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Neither Food nor Salaries, but Nursery Schools Remains Open
One day, watery soup, beans, potatoes. The next, potatoes, watery soup, beans, a little milk reads the menu for the nursery school where staff still have not received their salaries.
Citizens Are Forced to Register Their Properties
A lot of people have been visiting the Kutaisi Office of the Public Registration National Agency lately. The people try to avoid future complications about their property and want to register it soon.
Mother of a Dead Son Demands Suitable Punishment for Sukhitashvili’s Godson
Zoia Tsarielashvili, a resident of the village of Zerti in the Gori District, demands severe punishment for Gia Eliauri, who killed her fifteen-year-old son, Avto Merebashvili. The mother demands life imprisonment for the murderer.
Former MP Blamed Journalists for Partiality
According to the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office, former MP Davit Kapanadze and his friend Giorgi Khorghashvili were accused for having assaulted journalist Ramaz Samkharadze. The court bailed them last week.
Whose Is Water? (part I)
Argument on water has been going on at court for two years. The problem is that a certain business owner obtained a license. However, some time later the license was revoked, then renewed again, and finally revoked. The business owner said that the reason for this revocation was a secret state draft and that he expects the Supreme Court to pass a final judgment.
State Duty or Simple Indifference
“I received my trauma when I was carrying out my professional duty, and the state is obligated to provide me assistance until my death,” said Temur Ivanidze.
The Velvet Downfall - Human Rights Situation in Georgia in 2006
“Velvet Downfall” is the name of the report that describes the human rights situation in Georgia in 2006, the third year after the Velvet Revolution.
20,000 Young Men Will Be Recruited in Reservist Army on March 31
After March 31, Georgian males will be asked to enlist in a military reserve. The law on “Military Reservist Service” requires men from ages 27 to 40 to enlist. Among these are those who have already served in the army. There are fifteen exclusions in the law.
Prosecutor’s Office Became Interested in MP’s Activities
Kakheti Regional Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the activities of Nugzar Abulashvili, Member of the Georgian Parliament. Law enforcement detained the governor of the Sighnaghi District, Berdo Asanishvili, and his advisor, Mamuka Mangoshvili, in October of last year. The prosecutor blamed them for abusing their power.
A New Identification System Is Installed at the Border
International Organization for Migration (IOM) has installed a new identification system at Georgian border with the financial support of the United States Government. Regarding the innovation, citizens would not be able to use fraudulent or nonstandard passports. Illegal migration, human trafficking and organized crime will be detected immediately.
Mother of Dead Son Threatens to Commit a Suicide in front of the Administrative Building
Zina Gagloshvili, a resident of the village of Melaani in Gurjaani District, has asked for the right to move the body of her son from Vladikavkaz to Georgia. Unless her demand is met, she threatens to kill herself in front of the administrative building.
Homeless Eco-Migrants
At Adjara Supreme Council, the topic of distributing the 4 million GEL resulted in a great controversy. Opposition and one part of the majority supported the idea of spending the money on people who had become victims of natural disaster in Adjara. Finally, according to the decision of the most deputies, the funds should be spent on arranging the Adjara region infrastructure, such as painting the facades and development of the Adjara TV Company. In parallel to it nearly 500 eco-migrants are looking for shelter.
Various Information about the Rights of Child
Twelve-year-old Irakli Sichinava walks two kilometer-long-path every day. The narrow path among fields, plots and valleys leads him to the “Red Hill”; so he calls the place where he walks to with empty sack on his back. He has to fetch half-sack of red clay from there and walks almost five kilometers to get back to his small wooden hut. He lives with his brothers, little sister, parents and grandparents. Nobody works in the family. Children do not go to school because they do not have books.
“I Know I Have Right to Life”
“I am Chichiko Davituliani. Soon I will be eighty-three and get older with one more year. Yes, it is true; I live in a wine-press. Consequently I have neither electricity nor gas. Of course I prefer to live in at least one-room flat and have meal at a table. However, it is not for me…Anyway I am grateful to God, because I was born as a human being to live in this world,” grandfather Chichiko introduced himself to me like that.
Resistant Tuberculosis’s Treatment in Zugdidi Hospital
Pilot project is being implemented in the Zugdidi District tuberculosis Hospital. International organization “Doctors without Boundaries” treats sick people within the project.
Guilty-Not-guilty and “Telephone Went Wrong”
Who has swallowed an allowance on telephone fees? Electro-communication department blames the municipality. The later is not going to pay the money. People, who have allowances on their telephone bills, have to wait when it is found out who is guilty and who is not in their problem.
What Threats Should We Expect from Military Radars Installed In Georgia
Public society is concerned about the USA statements about installation American military radars in the Caucasus. According to specialists, it cannot be allowed, because in this case Georgia will run a serious risk. We should expect the attack every moment. Giorgi Gachechiladze, the leader of the Georgia’s Greens said in his conversation with the Human Rights Centre that we would be attacked by Iran, because American campaign is committed to launch hostilities with Iran.
In First Person or Gothenburg Is a Small Town
Our visit in Sweden did not have any literature goal. Just the opposite, it was next business visit of Human Right Center’s representatives to the country - seminar was to be held on human rights and international cooperation. We were also to plan joint projects with Swedish organization.
Soldier Disappeared Because of Collected Money
Ten days have passed since the soldier disappeared. It is obscure whether the soldier was sacrificed to the collected money. Everybody keeps silence; however the local TV Company spreads information about the disappearance of Daniel Aghlemashvili every day.
Nora Kvitsiani’s Trail Has Been Postponed Again
Court hearing on Nora Kvitsiani has been postponed for the second time. She was accused for having established illegal armed formation, for illegal storage of weapon and for appropriating the state property-75 000GEL. Her case is discussed by Davit Kekenadze, judge for the Gali-Gulrifshi District Court.
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