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The UNM requests to re-count spoiled ballot papers
The UNM Kutaisi Organization appealed the City Court. The opposition party requested to re-count spoiled ballot papers from the Parliamentary Elections. The Kutaisi DEC #59 did not satisfy the complaint of the UNM to re-count spoiled ballot papers. 
Valeri Gelashvili: “Probably, the second round is my fate…”
Valeri Gelashvili, the single mandate candidate from the Georgian Dream in Khashuri municipality, is discontent with the results of the first round. On October 8 he received 4 600 votes. With this result Gelashvili took the second place and Simon Nozadze, the former General of Security Service, outstripped him with 2 710 votes. Nozadze is single mandate candidate from the political party Topadze-Industrials - Our Homeland. 
Second round will be held in three majoritarian districts in Shida Kartli Region
The CEC decided to conduct the second round of the October 8 Parliamentary Elections in 50 majoritarian districts on October 30. In Shida Kartli, the second round will be held in Gori city, in Kaspi and Khashuri majoritarian districts besides Kareli majoritarian district. As for Kareli municipality, Giorgi Totladze, the single mandate candidate from the Georgian Dream, gained 52.29% (12331 votes) in the first round and he is already in the parliament. 
“Voice of Azan shall be heard outside the Juma Mosque like in other mosques”
“About 10 years ago, people living around the Juma Mosque in Meidan Square, Tbilisi, complained about the Azan voice transmitted from the mosque (Azan is a pray, which is read only by Imam). Since then, Azan is not heard from the mosque,” ethnic Azerbaijani Javid Gurbanov complained. He attends prayers in the Juma Mosque, located close to famous sulfur baths in the Old Tbilisi Center. Javid said, in the past, the Azan voice was heard in the entire neighborhood, but now it can be heard only inside the mosque because use of amplifiers was prohibited.
Was the 2016 Parliamentary Election held in inclusive environment?
As reported by the Public Defender of Georgia, on the Election Day of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, 2 blind persons could not vote in the precinct #7 of Varkhani village in Adigeni Municipality. Nevertheless, the amended Election Code guaranteed right to vote for every person in any polling station throughout the country. 
Which precincts were lost by the Georgian Dream in Kakheti
The Georgian Dream again won the Parliamentary Elections on October 8, 2016 in Kakheti region; the United National Movement again took the second place in the election results. The Georgian Dream lost ballot in the precincts of Telavi city, in many villages of Kvareli, in Iormughalo community in Sagarejo district, in the village Kabali of Lagodekhi municipality. It is rare case when the government loses elections in the villages of ethnic Azerbaijani population. 
Irakli Sesiashvili’s early celebration and the lowest result - second round in 5 districts of Kakheti
As the Information Center of Kakheti had predicted a day before the Election Day, the only district where the Georgian Dream won single-mandate ballot was Sighnaghi-Dedoplistskaro DECS. The second round will be held in Sagarejo, Gurjaani, Lagodekhi-Kvareli, Telavi-Kvareli and Akhmeta-Telavi majority election districts. Irakli Sesiashvili received one of the lowest results (41%) in Telavi-Kvareli district. He defeated the candidate from the UNM only with 5%. At the same time, Sesiashvili celebrated the victory at night of the Election Day before the official results were published and he claimed that had gained 4.5 times more votes than his competitor. 

Eka Kobesashvili: “The Prosecutor’s Office dragged out the case”
On September 13, Levan Darbaidze, the judge of the Gori District Court, commenced hearing into the case of three accused police officers from Kaspi police department. Former law enforcement officers: Levan Baisonashvili, Amiran Kasroshvili and Mikheil Megriauli are accused in the abuse of power and beating of Zviad Peikrishvili. 
There are mistakes in the final protocols of 21 out of total 86 precincts the Rustavi
On October 8, on the Election Day, 86 precincts were opened in Rustavi Election District. Three of them were special precincts: #5, #16 and #17 . 
Voters turnout reached 42,3% in Kutaisi
On October 8, out of 161 709 voters 68 500 voters expressed their position in Kutaisi. 2 out of 129precincts were canceled. As representatives of the District Election Commission #59, said,  42,3% of voters participated in the elections that is 12% less in comparison to prior elections. 
Joint Preliminary Statement on the first round of the Parliamentary Elections on 8 October 2016
(Berlin, Brussels, Oslo and Tbilisi, 9 October 2016) The joint international election observation mission of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC), European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE), International Elections Study Center (IESC) and International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) was established in Georgia on 12 September. On Election Day, the Mission deployed 36 international observers who visited more than 200 polling stations across the country. This preliminary statement summarizes our findings. The Mission’s final report will be published after the run-off election.
There will be no competition in the second round in Gori
According to the preliminary results provided by the CEC, results from 20 precincts in the Gori Single-Mandate District #41 were counted. According to the results the candidate from the Georgian Dream, Ioseb Makrakhidze gained 33.2%, the UNM’s candidate Aleksi Goglidze – 16.3%, Free Democrats’ candidate, Irakli Alasania – 19.41%, independent candidate Irakli Okruashvili – 17.28%. Ioseb Makrakhidze from the ruling party and Irakli Alasania from the Free Democrats will go into the second round. However, Irakli Alasania decided to leave politics. The reason of his decision was failure of the Free Democrats to overcome the barrier.  

Social programs and promises of the political parties
On October 8, 2016 more than 200 parties were registered for the Parliamentary Elections. They presented election programs to voters. The South-East European Partnership Initiative published a research – Social Programs and Promises of the Political Parties, which evaluated election programs of several political parties. 
The Central Election Commission acknowledged the October 8 Elections in Marneuli Election Precinct #48

On October 8, during the Parliamentary Elections, the observers criticized the situation in the Precinct #48 of the Marneuli DEC #36. Despite that, the CEC did not question the election results of the polling station. 
Human Rights Center Evaluates 2016 Parliamentary Elections
Human Rights Center observed the Parliamentary Elections in four regions of Georgia. The monitors and journalists of the Center are deployed in the conflict-affected villages of Shida Kartli and in Gori; in Imereti region - in the conflict affected villages in Sachkhere municipality; Kvemo Kartli region - in the villages compactly inhabited with ethnic minorities in Gardabani, Marneuli and Bolinisi municipalities and in Rustavi; Kakheti region – in the villages of Pankisi Gorge. 

Election reality and ethnic Azerbaijani people
“Several days are left before the elections and we still do not know how many single mandate candidates participate in the ballot in our district. We met only one ethnic Azerbaijani female candidate and one Georgian candidate, who met people in the school. To tell the truth, I do not expect that any of them will do any good for us,” Vahid Humbethov from Nakhiduri village, Bolnisi municipality said.
Successful Cases of Human Rights Center (July-September, 2016)
1. The convicted person won trial against the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the support of Human Rights Center 2.The Appeal Court Also Confirmed Labor Discrimination in TELASI 
Human Rights Center requests punishment of the policeman for the indifference in the case of murdered woman
Human Rights Center works on  the alleged professional negligence of a police officer in the murder case of the 20-year-old woman K.I in Ponitchala, who was killed by her husband on July 12, 2016..
Fire was open against Irakli Okruashvili during the pre-election meeting
On October 2, when the single mandate candidate in Gori Irakli Okruashvili was meeting the local population, somebody opened fire in his direction. Koba Koshadze, Okruashvili’s security officer, and Bidzina Tomashvili, the member of his political party, were wounded.
Political Transfiguration of the Free Democrat’s single mandate candidate in Rustavi
Teimuraz Menapire, the single mandate candidate of the political party Irakli Alasania – Free Democrats in Rustavi DEC #30, left the party when there was no time to replace him with new candidate. 
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