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Ossetians Celebrated Independence Day by Raiding Georgian Villages
Today, IDPs stopped returning to Gori from Tbilisi. Representatives of the Social Department of the Gori Municipality Board stated that Gori cannot accept anymore IDPs. Some of IDPs were sent to the villages of Shindisi, Phkhvenisi, Variani, Tkviavi, Mereti Marana, Dzevera, and Shertuli, which is now occupied by Russian troops. Ossetian marauders have since attacked the returned locals and they are under threat for the second time.

IDPs Are Abused in Tbilisi Too
IDPs live in unbearable conditions in Public School # 48 in Tbilis. They have neither water, nor food. Besides that strange people force them to leave the building and move to Gori. The IDPs are against return because they do not have houses anymore and their security is not guaranteed.

Treachery or Drugs: Soldier’s Widow Explain Special Unit Tortured and Killed Husband
Roin (Roman) Shavadze, sergeant of the 23rd battalion, was arrested on August 16 in Batumi by masked men from a special unit on the second day of his arrival from having participated in military operation in Tskhinvali, South Ossetia.  Witnesses claim that during the special operation it was claimed that they were arresting a traitor. Later, that evening, however, family members found Shavadze dead body in morgue. According to the official information the sergeant was arrested for the illegal storage and sale of drugs. It is claimed that he was killed when he tried to escape. Nonetheless, regardless of the ledger of guilt or innocence, his relatives claim Shavadze was brutally tortured and then murdered.

Ramifications of Ten-Day-Blockade of Gori
The majority of the population in Gori still remains without humanitarian aid. Residents of several districts in Gori have not seen any of the food products delivered by countries that are friends of Georgia. There are a small minority of people who have received aid three times a day while others have not been able to obtain anything whatsoever.  Local authorities are blaming locals for the problem. According to the Human Rights Center’s information, high-ranking officials of the local government have even threatened people, who have expressed their discontent about the food distribution problem, claiming: “As soon as the Russian troops leave the territory we will teach you a very good lesson.”

If There Were Radar Specialist at the Military Base, Reservists Would Not Have Been Killed
“Time will come and I will investigate the incident by all means! If radar operator had implemented his responsibility properly my son and other reservists would not have been killed!” said father of Goga Chitanava, one of the killed reservists at Senaki military base. In the morning of August 9, Tariel Chitanava, the father found the body of his dead son in the dissecting room of Senaki hospital after two-hour-long search in the military base.

Casualties: 215 Killed 1, 469 Wounded in Georgian-Russian Conflict
As a result of Russian aggressive actions in Georgia, and based on current data, 215 people were killed and 1,469 are wounded; 70 people are still missing. Givi Targamadze, the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Georgian Parliament reported this information to the journalists after the Commission for the Search of Killed and Mission during the Conflict was especially established. However, witnesses of the military operations claim that the number of victims is actually much larger.

Russian Provide Safety to Residents of Anaklia from Bombing Raid
It might sound incredible but it is factual: residents of the Black Seaside village were escaping the fallen bombs from Russian aircraft and they were able to find shelter at the check point that belongs to Russian forces. On August 10, in parallel to Russian bombing raids, Russian soldiers deployed in the center of the village of Anaklia opened the iron gate of their checkpoint in order to provide protection to the locals. Russian soldiers were recording the event on video and photo cameras in order to demonstrate their human behavior. Residents of Anaklia, however, considered the display of mercy of Russian soldiers as being something that was not a true act of altruism, and was rather a cynic act more suited to PR than humanitarian grounds. 

Shot Not Fired in Defense, Total Retreat of Georgian Army in Kodori Gorge
What Really Happened in Upper Abkhazia? 

Nobody has been able or willing to answer the question as yet. In the meantime Georgian authorities and law enforcement bodies are avoiding this most important question. Moreover, not even those who live in the Kodori gorge are speaking opening about the reasons that they fled so soon as the first barrage of Russian fire and the bombing of their villages. However, there are some exceptions, as found with several ethic Svans (a sub group of ethnic Georgians who reside in mountainous region of Svaneti). They are honestly speaking out as why they left homes. 

Attack on Journalists Same as War Crimes
Four Dead and Fourteen Wounded During Military Operations. Four journalists died and fourteen were wounded during the military operations between Georgia and South Ossetia/Russia. Photo-reporter Akelsander Klimchuk and Giga Chikhaladze, editor of the news department at the TV Company Alania and correspondent for the News Week. They were shot in Tskhinvali on August 10. Ossetian separatists took other two correspondents as hostages; those people are US citizen Winston Feathery-Bean, editor-in-chief of the Tbilisi based English newspaper “Messenger” and Temur Kighuradze, journalist of the same newspaper. Featherly and Kighuradze are wounded and are now in a hospital in North Ossetia. On August 12 Stan Storminess, operator of the Dutch TV Company was killed during the Russian bombardment in Gori. The name of the fourth dead journalist has not reported yet there has also been some wounded Turkish journalists.  Moreover, Russian militants and Ossetian separatists robbed looted Georgian and foreign journalists working in the conflict zone and open fire at them.
Samegrelo Region Occupied – Russian Troops Do Not Leave the Region
Russian troops still remain in Samegrelo region. Last deployment of Russian militants and heavy armor equipment in Zugdidi started on August 14. About 150 tanks took destination towards Senaki from Upper Abkhazia at 7:00 PM. In parallel to it, about 40 trucks crossed central motorway of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze in the direction of Enguri River. The trucks were loaded with the stuff robbed from Poti and Senaki Georgian military bases. Zugdidi residents greeted Russian soldiers with scolding. The city is paralyzed. Most part of inhabitants has fled from Zugdidi. Population is panicked in the expectation of up-coming military aggression.
The Human Rights Centre calls for international organizations to quickly intervene diplomatically and restore the peaceful dialogue between the conflicting sides.

During the last several days the  Russian Federation has been bombing the cities of Georgia, including the capital (Tbilisi). Russian troops and a large amount of heavy artilleries is now located on Georgian territory. There continues to be heated and armed struggles between Russian and Georgian troops.

There have been many victims among the peaceful civilian population as a result of the bombings. This may in turn lead to further escalation of situation, and the final results may be even more damaging for the small country of Georgia and peace and security in the region.

The Human Rights Centre (HRIDC) believes that the war is not a way to bring about conflict resolution. The HRIDC calls for international society, Russian and the Georgian Government to take all necessary measures in order to bring a halt to the current standoff and to immediately restore peaceful dialogue between all opposing parties.
An Appeal of the Human Rights Center
Telecommunications with representatives of the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office have become impossible since the breakout of on-going hostilities in the Tskhinvali region. We received the information about wounded and dead people from both Georgian and Ossetian side before the communication problems.  Official information about injured people is not being delivered. A short time ago, Georgian president declared total mobilization of the armed forces. According to the Georgian Defense Ministry Russian air-forces are bombing the villages round Tskhinvali.
The Human Rights Center is deeply concerned over the current situation in the conflict zone and calls upon international organizations for a rapid reaction.    

Parallels-What Do Tskhivali Events in 2004 and in 2008 Have In Common?
Mamuka Kurashvili, commander of Georgian peace forces, is ready to die in the battle with separatists. Georgian general confirms his words with action because he responded with 100 mm. grenades to Ossetian side, which had fired 82 mm. grenades. Anyway, in general the problem is not resolved. Finally, the sides agreed that they need two-party negotiation. Georgian and Russian sides confirm that the opposing parties will negotiate at the round table on August 7.

How People’s Bank Sold Restaurant “Sokhumi” Owned by the Danelias
Property of one million was sacrificed to the loan of 15 000 USD

If you walk anywhere near the restaurant Sokhumi along side the River Mtkvari embankment you will see withered palm trees and darkness behind the closed curtains, as all activity has come to a complete standstill. The two brother Danelias who own restaurant Sokhumi lost their property the way other private property owners have in recent times. Meanwhile they can only have some home that court proceedings over their ownership rights for restaurant will be fruitful.  However, based on how protracted the process has been they are losing hope.


GYLA Publishes Research on Accessibility of Public Information
On August 5 Young Lawyers Association held one more meeting within the Week on the Publicity of Information. The presentation of the third edition of “Analyze Court Practice Regarding Information” was organized at the venue of the hotel “Ambassador.”

Drug Addiction in Prison but “Tip of Iceberg”
Boiled toilet-paper with injected-drugs will always be delivered to prison

What is done to support the drug habit at penitentiary establishments?

Drugs were sent to the prison in packages of food. Sometimes they conceal drugs in food or in some other substances. In most occasions I have witnessed that narcotics were delivered to such establishment with the help of toilet-papers. The paper is imbued with the illegal substance and then inmates just boil the paper to extract the substance,” said former prisoner. No more comments are necessary to describe how things work. It is an illusion to think that prisons are drug free. All those close to the subject know that is actually the case in Georgian prisons. The situation is about the same in almost every penitentiary establishment anywhere in the world. However, the problem of drug addiction is fought against with a range of different methods in various countries. In our country drug-addiction is not considered an illness but rather a criminal act and that is how the problem is addressed.

Disturbing Ancestor’s Souls in Kutaisi Reconstruction Projects
The completion of the first stage of the reconstruction in Kutaisi is celebrated by the opening of the Gabashvili Park. However, repair-works are still going on in the city. Dugup and blocked streets show that the presentation of the renovated city will be a bit behind schedule.

Physical Eviction on Sakanela Street for Sake of Greed and Safety
It was 1:00 AM when the telephone rang. At the time I was speaking with my relative when somebody broke into the house. They must have planned everything very well. They broke into each flat simultaneously. Strangers grabbed sleeping children and took them outside. We were like prisoners; they seized mobile phone from us; then we rushed to the embankment but there was nobody there. We had no phones to call emergency service. Women were in shock; children started to cry … I could never imagine such terrible situation in my life,” one of the residents of Sakanela Street recalled the night of July 27 when he was forced out of his house together with other neighbors. Representatives of the Supervision Service Department, who evicted these people, state that their action was organized with the interest of security of the residents in mind.

Journalists Find Narcotics Planted in their Bags in Kakheti
Yesterday, journalist Gela Mtivlishvili discovered a powder that looks like narcotics in his bag. He stated that this is not the first time and a similar incident previously occurred.  Mtivlishvili found powder in his bag in October of 2007 for the first time. It must be noted that short time ago, Kakheti based journalist Madona Batiashvili also found the same powder in her bag.

Impoverished Families vs. Agencies for Social Subsidies
Impoverished families in Zugdidi district who were not granted with allowances are now in opposition to the Agency for Social Subsidies. Extremely poor people blame social agents for showing partiality in how they distribute benefits. Most of them fell just 2-3 points short in qualifying for allowances. In all, 5,500 families are registered in data base of Socially Excluded People in Samgrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. However, their number is artificially being reduced.

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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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