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The pre-election problems in the Paata Burtchuladze’s Political Party
Active members left the political party of Paata Burtchuladze  during the pre-election marathon. Nino Kuzanova left the party even after the first assembly of the political movement State for People, which took place in the Tbilisi Sports Palace. Soon several colleagues took her example. 
Paata Burtchuladze: “I will see united Georgia”
On August 25, Paata Burtchuladze, the leader of the movement State for People, with the representatives of the coalition, arrived in village Zemo Sobisi of the Gori Municipality. Several days before, the representatives of the occupation regime did not allow the farmers to harvest. Burtchuladze protested Russian propaganda and moving occupation from Sobisi. 
The district commissions were composed by the activists of the ruling party
“The majority of the independent members of the precinct election commissions in the Kaspi municipality are relatives of public servants and supporters of the Georgian Dream”, - Robert Kavtiashvili, the chairman of the National Movement’s Kaspi Organization, said. 

The ruling party completed presentation of single mandate candidates in Shida Kartli
“Valeri Gelashvili personally experienced the injustice and oppression of the government. He was under the threat of death. He bravely confronted that time injustice in the country. The problems of Khashuri population are familiar to him and we will try to solve them together”, - Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the Prime-Minister, presented the MP Valeri Gelashvili as single mandate candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections to the people gathered in the center of Khashuri. Kvirikashvili mentioned that the National Movement did not mind even the fact that Gelashvili was MP and physically assaulted him. 
The observers do not confirm pressure on convicted persons
“New so-called prisoner supervisors are appointed in the prisons, who have good relationship with the administration. They are moved from the closed prisons. Their parents are oppressed to convince the relatives to vote for the ruling party in the upcoming elections. The prisoners, who had their terms reduced at 10 and 15 years in 2012, now are promised to be released after the 2016 elections”, - Koba Subeliani, MP of the National Movement, posted the status on his Facebook page. Consequently, the general inspection of the Ministry of Corrections interrogated him. 
Harvest sacrificed to the occupation regime
The plot of Shalva Chilindrishvili is located in village of Zemo Sobisi in Gori Municipality, 1 km away from the occupation line. When Chilindrishvili went to reap the barley from his 12-hectare plot, he learned that the combine from the occupied territory will reap his harvest.
Do public servants violate the election code?
The opposition parties blame the representatives of the government in the violation of the election code. Single mandate candidate of the Republic Party, Nato Katamadze in the Kutaisi election district, declares that the representatives of the Kutaisi local self-government make pre-election propaganda during working hours, therefore, violate the Georgian legislation. 
Single-Mandate - Majority System will be in force at least until 2020
The inter-party group and NGOs requested abolishment of single-mandate/majority system in the parliamentary elections, but their request was not satisfied. The ex-prime-minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili, also supported the idea to abolish the majority system. He called the existing system “Feudal System”.
Human Rights Center commenced a survey into the new rule of witness interrogation
Human Rights Center started a new project – “Survey into the new rule of witness interrogation in Georgia”, with financial support of the Open Society – Georgia Foundation. 
Political polarization and its consequences in Georgia
Gap between political parties and their extreme polarization has been believed to be one of the obstacles for the development of the state of Georgia. European Union, Council of Europe and OSCE underlined that the political polarization is very serious problem in Georgia. The situation gets particularly acute before the Parliamentary Elections, when the confrontation between the parties turns into bloody battle and voters also take part in the fights. 
Pro-Russian Party, Whose TV Ad Sparked Outcry, Banned from Election
A fringe pro-Russian party, which became known to a wider public after its campaign TV ad, pledging “legalizing” Russian military bases in Georgia, drew quick and widespread condemnation, has been banned from running in the October 8 parliamentary elections on the procedural grounds not related, at least formally, to party’s controversial ad.
United single mandate districts – pros and cons
Several municipalities meet the 2016 Parliamentary Elections with united election districts. Therefore, two municipalities will have one single mandate MP in the 9th convocation of Georgian Parliament. The political parties and experts negatively assessed the amendment, which was done to equalize the votes of electorate. Beside negative evaluation, the representatives of the political parties gave positive assessment to the amendment.
Who was interested in the information of the National Forum?!
The members of the political union National Forum asses breaking into their Nadzaladevi office and into the house of their single mandate candidates a political revenge. The MIA states the results from the expertise will speed up the investigation. 
Political Union Centrists promises Russian pensions electorates
The leader of the political union “Centrists Temur Khachishvili promised citizens of Rustavi to get additional 400 GEL pension from Russia. 
“Girchi” will not fullill the Public Defender’s proposal
Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili criticized one of the pre-election video clips of th new political center “Girchi’s” disseminated via social media and on the web page of the organization itself. The direct target group of the pre-election advertisement is youth and encourages them to participate in the elections. At the same time, the video-roll presents the “Girchi’s” attitude towards elderly people. 
Who are main donators of the “Georgian Dream”
In July, 2016 Ltd “Alfa” was the largest donator for the Georgian Dream with  120 000 GEL”. The company belongs to Koba Kurdghelashvili, the former single mandate candidate of the “National Movement” in the Parliament in Kaspi, municipality.. Among the largest donator physical persons are recently nominated single mandate candidates and the acting single mandate MP from the National Movement. 
Failed assembly of “Socialist Georgia” and confrontation in Telavi
“I protest your activities. Today, in the 21st century, it is not a time for the Soviet Union. Russia is occupant, Russia is murderer and you are all slaves”, - after the former correspondent of the Public Broadcaster in Kakheti Region Roman Kevkhishvili said these words  one of the founders of the“ Socialist Georgia” Temur Pipia, slapped him.  In response, the journalist threw the egg to him. The founding assembly of the Socialist Georgia failed in Telavi. 
Ex-owner of Gori swimming pool claims the expropriated property back
The Gori City Mayor, Zurab Jirkvelishvili called the twice-failled question back from the City Council. The initiative of the Mayor referred to giving the Gori swimming pool to the Ministry of Economics. At the August 5 session the council members did not support the initiative. Several deputies left the session and the quorum was not accomplished. Second session was scheduled at 17.00 on August 5, but the quorum was not reached again. The next session was scheduled on August 8. However, the Gori Mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili called the initiative back. The members of the City Council were clarified that the Mayor had not specified the space of the object in the resolution. 
Service car of the head of the city council in the demonstration of the Georgian Dream
On August 3, the political party “Georgian Dream” met population and presented its single mandate candidates on Rustaveli street in Rustavi.
Legislative initiative of Human Rights Center – prisoners should not be fined for unpaid income taxes
Human Rights Center submitted legislative proposal to the Parliament of Georgia on suspending allocation of fines for unpaid income taxes on prisoners.
How the Parliamentary Elections were conducted?
Without violations With violations They were falsified I do not know I hesitate to answer


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