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Administrative Board Did not Fund the Only Kindergarten in Ninotsminda District
You can smell of soup in the building-very familiar to all soviet kindergartens. You can hear children’s noise in the corridor. There are notes on the walls; they seem to be scratched out with nails or some other sharp thing: “It is my kindergarten”, “I love cereal”. There are shoes on the floor. Small wardrobes do not have doors and you can see towels and children’s clothes in them.
Hard Work to Achieve Journalistic Impartiality
“In reply to your appeal we inform that Chapter III of the Common Administrative Code defines kinds of public information and claims responsibility on public officials to issue public information. According to the Chapter 2 Section I-L and some other regulations within the law, the information you demand in your appeal is not public,” it was the reply from the Penitentiary Department within the Georgian Ministry of Justice the Human Rights Center received ten days later.
IDPs Will Not Be Evicted Anymore
The scandal about hotel “Kutaisi” that attracted public attention, ended with peaceful agreement. The board of the Interinvest Ltd satisfied the demand of IDPs residing in the hotel and paid them compensations from 4500 to 8000 USD.
“Reconciliation Will Start After Clemency”
On September 21, Word Demonstration started in Gurjaani and finished in Zugidi on September 27. The aim of the demonstration was to collect messages to Abkhaz people throughout Georgia. The question “What Would You Tell Abkhaz People Fifteen Years later?” was asked by Human Rights Center (HRIDC) in five regions of Georgia. The demonstration showed that Georgian people have much to tell their Abkhaz brothers and all their messages are almost similar.
Bloody Patient Spent Whole Night Tied Up
Thirty-four-year-old Vartan Gasparian will be discharged from Asatiani Mental Hospital on October 8. His family members claim that it is dangerous to keep him in the family-he threw down his ill mother on the floor short time ago. The woman has insult and she cannot get out of the bed. There is nobody to look after the mentally disabled person at home. As for medical personnel of the hospital, they state that according to the new law they cannot keep the patient in hospital more than forty-five days.
Misha Wants and That’s Settled
“This question was settled by the President and Minister of Agriculture. You have to give in you plots and should not take part in the auction,” despite similar offer made by Lagodekhi Municipality Governor, farmer Leri Midelauri invited Kakheti Deputy Gubernator to Regional Administrative Board. However, neither Zura Bezhanishvili threatened Midelauri. Consequently, they did not hold the auction on 200 acres of land and now they are trying to launch criminal case against the farmer before the next auction.
Why Village Governors Are Not Appointed and Whose Interests Is Zugdidi Population Sacrificed to?!
Thirty villages in Zugdidi District do not have governors yet. The population has been waiting for them for eight months in vain. Villagers get tired in the queues to Zugdidi Archive when they want to get some document they could receive from village governors during previous years. According to the spread information the interest of villagers are sacrificed to the inter-party and governmental debates. Controversy between Aleksandre Kobalia, chairman of the District Municipality and Vakhtang Tskhadaia, Chairman of Administrative Board has not finished yet. Central government prefers to keep silence regarding the situation.
Vintage in Kahketi Is Carried Out Under the Suppression of Special Forces
In several days peasants from Gurjaani district will pull out vine trees in protest. Special Force unit will not be able to prevent peasants from doing so, though they have been mobilized in the yard of the Gurjaani District Police Department for ten days already. Masked law enforcers prohibit people to go out in the street and threaten them if not obeyed. Peasants claim that the President Saakashvili ordered curfew in Kakheti Region during vintage. Villagers also mentioned that unless they obey the orders of Special Forces, the law enforcers are ordered to kill rebels immediately.
Akhaltsikhe Population Demands to Remove Petrol Stations from their Town
On September 13, petrol station”Saba Ltd” in Abastumani Crossroad in Akhaltsikhe blew up. Five people were in the building during the accident. Four of them, Oleg Tateshvili, owner of the station, his pregnant daughter, little grandchild and employee died. The fifth injured person was taken to the hospital and placed in Reanimation Department. The explosion bred fear in the population. People live in panic and demand to remove petrol stations from the town.
Lemonade “Imedi” Is Produced in Anti-Sanitary
Individual Entrepreneur, Otar Kaikatsishvili has rented part of the building of Sanitary Supervision Department in Rustaveli Street # 138 in Kobuleti. Kaikatsishvili produces lemonade “Imedi” in one room and bath-room in unhygienic conditions. According to the Georgian Legislation, before 2009, Service Office for Food Safety and Quality does not have right to raid enterprises.
Chinese Exploiters and Wood in Samgrelo Region That Was Sold for 20 Million Lari
On September 15, Georgian workers of the Georgian-Chinese Sawmill in the village of Lia in Tsalenjikha district went on a strike. The reason for their protest was terrible working conditions, short wages, and lack of labor contracts, security measures and health insurance. Former and current workers of the enterprise complain about hard work and they say that Chinese directors of the company were exploiting them. Nearly thirty workers demand to protect their rights.
Population Finds Bullets Shot By Reservists in Their Yards
Population of the villages of Grdzelichala, Eniseli and Gremi in Kvareli District demands to remove the military polygon of Telavi Reservists’ Battalion from the village of Shakriani. They have petitioned to the local government and Ministry of Defense regarding the problem several times, though in vain. Local residents claim that the firing very often results into fire and they find bullets in their yards. Unfortunately, one person became a victim of gunfire.
Amortized Dam and Flooded Queen Tamar’s Sea-Front
In Kobuleti, nearly one hundred families residing close to Queen Tamar’s Sea-front demand to carry out seaside protection works. The dam is damaged in several places. During heavy rains the sea floods residential houses nearby. Local government orders owners of hotels and restaurants to repair the dams.
Forests Are Numbered in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region; People Are Afraid to Be Frozen in Winter
Samtskhe-Javakheti Region faces serious danger-people might remain without fire wood this year though it is the only source for them to warm their houses in winter. Only Borjomi is supplied with gas in the region.
Special Unit Is Mobilized to Disperse Peasants
Petre Tsiskarishvili: “I warn everybody to avoid demonstrations, unless you obey my advice, you will regret!”
Evicted Families Demand Meeting with Investor
Five families were evicted from the hostel of the factory for the processing of non-ore materials in Khelvachauri district. District policemen evicted them under threat and after 6:00 PM they did not let people to take their things out from the hostel.
People Might Die on “Erekle’s Bridge”
Five villages in the Aspindza Municipality might be isolated from the district centre. Iveria, Orgora, Dzveli, Sakudabeli and Chobareti are those villages which are connected to Aspindza by only one way -“Erekle’s Bridge”. Nowadays, the bridge is in bad conditions and it is dangerous to cross it.
Gurjaani Governor Terrorizes Journalists
Ramaz Kerechashvili, Gurjaani Municipality Governor, abuses independent journalist. If events in the region are broadcast critically, he threatens correspondents to fire their relatives who work in public offices. The governor particularly harasses those journalists, who make unreasonable expenses, appropriation and peculation of budget funds public.
Imprisonment for a Joke
Gori Criminal police detained eighty-year-old man. He is accused for a grave crime-kidnap and attempt of selling the child. On September 3, Gori District Court sentenced Giorgi Tskhovrebashvili to two-month-pretrial detention. Nana Jamaspishvili, mother of the child, cannot see any reason for the old man’s detention because she trusted the child without any problems.
How would you evaluate the work of the new mayor of Tbilisi?
positively negatively I cannot answer


Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
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