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Demonstrations with Slogan – Duta, Pub Clown, Go!
Actors and technical personnel of the Telavi Vazha Pshavela State Drama Theatre intend to hold protest demonstrations to request resignation of Duta Skhirtladze from the position of the theatre manager.

Recommendations to Be Implemented
“We must make the government to joyfully implement the joyfully accepted international recommendations,” Tamar Gurchiani, lawyer of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association said at the meeting held in the Georgian Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on 27-28 March. Representatives of media and non-governmental organizations participated in the discussion dedicated to the international standards of human rights.

GYLA Applies to Parliament for Improving Labor Legislation
On March 16, 2011, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) applied to Parliament of Georgia with a legislative proposal. The purpose of the proposal is to amend norms of the Labor Code that regulate suspension and termination of labor agreement.

Officials Dismissed from Adult Theater Link Their Dismissal to Interactions with Cartu Foundation
40 officials fired from Nodar Dumbadze Adult Theater request dismissal of theater manager Mikheil Antadze.As actress Nino Gurulishvili, a former employee of the theater stated to interpressnews, for four months they have not been given salary. Also the manager Mikheil Antadze has been refusing to sign the contract with them for years.

Politically Motivated Persecutions in Akhmeta
Persecution of the representatives of the Georgian Dream in Akhmeta district continues. This time, head of Akhmeta district administration’s supervision service fined Zakaria Kinkladze, head of the Georgian Dream’s Akhmeta office with 200 GEL under administrative law.

“Logic Does Not Have Gender!” “Protest Demonstration vs “Female Logic”
On March 26, a protest assembly was held in front of the TV-Company Imedi. The participants requested the company administration either to close or to change the format of the TV Program “Female Logic” in order to meet ethic norms. Several dozen people participated in the assembly, mostly representatives of NGOs.

Sapari at Second International Conference on Women’s Shelters
Family violence remains to be a serious problem in many states. This is not a problem of only poor and politically unstable countries. Victims of violence live in the developed world as well though they are more protected by laws of these countries.

The Founder Requested Editor-in-Chief of the Forbes Georgia to Change the Content of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Interview
Editor-in-Chief of the Forbes Georgia Rezo Sakevarishvili blamed Gagik Egizaryan, founder of the Media Partner, the company publishing the Forbes Georgia, in censorship and interference in editorial independence of the magazine and resigned.

Discussion – Religion and Human Rights
Interrelation between religious dogmas and fundamental human rights; the role of religion, as institutional system, in the legitimacy of governments; problems in Georgian secularization – these were topics of public discussion hosted by the organization Identity on March 15.

Uprising in Iormughanlo
Ethnical Azaris living in the village Iormughanlo of Sagarejo region confronted Georgian government. According to the village residents, government sold the land they possessed and cultivated for years and which was their main source of income. New owners destroyed newly harvested barley and wheat.

Police Restricts Distribution of Georgian Dream’s Newspapers in Akhmeta
Police restricts distribution of the Georgian Dream’s newspapers in Akhmeta. Head of Akhmeta district office of the Republic Party Zakaria Kinkladze reported that on Sundays, after the activists of the Georgian Dream distribute newspapers in the market and surrounding area, the police officers start withdrawal of those newspapers.

Librarian VS School Director
Labor rights of teachers are one of the most acute problems in Georgia. According to the president of Free Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists of Georgia Maia Kobakhidze a lot of teachers file complaints to the Trade Union. Several days ago, librarian from the Tkibuli district Public School # 7 got in touch with the Trade Union and Human Rights Center and requested their help.

U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Georgia Lays Out Priorities
• ‘Elections litmus test for membership to NATO’
• ‘There are very real concerns about the level playing field’
• ‘Lot of concerns about Chamber of Control’s role in party financing’
• ‘Georgian officials are beginning to understand, that they are being watched’
• Support to Georgia’s territorial integrity ‘remains steadfast’
• Obama-Saakashvili talks gave ‘important impetus’ to military cooperation
• Trade and economic ties are taken to ‘a new level’

Court Rejects Monitor Studio Journalist’s Complaint
On March 21 Tbilisi Appeal Court rejected the complaint lodged by the journalist Salome Tsetskhladze of the Studio “Monitor” and made no change to the January 21 Tbilisi City Court decision.

Why Do We Need Voluntary Military Reserve?
Experts and human rights defenders are concerned about recently introduced amendments to the Law about Military Reserve Service which allows ordinary citizens to voluntarily join military reserve service. Why do we need this service? Journalist of the Human Rights Center’s video-portal http://www.hridc.tv/ tried to get answer to this question.

Dispute about Aziziye Mosque
Negotiations between Turkish and Georgian Culture Ministries about restoration of Turkey based Georgian temples have reached last phase. Representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Culture state the parties are working on the final version of the agreement which will be signed in near future.

Head of Chocheli’s Workshop Curses Journalist and Threatens with Physical Assault
Director of the Ltd Interplast’s workshop Misha Berianidze threatened Mari Otarashvili, correspondent of the newspaper Resonance and Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti with physical assault. The owners of the Ltd Interplast are Mtskheta-Mtianeti regional governor Tsezar Chocheli and his brother Iago Chocheli.

Irakli Alasania Addresses Security Council
Free Democrats decided not to disclose information regarding the formation of illegal armed groups in Samegrelo at this stage. They will send this information for urgent examination to the Security Council of Georgia.

New Beer of Chochelis Zedazeni to Be Produced in Several Days
New beer factory Zedazeni will be opened in the village Saguramo of Mtskheta region in several days. One of the founders and owners of new beer factory is brother of Mtsekhta-Mtianeti Governor – Iago Chocheli.

Govt Extends Contract with Podesta Lobbying Firm
The Georgian government has extended its contract with one of the leading lobbying firms in Washington, Podesta Group, which provides its services to the Georgian authorities since 2010.

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