; they clarified that  the National Council was meeting only their activists and supporters. Davit Bolkvadze’s mother and sister blame Loti Kobalia for the murder of the journalist; the latter is a member of Noghaideli. The family members of the dead journalist managed to converse with Noghaideli after the meeting.

Political Parsimony – Center Does not Divide Power With Regions
“In Samegrelo region, peasants in Ushguli (Svaneti region), Makhvshi (elderly and most respected people) and shepherds in Tusheti region everybody say one and the same – We are governors of ourselves,” said Davit Losaberidze, representative of the Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development. He interviews people in various regions of Georgia about the local self-governmental system.

Reportage from the Village without Address
Village Erizimedi is located 65 kilometers away from Sighnaghi at Georgian-Azerbaijan border. The village was founded in 1989 and eco-migrants from Adjara autonomous republic were settled there. Officially, Erisimedi belongs to Sighnaghi district and is under jurisdiction of Georgia; however, even locals cannot enter the village without taking border control. Because of the unbearable conditions, villagers abandon the village. Several families have already returned to Khulo district in Adjara.

Mass Technical Examination of Mini-Buses Suspiciously Coincided with the Visit of Opposition Parties
In order to fail the events scheduled by the National Council in Ozurgeti district the mini-buses were ordered to take technical examinations.

Council of Ethic Charter of Journalists Concluded Natia Koberidze Breached Article 1 of Charter
On March 25, Council of the Ethic Charter of Journalists discussed the question related with the journalist Natia Koberidze based on the complaints filed by citizens.  The Council concluded that journalist of the TV-Company Imedi breached Article 1 of the Charter when releasing the simulated chronicle on March 13. According to the Article, journalist shall respect truth and right of society – to get correct information.

Chronicle of The Pre-Election Terror
At the approaching elections of the self-governments, oppression on the supporters of the opposition parties has increased. Law enforcement officers and officials of the local government threaten members and activists of the opposition parties with ceasing social allowances, firing their family members and relatives from jobs, with planting guns or narcotics on them and detention unless they stop their activities in support of the opposition parties. 

Why Was News Program of TV-Company “Sakartvelo” Closed?
News program of the TV-Company “Sakartvelo” ceased broadcasting. According to the executive director of the Human Rights Center, the reason might be active struggle of the foreign investor David John Mapley for his property. He has been fighting to protect his investments for many years.

Story about Pavilion - Or Next-Door Neighbor Is My Survivor
If you look out of your window one day and see workers working near your windows, you should not get surprised! Soon, a new building will be constructed very close to your house and you can even touch it through the window.

Charter of Freedom – A Mechanism for Security or An Additional Tool for the Government
Chairperson of the parliamentary fraction “Strong Georgia” Gia Tortladze requests to promptly discuss the Charter of Freedom. He said the parliament has not started discussion of the draft-charter which was first initiated in February.

Officials Do Not Want to Tighten Their Belts
“Kutaisi population should know what kind of “tightened belts” the members of district municipality board, they elected three years ago, were wearing. Some of them openly or in secret are leading their election campaign and do their utmost to remain in the government. They use administrative resources for personal purposes and waste state funds,” said members of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party.

Movement Is Dangerous In European Sighnaghi
“Sighnaghi is the most beautiful city in Europe. Neither Chinese, nor Americans, nor Turkish people can build the houses so fast, with such a high quality and enthusiasm, like we did it”, stated president Mikheil Saakashvili at the pompous presentation of renovated Sighnaghi. A year and a half later, in Sighnaghi, residential houses in several streets of the city are pulling down. Reconstructed balconies have the paints removed and need repeated repair-works. Moving around the city is life threatening because of poorly done work by the construction companies, electricity wires in Sarajishvili and Chavchavadze streets are scattered on the streets and they can kill a person at any moment.

Amnesty International Exposed Georgia in Purchase of Tools of Torture
European companies are participating in the global trade in types of equipment widely used in torture or other ill-treatment, according to evidence presented in a new report by Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation released on March 16. In the full version of the report Georgia is also mentioned. More precisely, the report states that Georgia purchased torture tools from Germany and Czech Republic.

Three Guantanamo Detainees Sent to Georgia
Three detainees from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba were transfered "to custody and control" of Georgia, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Sex show Scandalises Georgia
TBILISI (Georgia) - WEARING a tight red dress and leaning suggestively over a chair, Shorena Begashvili gazed into the camera and said in a husky voice: 'Today we're going to talk about the sounds people make when having sex.'

ICC Prosecutor, Georgian Justice Minister Meet over August War
International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo met last week with Georgian Justice Minister, Zurab Adeishvili, in The Hague as part of regular consultations launched since the events of the August war has been the subject of preliminary examination by ICC Prosecutor's Office.

Russian Olympics clouded by 19th century deaths
(Reuters) - A Muslim diaspora is demanding the Sochi 2014 Olympics be canceled or moved unless Russia apologizes for the 19th century deaths of many of their ancestors in the location where the Winter Games will be held.

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