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Georgian Govt Hires More U.S. Lobbying Firms
Georgian government has hired two more Washington lobbying firms, Prime Policy Group and Gephardt Government Affairs, which will provide outreach to and advocacy before the Congress and the U.S. administration over free trade and election-related issues.

Banking Mistake, Evil Joke or a Political Revenge?
Members of the Georgian Dream’ Lanchkhuti office have debt of 1 million lari in the Bank of Georgia. 

Leaders of the Lanchkhuti office of the Georgian Dream and participants of the program “Kardakari” {polls to check voters’ lists] were fined with 1 million lari. They are: head of regional office Soso Bolkvadze, authoritative members of the coalition: Elguja Chkhaidze, Roman Bitsadze and other office staff.
Door of Kutaisi City Council Closed for Journalists
“You are breaching the law that is punishable!” representatives of Kutaisi media organization often use this phrase when applying to local government for the last year, particularly during pre-election period.
“District Governor Gave Almost Political Instruction in His Working Room”
Observer of the organization Fair Elections blames Lanchkhuti district governor in oppression.

Coordinator and long-term observer of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy in Lanchkhuti district Nana Sanikidze told humanrights.ge that Lanchkhuti district governor Giorgi Goguadze had summoned her to his office and physically oppressed her.
Detainee Started Hunger-Strike with the Request to Attend Father’s Funeral
Ilia Suliashvili, member of the Coalition Georgian Dream, who is serving administrative imprisonment in Signagi temporary detention setting until August 5, started hunger-strike with the request to attend his father’s funeral.
Black Angles and “Paradise Under-Construction” Near New Parliament Building
Several days ago, angels “fell from the heaven” and sat on the “trees” in front of the newly constructed parliament building in Kutaisi. It became a topic of new joke in the city: This is real government! They even invited angels from the heaven for us. We thought their place was only in the sky and now they were compelled to go down on the earth and live together with us.
Handicapped Wife and Husband Ask for Social Help from Government
Rezo and Natela Shainidzes live in village Gvimbalauri of Lanchkuti district. Years ago they were well known workers who right know are chained to wheelchairs.
Nina Khatiskatsi Dismissed from Transparency International – Georgia
Transparency International – Georgia’s (TI-Georgia) Program Director Nina Khatiskatsi has been fired from her job. Nina Khatiskatsi was the head of a project on electoral process monitoring and made critical statements about the government.
12.5 Million Lari to Employ Students for one Month
“More benefit to people” is the government's new slogan. Slowly it shows what this slogan means by “benefit”. “Summer jobs” it says on white caps worn by students seen on Rustavi streets. With papers in hand they walk the different streets of the city in search of present social conditions. They say that the questionnaires they are carrying were given to them by the local government in Rustavi.
Poetry Night Cancelled for Political Reasons
The youth wing of Georgian Dream together with the main organization wanted to meet young people in Tkibuli. One of the meetings was going to be held in a culture house in Tsutkhveti village of Tkibuli district.
Georgian Dream Member Arrested By Police after Gurjaani Incident
Georgian Dream member George Natroshvili, a resident of Vachnadzeani village, was arrested by Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) officials in Gurjaani. Natroshvili was accused of assaulting Mako Chitinashvili, an employee at Gurjaani district administration.
Journalist Mari Otarashvili Threatened with Expulsion from Akhalgori
On July 22, journalist Mari Otarashvili of TV company Channel 9, concurrently employed at the Georgian daily Rezonansi and Mtskheta-Mtianeti Information Center, was detained.  For a few hours she was held in detention at the police station and afterwards she was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office.
Peasants Want Terms To Be Fulfilled By Investors In Lanchkuti Villages.
At the beginning of the year, Lanchkuti district administration members were saying that Turkish investors would have come to lease lands for developing different kinds of crops. Turkish investors, with residents’ permission, started planting cornfields in 3 villages of Lanchkuti district: Jurkveti, Lesasa, and Chibata.

Million Lari for Infrastructural Projects-The President’s pre-election Transfer
“I have good news for you”, Kakha Baratashvili, the deputy head of Rustavi board, said as he addressed people gathered at a board meeting. The good news was a transfer of one million lari from the president’s fund to the Rustavi budget.

Clash in Gori District Villages
Political situation is getting tenser in Gori district. Bacchus and fists were also involved in the affair. Aggressive people apply various methods to fail meetings of Georgian Dream’s leaders in the villages. They are aggressive with journalists too. A person in Akhaldaba village initially demanded cameraman Tornike Tibilashvili from the news agency INFO 9 to stop footage and then punched him in the face. The quarrel between the supporters of opposition and ruling parties took place in the same village.

Government Finished Nine-Month Fight with Cartu Bank
On July 12 the Tbilisi City Court approved a motion by the National Bureau of Enforcement to appoint Vladimer Ugulava as a manager for 100% shares of Cartu Group and 21.7% shares another Tbilisi-based bank Progress Bank.

Media Monitoring of Coverage of Parliamentary Elections
By the support of International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), Human Rights Center is carrying out project Media Monitoring of Coverage of Parliamentary Elections. Within the framework of the project, Human Rights Center will monitor surreptitious political, social and paid political advertisements on following TV channels: Public Broadcaster, Imedi, Rustavi 2, Kavkasia, Maestro and 9th Channel.

“All of Russia Will Arrive Here” – Tax Disadvantages for Casino “Rooms Kazbegi”
According to government resolution # 250, signed by prime-minister Vano Merabishvili, a casino established in the Kazbegi district had its license fee waived. The casino is planned to be opened in the Rooms Kazbegi hotel which belongs Teimuraz Ugulava, a famous businessman and owner of Holiday Inn’s Georgian franchise. The hotel and casino have not yet been officially opened.

Public Defender Reports 10 Journalists Were Injured in the Karaleti Incident
10 journalists were injured as a result of incident in Karaleti. The Public Defender’s Office of reported to Information Centre of Kakheti, that representatives of News Agency “INFO 9”-Tamta Iluridze, Eka Iluridze, Shorena Khabalashvili, Rezo Nadiradze and Lekso Aleksidze, journalists of the Ninth Channel Nukri Beglarashvili and Nodar Skhirtladze, representatives of TV-Company “Trialeti”-Nino Bolashvili and Mamuka Kevkhishvili and Saba Tsitsikashvili, journalist of the Information Centre of Shida Kartli are injured.

Maestro TV's Satellite Dishes Targeted in Vote-Buying Probe
Thousands of satellite dishes, which the Tbilisi-based Maestro TV was planning to hand out, was seized as part of the ongoing investigation into alleged vote-buying related to Georgian Dream opposition coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili, the chief prosecutor’s office said on July 11.

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