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This Affects You – Protest Rally against Illegal Surveillance
On March 17, This Affects You, the campaign initiated by the Georgian civil society organizations, held protest rally in Tbilisi. The organizers and participants protested dissemination of video-rolls on personal life. 
Torture Victim Prisoners Claim Reimbursement of Damage
On March 22, in the press-club of Prime Time, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about the claims of the torture victim prisoners who claim reimbursement of physical and moral damage with 500 000 GEL from the Ministry of Corrections of Georgia. 
Number of crimes committed against Jehovah Witnesses has increased
In November 2015, unidentified people opened fire on the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses in Vazisubani settlement, Tbilisi two times - once in the morning and then in the evening. According to official information nobody witnessed the premeditated damage of the building, where the Jehovah Witnesses gather. 
Occupation Line Shifting Was Discussed at the Ergneti Meeting in the Frame of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism
On March 15, at the 64th round of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings in Ergneti village, the parties spoke about shifting of the occupation line in Jariasheni village.
Exhibition - “Generous Samaritan from Markowa”
On March 17, exhibition “Generous Samaritan from Markowa” was held in the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia; the exhibition was dedicated to the Polish Ulma family of. In parallel to that, on the same day, museum of the Ulm family was opened in Poland.
Chairman of Gori City Council Cane decision
Former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili to Be Advisor to the City Council Chairman

Chairman of Gori City Council changed his mind to fire Natia Omadze and appoint Irakli Okruashvili on the position of the chairman assistant. The Chairman Ilia Metreveli told journalist about it himself. 
Public Defender Welcomes Release of Prisoners in Conflict Zone
On 10 March 2016 it became known that the Government of Georgia and the de facto authorities of Abkhazia and South Ossetia reached an agreement to release prisoners according to the principle - "all for all". This move made possible the release of several persons, which had been illegally deprived of their liberty in Tskhinvali and Sokhumi prisons.
Shida Kartli Regional Governor Quitted Position
(Human Rights Center requests to study the activities of the former regional governor in Shida Kartli)

Shida Kartli regional governor Zurab Rusishvili addressed the Government’s Administration with the resignation application. As the representative of the Shida Kartli regional administration’s press-center said, the Prime Minister has already satisfied his application. 
Electricity Fee to Be Increased from Marc 1 in Kakheti
From March 1, subscribers will have to pay 4 tetri more for 1 kilowatt electricity that will make 17 tetri instead previous 13 tetri. The natural gas tariff will increase at 11 tetri only for Telavi municipality population. As local say they expected reduction of prices but the opposite happened. 
Nepotism in Vani district
Vani district administration fired several experienced specialists, who say that after reorganization the district governor employed his wife, sister and brother-in-law to work in the administration. 
Avtandil Matiashvili Left without Social Allowance Urge for Help
Avtandil Matiashvili and his wife Marine Matiashvili living in Kardenakhi village, Gurjaani municipality lost social allowance. The Matiashvilis said when their health conditions worsened they lost social allowance and the pension is not enough for medicines.
Doctors at Gurjaani Geo Hospital Are Against Taking Patients to Tbilisi Hospitals
Population of Gurjaani municipality say the Gurjaani multi-profile medical center of Geo Hospital and outpatient service were not adequately prepared for season viruses. Although the hospital does not have adequate laboratory to identify the H1N1 virus, the patients who apply the hospital with the virus are denied to be taken to the capital hospitals for further medical treatment.
Shelter of Homeless
After a long expectation and several dead homeless persons in Tbilisi during strong frost the Tbilisi City Hall opened a permanent shelter for homeless people in Lilo Settlement. The city budget allocated 1 600 000 GEL for its construction.
Dream Town
There are several small settlements on the way from Batumi to mountainous Adjara region. The so-called Dream Town is the most oppressive of all: people settled three years ago and over 900 adults and up to 400 children live in unbearable conditions now. The government promised to resolve problems for only part of them.
Law enforcement bodies started investigation into the announced tender
In November 2015 several residential buildings were damaged by natural disaster in Gori municipality. The municipal administration started accelerated rehabilitation works and finished most part of it within one month. Company Alonisi conducted one part of rehabilitation works of the damaged roofs. Head of the company said he was promised to sign contract on direct purchase but the contract was not yet signed though the company finished rehabilitation works.
Young victim of radical Islamists
“Nobody knows what he is doing in the Vahabit Church, I know one thing – number of Vahabists has significantly increased in the village,” these words cost life for 23-year-old Pikret Ahmedov that he told to one of the Georgian TV-Companies. On December 27, 2015 he was wounded to death. His friend Ramin Isaev is suspected in the murder.
Media-Tour – Monuments of Cultural Heritage of Religious Minorities
On February 9, Human Rights Center organized a media-tour in the villages of Akhaltsikhe and Adigeni municipalities. Journalists of printed media, Radio and TV-companies and online newspapers studied the conditions of the places of worship of religious minorities. Representatives of the regional media also participated in the tour.
Aslan Tsutsashvili from Pankisi Gorge Blames Police in Physical Abuse and Discrimination on Ethnic Grounds
Pankisi Gorge resident Aslan Tsutsashvili, 24, blames law enforcement officers in his physical abuse and discrimination on ethnic grounds. According to Tsutsashvili, on January 23, he and his father Gocha Gorgishvili were traveling from Pankisi Gorge to Akhmeta by their car. Tsutsashvili said a police car was driving on the opposite side on Rustaveli Street. Police officers stopped them and after a dispute detained them.
Opposition Parties Replaced the Majority in the Management of the Gori City Council
Impeachment of the City Council Chairman Papuna Koberidze was the first question on the agenda of the February 5 session of the Council. Koberidze addressed the commission chairmen, whose impeachment was also requested, not to participate in the polls. The commission chairmen accepted his suggestion and boycotted the impeachment procedures. 8 out of 15 council members voted for the impeachment; 7 of them are members of the opposition parties Free Democrats, Georgian Party and United National Movement. The eighth decisive vote belonged to Ioseb Palelashvili, who quitted Georgian Dream – Democrat Georgia short time ago.
Closed Synagogues
Chairman of the Georgian Jewish Union Merab Chanchalashvili said large-scaled migration of Jewish people from Georgia is the main problem in the functioning of the synagogues. Other Jewish people living in Georgia also complain about it.
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How has appointment of Giorgi Kvirikashvili on the position of prime-minister influenced state of human rights in the country?
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Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


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