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Population against Nuclear Reactor
The authority plans to build nuclear reactor in Shiraki Valley in Kakheti. Mamuka Kudava, Georgian Ambassador to France, made a statement about the initiative. According to the information, the negotiations about the construction are going on with the French Company “Areva”. The government urges the population to support the project and promises we will have positive changes in Georgian economy. As for the population, they threaten to hold protest demonstrations and to pull down the reactor if it is built up.
Abkhazia - a Territory or Population?
“Does anyone still have conscious in Georgia?” it was the question which appeared on one of the forums as soon as the Human Rights Center’s “Sorry” Campaign started to be discussed publicly. The question was asked by Abkhaz user. After the severe initial reaction, Heinrich Boell Foundation got interested in the campaign and dedicated one of its traditional discussions to the topic. On Tbilisi forum, users opposed not only the idea but the imitative of holding discussion on the topic.
IDPs Will Not Be Evicted Anymore
IDPs residing in the hotel “Kutaisi” in the center of the city for nearly fifteen years do not face the danger of eviction anymore. Kutaisi Regional Court satisfied the motion of the IDPs’ lawyer who demanded to stop the eviction process of the people from the hotel and the owner of the hotel was seized of its power.
Evicted Family Demands Reimbursement from the Internal Ministry
Administrative Bureau of the Tbilisi Regional Court discusses the appeal of Malkhaz Gumashvili, a resident of the village of Duisi in Pankisi Gorge. Gumashvili demands the court order the Georgian Internal Ministry to reimburse him personal damages of 15,000 USD. As a result of the bloody special operation, the policemen killed two people. The Unit of Special Mission murdered twenty-three-year-old Vakho Gumashvili and the brother of the suitor, Avto Gumashvili, died in the subsequent house fire. Residents of the gorge still suffer from the trauma as a result of the special operation.
Attorneys Complain About Influenced Court
In developed countries Judicial System is considered to be independent; however we cannot claim the same about Georgian courts. In our country either Prosecutor’s Office, or Regional Gubernator or high-ranking officials control the judicial system. Influenced court creates particularly numerous problems for citizens. Justice is almost impossible to prevail over through the court discussions.
National Minorities in the Georgian TV Broadcasting
Today, NGO “Youth Alternative” presented the results of the Georgian TV Companies’ monitoring. According to the organization’s representatives, the main goal of the project “Ethnic Minorities in Georgian Information Sources” was the monitoring of the TV programs on ethnic minorities.
Georgia: Lowering the Age of Criminal Responsibility Flouts International Standards
(New York, June 11, 2007) – On May 23, 2007, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili signed into law a set of amendments to three laws, lowering from 14 to 12 the minimum age of criminal responsibility for children for certain crimes. The amendments affected the criminal code, the code of criminal procedure, and the law on imprisonment, and enter into force July 1, 2008.
Recommendations on the Protection of National Minorities (The End)
According to the act of 2005, Georgia ratified the Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities. To implement mentioned convention in reality, the National Minority Commission of Public Defender’s office prepared recommendations.
25-day Imprisonment for Protecting Political Prisoners and Freedom of Expression
Three members of “Egalitarian Institute” - Davit Dalakishvili, Jaba Jishkariani and Levan Gogichaishvili are arrested. They have been sentenced to 25-day imprisonment by Tbilisi City Court. The reason of the arrest is the violation of public order and blocking the entrance of the General Prosecution Office. Human rights defenders evaluate this fact as the campaign against the freedom of Expression.
“Nationality: Human” -- South Caucasus Documentary Film Festival of Peace and Human Rights
South Caucasus documentary film festival of peace and human rights- “Nationality: Human” took place in Zugdidi. During three day festival there were screened 6 recent documentary films from different parts of the world. Besides screening documentary films, festival included discussions leaded by invited experts.
Actifed – cheap option for a high
Drug addicts in Gori found a new practice for the safe cough medicine for children – Actifed. After mixing Actifed with Russian Aspirin this medicine becomes narcotic.
Recommendations on the Protection of National Minorities (Part One)
The national minorities in Georgia are not satisfied with their living conditions and they offer the recommendation policy paper to the Government. Tolerance, integration in society, and illiteracy of the state language – these are the basic problems of national minority. Though, they do not forget positive cases, made for salvation of their problems.
Phoka is Sinking
300 family-village faces danger to appear under water. The inhabitants of village Phoka blame Municipality of Ninotsminda and central government in indifference. Some times ago natural element has added to heavy social conditions. Locals think that the government has forgotten them.
IDP’s require assistance
33 IDP families living in Zugdidi require assistance from the government. A new owner of the building asked residents to leave the building on June 1. Otherwise, he threatened to use force. Although the date of ultimatum has expired, the owner still has not used force. IDPs are still afraid that Kvikvinia will manage to evict them without the police.
Possible Reducing of the Salaries with 25 Percent
The Georgian government presented amendments to “Tax Code” to the Parliament. According to the new amendments, two taxes – income and social taxes will be combined. If the employee was paying only an income tax of 12 percent from his/her salary and the employer was paying a social tax of 20 percent to the government, with the amendments, the employee will pay both taxes entirely The new amount of the tax will be 25 percent.
Darkened Kobuleti
“I miss for information. People steal electticity. What should they do? They have no money even for bread. Some days ago I paid 20 lari. The light was switched on yesterday,” says the World War II veteran, first group invalid, inhabitant of village Kondidi, 92 year old, Ismail Menagarashvili.
Property Destroyed for the Owners
Unfortunately, violation of private property becomes a habit in Georgia. At present, the owners of the underground located on the Freedom Square face the danger. The owners of the market located on the mentioned place, have to free the territory till Monday, otherwise the market will be destroyed.
“Sorry” Campaign in Akhaltsikhe
Human Rights Center’s appeal to Abkhaz people – “Sorry” campaign, caused great interest in Akhaltsikhe. Representatives of the local government and regional media talk about the campaign.
Inhabitants of villages near border leave their houses
Village Samtatskaro located on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan faces great danger. After the blocked of the bridge, which was connected locals to historical Hereti, their living conditions are getting worse. According to statistics, from 480 families, 200 of them leaved Samtatskaro. Peasants are leaving for Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq to work their as slaves. The same situation is in Signagi region, village Erisimedi. Shepherds from Azerbaijan take abandoned places.
The Rights of Children’s Rights’ Defenders has been violated
In April, after the reorganization in Kutaisi self-governance, 300 employees lost their jobs. Among them are 12 employees of children’s rights’ defender’s department.
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