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Ordinary Soldiers Punished for Red Tape Mistakes of Okruashvili’s Generals
I overheard an out of the ordinary conversation of women who were sitting in public transport, as one of them was complaining about the plight of her soldier son in Iraq. “How can I pay 24,000 GEL have but there is a lean on my house. I regret having sent my son to Iraq in the first place. He earns his money from the army and it is his life, as he is still there. Never has he been a problem – as he always had good relationship with the commanding officer and other soldiers. But now they have appealed to the court against us.  I do not have money to hire an attorney and they may take my house,” the woman explained as she told her story to the woman sitting besides her.

Giorgi Shervashidze: “Lack of Investigation Shows Government’s Involvement”
“They were mostly kicking m and it does appear that they were evidently professionals in what they did to me.  They were silent and did not insult me at all. I asked them what they were doing but then I passed out.. When I recovered, the attackers were looking down at me and then continued beating of me for the next thirty seconds. My wife was watching situation from a balcony; neighbors looked out when they heard  her crying and soon the attackers left the yard,” recalled Giorgi Shervashidze, former commander of Georgian Internal Forces and currently a member of the political bloc “Democrats” -  the incident happened on June 19.

Pros and Cons of Draft Legislation on Jury System
“Generally the draft law of the Georgian Criminal Procedural Code deserves to be viewed in positive light. It is an attempt to finally establish a fair and actual  judiciary system in Georgia,” stated Georgian lawyers about the new draft law dealing with the Georgian Criminal Procedural Code.

Torture Continues in Georgia
On June 26th the Human Rights Centre and Georgian Centre for Psychological & Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) held joint protest in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. June 26th is the UN International Day for the Support of Victims of Torture. There was a hope that human torture incidents would not occur after the Rose Revolution.  However, people continued to be tortured and no end is in sight. A performance dedicated to the June 26th was held in Vera Park. It had the motto “Don’t Torture, Respect a Human Being”. When the performance was over, the action participants then marched on Rustaveli Ave. and later joined a meeting on the issue of torture being held at the Office of the Public Defender.
Zugdidi Police Brutally Beats and Frames Suspect on Weapon Charge
On June 20 at 4:00 AM in the village of Kakhati police officers from Zugdidi department arrested Ruslan Pertaia in the family of one of his friends. Zugdidi district police department then blamed him of having resisted law enforcers in addition to the illegal procession, purchase and carrying of a banned firearm.  The Attorney of the accused police officers beat Pertaia during the detention and when he was locked up in the pre-trial detention isolator cell.
Criminals Freed in Countdown to Rampant Election Fraud
Hundreds of prisoners were released from prisons just before Parliamentary Elections on May 21, 2008 and this is no coincidence. Their early freedom was pursuant to special  plea-bargain “deals” and in some cases hardcore criminals were set free in exchange for their active involvement in the election campaign of the ruling party and the democratic process.  Many of these people condemned for a range of more serious crimes, like drug trafficking, extortion, robbery and attempted murder.
Prisoners Die from Pneumonia and TB in Georgian Prisons
Rights of prisoners are still violated in Georgia and dying in the 21st Century needlessly. The law against torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment does not protect them. Inmates still die of pneumonia in Georgian penitentiary establishments in Georgia, among other diseases, such a TB.  There are no qualified experts who could write an accurate medical conclusion as to the actual cause of death. The Human Rights Center interviewed Levan Labauri, a medical expert regarding the current situation in Georgian correctional institutions.

Take Me Home Never-Fixed Country Road
Rehabilitation funds of the road between the villages of Varkhani and Tsakhani was envisaged in the municipality budget for both 2007 and 2008. However, the rehabilitation has not been completed yet and the work may still continue into the future, even into 2009. The reason for the delay is the lack of responsibility on the part of the road construction company. Local authority, population and building companies have made contradictory statements in the matter.

Ambiguous Fate of TV Program “7 Days”
Contracts with journalists were ceased earlier and the reason was outstanding debts.

“Every Sunday at 9:00 PM independent studio “Akhali Droeba” on behalf of Georgian Public Broadcasting represents weekly TV program “7 Days”- the announcement can be stated in the past now because Company GTV, under umbrella of the TBC TV, which is  the sponsor of the journalists’ team that produced “7 Days. It appears that the contact has been cancelled or ceased to operate, and this was an unexpected event. The production team was expecting grants in nearest future, which would have allowed the TV program to have worked independently. The expected funding would have covered at least at 90% of cost as of September. However, the overall situation was unacceptable for the Georgian government, and this may have been a contributing factor for production to suddenly stop.

Public Registry Demands Fee for the Provided Public Information
Registration Service Department of the National Agency for Public Registry within the Georgian Ministry of Justice estimated a fee for the provided public information. The fee is envisaged by the Law of Georgia on Registration Fee for Service Rendered byThe National Agency of Public Registr.”

Tortured and Beaten Prisoner Request Doctor
Several facts can demonstrate that law enforcers make full use of their fists and muscles when they arrest a suspect. Very often they find drugs and ammunition while searching detainees. The criminal process is a done-deal from the onset, the verdict has already passed. The unfortunate detainee is then sent to prison for 15-20 years for some of the more serious crimes.

No Choice: Either My “Real Estate” or My Family Would Have Been Persecuted!!!
Kakha Bendukidze, former State Minister in Reform Coordination and who currently heads-up the Georgian Prime-Minister’s Administration, commented over the alleged deprivation of private properties from citizens in Sighnaghi, which was realized under a range of threats: psychological, physical violence and the threat of being imprisoned. He said “everyone who took part in deprivation of private properties from their rightful owners must be severely punished.”
Eleven-Year-Old Giorgi: “Main point is job but not “Hard Job””

Everybody knows Giorgi in town. He has lots of friends and dreams a lot. He does not want to complain about his problems and avoids speaking with journalist. However, he speaks like an old person about politics, history, his family and his job.Giorgi Gelashvili lives in King Parnavaz Street in Akhaltsikhe with his mother and sister.
No Pay No PhD Education, Policy Hinders Educational and Research Process
What will be better for the university and what is the Education Ministry doing about it?

Some of the aspects on which the present state universities in Georgia are starting to function, are completely unacceptable with the point of view of sound reforms to be carried out for creating the knowledge-based economy in Georgia. A doctor’s degree is free in the systems focused on market economy, such as American educational system. The reason for this decision is the fact that during doctor’s degree a person does not receive a new education, or they just produce new knowledge; and the state or different corporations are greatly interested to support them,” Lela Samniashvili, an education expert, made such an assessment based on concrete facts that she recalled. State University left many post-graduates in an obscure situation.
Hullabaloo in Taleri Public School
Who breaks the law, teacher or their pupils?!

Everybody can answer this question in the public school of the village of Taleri in Martvili District. However, teachers and pupils are pointing the finger at one another.  The school has been famous for serious discontent between its human resources a long time already; pupils have recently become activists. Last week, the controversy between teachers and pupils reached a peak. Consequently, the adults were brought to the police station; and teachers and Board of Trustees are discussing their dismissal.

Double Standard and Lack of Equal Protection of Law with Plea-Bargain Deals
In 2004 plea-bargain was introduced into the Georgian legislation and it creates unequal conditions for citizens. Judges and prosecutors can sign or cancel plea-bargain according to their own sympathies or other motivations.
Two examples from the criminal case records in Georgia confirm the above-mentioned possibility. In August of 2007 an under-age girl was raped. Sighnaghi District Court imposed sixteen-year-imprisonment on Nukri Nikvashvili, Zurab Zedelashvili and Zviad Kokoashvili, who were suspected of having committed the rape. 

Inmates Contract Tuberculosis in Temporary Isolator Detention Cells
The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs facing a public health crisis as  inmates are faced with  living in the most  unbearable of conditions when they are locked up  isolator cells  for temporary detention. The worst situation is at the regional level where isolators are not maintained and sanitary and health conditions are horrendous. Georgia boosts international standards in many spheres but not in terms of such cells, There is a lack of toilets, water is leaking into the cells, window-glasses are broken, or there are no windows in the cells at all.

“My Final Hope Is Strasbourg Court” Bath House Battles Ministry of Defense
Kukuri Iremadze, former lease-holder of the Batumi Central bath-house, has to receive money from the Defense Ministry and a former state owned company “Adjarkopservisi”. Although the court made the decision five years ago, Iremadze has not been paid yet.  

People Urgently Need Bridge in Shuagele
Nearly twenty families in the village of Shuagele in Kobuleti district are split-off from the rest of the village because there is no of bridge to get across the river. The people had constructed a bridge on their own but during heavy rains the river washed the bridge away. Not the previous or current government has managed to resolve the problem facing the villagers.

Reverend Andria Advises the Government to Install Filters on the Kaspitsementi Ovens
Members of European Regional Assembly visiting Shida Kartli expressed their concern over the dust produced by Kaspitsementi, cement factory in their interview with the Human Rights Centre. In the evening of June 15, 2008 the European guests were invited to village Teliani (Karaghaji), Kaspi District to see traditional Georgian wrestling. The village Teliani is situated rather high elevation. The guests saw how the dust from Kaspitsementi was powdering the Shida Kartli valley and it was an environmental hazard.

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