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The Detainees Are Refused Medical Assistance
Law enforcers are particularly severe towards Vako Grdzelishvili because of his past experience

On June 15, policemen initially dispersed and then arrested demonstrators in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Out of 39 detainees only 5 remain in the custody now. The rest were bailed with 400 GEL.

Attack on Media
Yesterday, as a result of the incident near the Tbilisi Police Main Department journalists also were injured alongside the demonstrators. The victimized media-representatives claim that law enforcers targeted on journalists and hunted on them with particular severity in order to destroy the video and photo recordings of the dispersal. Later, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs returned the cameras all materials were deleted from them.

Teachers Are Persecuted on Political Grounds in Regions
In accordance to the Constitution of Georgia and international acts a person shall not be intimidated on political rounds. Nevertheless, district and regional governmental officials, single mandate MPs force teachers and personnel of public schools to write resignation letters and fire them if their political views are not acceptable for the authority. The governmental officials then employ their close people on the vacant places.
Detentions on Political Grounds Continue in Gori
Last night, from 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm Zaal Gudadze from Alliance for Georgia and active supporter of this party Tamaz Tlashadze were detained. Davit Razmadze, head of the Gori office of the political party states that shells were discovered on Zaal Gudavadze; and Subotex was found on Tamaz Tlashadze. However, the case-materials do not provide the drug as evidence. The prosecutor’s office demands the detainees to testify their guiltiness and 4 or 5 thousand GEL as bail from them. The state tries to get that amount of money from the detainees.
Incident Near the Main Tbilisi Police Department
Policemen dispersed the young people gathered in front of the Main Tbilisi Police Department. Tens of young activists of the youth movement were wounded; many more demonstrators were severely beaten; and media representatives also were injured.

Was a Female Journalist Beaten in the Office of the Head of the Police?
Llocal journalists held a demonstration at the Chokhatauri police station and at the editorial office of the Guria News newspaper. The journalists protested that on June 10 Nato Gogelia, a journalist of the Guria News newspaper, was physically assaulted by the employees of the Chokhatauri district department of MIA.

An Officer from the Constitutional Security Department of the MIA Beat A Man
Nika Pachkoria, a participant in the ongoing rally in Zugdidi witnessed how a young man was beaten by officers from the CSD within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pachkoria managed to record the incident secretly by video camera and sent the recording to Presa.ge

Present for the Hospitability of the President
In 2005 Levan Akhalauri was head of agriculture department in Telavi District; and he caused damage of 305 000 GEL to the state budget. Despite that Akhalauri was promoted in position. In 2006 he was appointed as an assistant to Telavi district governor; since February 2007 he is chairperson of Telavi Municipality Board. Investigation against him started under charge of abusing professional power however Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office dropped the process because of “lack of evidence of the crime.”

Mythological Success in Historical Kolkheti
Local people smile at regional tours of the President Mikheil Saakashvili. A young man from Poti got in touch with Pressa.ge and reported that during his visit in Poti, Saakashvili opened a closed factory; and he congratulated the local residents the resolution of water-supply problem with the water coming from rubber-tube.

Investor Cannot Pay Salaries to Its Employees
The Lithuanian Company “Akhema Group”, which purchased the JSC “Kakheti Energy Distribution Company” in January of 2009, cannot pay the salaries of nearly 600 employees of the company.

The Sick Man Was Sentenced to 10-year Imprisonment
Although accused Temur Akhmedov is seriously ill, he was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment. While passing the verdict, Judge Vera Dolidze did not consider the resolution of the Minister of Healthcare about postponing the punishment when the accused is ill.

Tests Initiated by Sibashvili
Several days ago, competition was announced for 47 vacant places at the Gurjaani Municipality Board. A total of 210 applications were submitted to the board but only 176 applicants took tests. 75 points were required to pass the exam. Only 13 applicants managed to score that many points. Among the winners were people who have no experience in, or knowledge of, the law.

Activist Girls from Opposition Party Were Threatened with Raping and Being Buried Alive
Unidentified people kidnapped members of the Democratic Movement for the United Georgia. The two women were being assaulted and insulted for 6 hours. Tamar Naveriani and Darejan Gujejiani were kidnapped from the territory of the Laguna Vere and took them to Gachiani. The kidnappers released them after a phone-call at 9:00 pm though the victims cannot tell who had called the kidnappers and what kind of order they received.

Ossetians Flee From Georgia
Because of hard social-economical conditions Ossetian people living in several villages of Kakheti region flee from Georgia. Some move to Tskhinvali and others resettle in Vladikavkaz. Scholars of Conflicts and human rights defenders claim that the reason for their resettlement has an ethnic factor together with a factor involving social conditions.

Former colonel, a legal owner of four arms was detained for carrying arms illegally; he is in pretrial detention.
Tbilisi City Court sentenced accused Zaza Bregvadze, the former high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and police colonel, to two-month pretrial imprisonment. According to the evidence collected during the preliminary investigation the Civil Court charged the accused Zaza Bregvadze for illegal purchase, storage and usage of arms so called Valteri and 5 military cartridges as well.

Family members of people, supporting opposition parties in Gori, are threatened with being fired from jobs.
The administration of the Tax Inspection of the Shida Karli region demands that Natia Martinenko, an employee of the TI, write a letter of resignation letter. On May 27, Martinenko was informed that she was going to be fired on political grounds.

Damage to the State or Persecution for Political Reasons
Zurab Beridze was appointed the head of Batumi Regional Center for Revenues by Zurab Noghaideli, former Prime Minister of Georgia. Today he is accused of abusing his power and having caused damage to the state of 1 437 322 GEL. The attorneys said that law enforcement officers accused him of a crime that was not even committed.

Bullets Used by Riot Police on May 6 Could Kill a Person
Ministry of Internal Affairs finally pleaded that on May 6 law enforcers used non-lateral bullets during the clash in front of the Tbilisi Police Main Department. Shota Utiashvili, head of Analytic Department of the MIA confirmed this information with the Human Rights Center.

Children Library Might Be Closed
About 200 000 books from the Children’s Library were taken to two different places by trucks for two months. Geno Makharadze, the director of the library could not answer why it was necessary to take the books to a damaged building or if there was any official document to take the books to other place. Natia Surguladze, the head of the corresponding department at the Batumi City Hall, made no comment on this issue either.

Masked Men Assaulted Demonstrators
Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained several suspects for involvement in the incident which had taken place in Purtseladze Street. According to Nana Kakabadze, Ramaz Jashiashvili, Luka Gvaramadze, Davit Kenchadze, Levan Loluashvili and Dato Kapanadze were detained after they had been discharged from the hospital. According to her, 6 other people also were detained. The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm this information.

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