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State Deceived Small Entrepreneurs
Although the Georgian Parliament introduced amendments to the Law on Privatization of State Property, it is not followed in Adjara. Those amendments stated that “enterprise, located in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, with total price of 100 thousand lari, will be privatized by its employees. Those enterprises have either domestic profile or work in public nutrition.” Representatives of the Ministry of Finances and Economics of Adjara stated that enterprises mentioned in the draft law do not exist in the autonomous republic. Consequently, the Ministry refused nearly 35 small entrepreneurs to purchase their entities and sold them on the auctions. Small entrepreneurs brought suit against the Adjara Ministry of Financiers and Economics at the court.
More and More Soldiers Are Killed In Georgian Army
Manslaughter without due caution and circumspection –an article from Georgian Criminal Code –law enforcers launch criminal investigations on the murder of soldiers in Georgian Army under this article. Representatives of the Minister of Defense call similar facts incidents; however those incidents have increased in number recently. On July 13 one more soldier died in Upper Abkhazia while accomplish peacekeeping mission. Twenty-one-year-old Levan Natatralashvili, a resident of Dedoflistskaro District, was serving his term in Krtsanisi training center. Ten days ago, the Internal Ministry took him and other members of the unit to the Kodori Gorge.
Lawyer for Free
By the end of 2007, Georgian population can enjoy free service of lawyers. Currently public attorneys can support population only in several districts. Although their activities are not restricted yet, since 2009 they will serve only particular categories of people.
Lawyers from Kutaisi Condemn the Prohibition of Photo-Video-Recording In The Court
Two days ago, Georgian Parliament passed amendments to the Law on “Common Court” on the third discussion of the topic. The amendments were voted for by 117 voices against 18. The new law envisages the prohibition of photo-film-video recording of trials in the court building and court rooms.
„Special Show” in Kutaisi
The society got furious about special operation carried out by the Department of Constitutional Security in Kutaisi last week. Criminal case was launched against detainees and the case consists of two parts. 24 employees of the Kutaisi Local Self-government, were accused for issuing and using fraudulent documents and for appropriation of 600 000 lari from the state budget.
Brother Always Supports His Brother…
Close relationships supports people to obtain high positions in the Shida Kartli Regional Administrative Board. According to the Press-Service Center for the Regional Gubernator, Davit Kekelishvili, former Deputy Governor, was appointed to the position of the Deputy Gubernator. During his activities in the Administrative Board, Kekelishvili patronized his brother and the latter was appointed as a director of the Sport-School. Kekelishvili apportioned 70 000 lari to his brother’s school.
Cement Kiln Dust-Unresolved Problem for Kaspi Population
The problem regarding cement dust is old, though still urgent, because has been impossible to resolve it for many years. Most part of Kaspi population complains about lung and eye diseases.
Eight-year-old Child Is Seized of the House Inherited from Grandfather
“On our way from the court, my daughter told me: “Mother, we are in such a terrible situation that we should drown ourselves in the Rioni River. There is no way out for us.”My daughter should not do that but I really do not have any more way out. I cannot look at my child because I feel myself guilty. My child has been trying to regain the house inherited from her grandfather for three years already. The reason for the problem is my unreasonable decision and several people who betrayed me,” said mother of eight-year-old Tsitsino Khvedelidze, Mzia Khachiperadze who applied to the Human Rights Centers’s Kutaisi Office with the support of Maguli Giorgadze, former head of the Department for the Rights of Child and Cooperation with Juveniles within the Kutaisi Self-Government.
30 % of Schools Remained Without Directors
On July 7 a new stage of the elections of directors started in public schools. According to the Ministry of Education and Science only 70% of candidates were elected by Board Councils. Elections were held through violation of rules in Kakheti Region. Candidates claimed that members of the Board Councils were suppressed by former directors.
Professor at the Tskhinvali University Is Persecuted Because of His Statements
Kakha Toliashvili, associated professor for the Tskhinvali State University, is punished because of his article published in local newspaper. University Administration made an administrative resolution to fire Kakha Toliashvili from the University. The professor is accused for having insulted the reforms going on at the university.
Mother of Five Children Went on Hunger Strike in front of the Court Building
Mother of five under-age children went on a hunger strike in front of the Gurjaani District Court. Ema Nozadze, an Ossetian woman, a resident of the village of Kitaani, blames local law enforcers for breaching the law. She protests the court decision under which she was bailed for 2 thousand lari.
One More College Is Going to Be Closed in Batumi
Students and lecturers of the abolished Batumi State Multifield College are holding protest demonstrations. They demand to maintain their college. Aleksi Chikvaidze, Ministry of Education in Adjara Autonomous Republic stated that several Batumi based colleges were optimized which will have better output in the future. Jumber Tavartkiladze, representative of the People’s Party, organized the demonstration and stated the Ministers are enemies of education.
Chechen Refugees Lost Status
Chechen refugees residing in the Pankisi Gorge blame the Georgian Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation for incompetence. They claim that the ministry has deprived the refugees from their status illegally; so they will not issue IDs for Temporary Residence to them in Georgia. Consequently they will not receive fourteen-lari allowance anymore. UN High Commissioner for Refugees stops Food Program and Free Medical Aid for refugees.
IDPs from Kutiaisi Are Not Going To Surrender
Several months ago an argument started between IDPs from Kutiaisi and local law enforcers that later turned into a serious clash. Finally innocent people were arrested. The reason for the incident was IDPs’ eviction in the hotel of “Kutaisi”. Although the court temporarily deprived the owner firm from its power on the hotel, representatives of the “Interinvest” still force the inhabitants out of the hotel.
Promises and Lies of BP and Starving Population
In 2004 construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipe-line started. The construction damaged fourteen-kilometers-long irrigation channel in the village of Klde in the Akhaltsikhe District. 375 families irrigated their plots from the channel for many years. The pipe-line crossed the channel three times and damaged it on seven places.
“Sorry” Always Succeeds
“Sorry” Campaign-an appeal to Abkhaz people was initiated by the Human Rights Center three months ago. The society had various reactions on the initiative. Considerable part of Kutaisi population appreciates the idea and thinks that-“Sorry” always succeeds.
Sixteen Years in Railway Vans
“I will never forget that day in my life. I was at school when earthquake struck. Everybody rushed to the door and gathered in one corner of the yard in several seconds. Then it stopped and children ran home without saying goodbye to each other. Arriving home we saw terrible situation. Our houses were destroyed or cracked and the domestic animals and poultry were running around,” a resident of the village of Sairkhe in the Sachkhere district, Mariam Feradze, recalled the earthquake which happened sixteen years ago.
People protest increased salaries of the high ranking officials
Hundreds of nursery schools, culture houses and libraries are closed because of lack of funds in the local budget. Socially excluded people cannot get allowances for the same reason; however chairmen of municipalities and governors have their salaries raised at the expense of above-mentioned changes. Hereinafter the chairmen will receive 1 500 lari and governors will receive 2 100 lari a month. The decision was made at the meeting of local self-governmental bodies and it caused public concern.
Financial Police Verifies Its Doubts but Firm Loses Thousands of Lari
Financial Police has sealed up the property of the “Gorgia” Ltd for more than one month. Officially they blame the firm for having some violations in Tax Documents. According to unofficial information the owner of the Ltd is demanded to pay five million lari or to yield one of his enterprise. The board of the “Gorgia” claims that their accountancy is transparent and they are ready to pay fine for some violations discovered in their documents. Almost 300 people are employed at the firm and their salaries range from 300 to 1000 lari a month.
Peasants Cannot Travel to the City
This year peasants reaped rich fruit harvest. Unlike previous year Gori District population hoped to improve their living conditions by selling out their products. However, the hope soon vanished. The villagers do not know where to take their harvest of the cherry to sell. There is no transport to get to the city.
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