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The spaces allocated for the pre-election propaganda turned into topics of controversy
During the pre-election period, the government constantly claims that the 2016 Parliamentary Elections and pre-election process shall be conducted according to the democratic standards, without any complications. In the response to that, the representatives of the opposition political parties complain about unfair conditions and injustice. In particular, they speak about limited access to the spaces for pre-election campaigns, which remain problematic, as it was during past elections.
Isko Daseni inserted on the election list of the Georgian Dream in exchange of 167 000 GEL
On August 12, 2016 Ltd MFO Leader Credit donated 120 000 GEL to the political party Georgian Dream. On the same day, 3 members of Ltd’s supervisory board and their relatives transferred total 47 000 GEL to the same political party. Approximately one month later, the ruling party inserted Isko Daseni, the head of the enterprise, in the top thirty of the proportional list. Isko Daseni is Aleksandre Tchikaidze’s [former Minister of Interior] partner. 

The United National Movement blames the State Security Service in the oppression on the private company
The representatives of the Rustavi Office of the United National Movement [UNM] blame the State Security Service in the hindering of the pre-election campaign. Mamuka Chikovani, the single mandate candidate in Rustavi from the UNM, declared that the State Security Service did not allow the political party to put the banner in the central avenue. 

Pre-election complaint to the Kutaisi District Election Commission
Kutaisi office of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association lodged a complaint to the Kutaisi District Election Commission #59. The complaint applies to a possible violation of the election code. In particular, it refers to the pre-election propaganda by the head of the Organizational and Human Resources Department at the Kutaisi City Council during the working hours.
The Public Defender: “peculiarities of the regions were not taken into account while composing election districts”
The Public Defender’s Office, for the first time in the history of independent Georgia, will observe the 2016 Parliamentary Elections under its mandate. On August 25, Ucha Nanuashvili, the Public Defender, spoke about the upcoming elections and the action plan of their office during the meeting with the representatives of the NGO in the hotel Courtyard Marriott. After the meeting, the Public Defender answered several questions of www.humanrights.ge.  
The representative of the National Movement speaks about hindering the election campaign

“It is the second case when they create obstacles for us in the election campaign. The first occurred in the village Nakhiduri, the second was repeated in the village Mamkhuti”, - Samira Ismailova, the single mandate candidate in Bolnisi municipality from the National Movement, declared.

The Public Defender and NGOs will cooperate during election observatio
By September 1, 2016 there are 25 international and 48 local observation organizations registered by the Georgian Central Election Commission for the 2016 Parliamentary Elections (CEC). The process of registration is not finished yet. Consequently, the number of the observing organizations may increase. 
The ruling party’s election campaign during the feast in Gardabani
Savalan Mirzoev, the single mandate candidate of the Georgian Dream in Gardabani, conducts his election campaign during the feast. The single mandate candidate posted the photos of his meeting with the voters on Facebook. There are 20-30 people around the table on the photos, where people were served with tea, fruit and sweets. Only once we read that the single mandate candidate was hosted by the local population. 
How will you evaluate the pre-election environment in Georgia?
It is fair It is unfair I cannot answer


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