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Journalists Are Frequently Insulted In Kakheti Region
The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre expresses concern about the recent verbal and physical assaults of journalists. We believe these violations of journalists’ rights through threats and preventing them from carrying out their professional activities are brought about by the Kakheti government’s disregard of such violations, which further promotes the impunity of offenders.
Gali Population Beaten Up on the Border, Not Allowed to Vote
The Abkhaz authority threatened severe sanctions before the local government elections on October 5. They warned Georgians not to participate in the election in Zugdidi or risk punishment.
Government Agent Faces Danger of Assassination
Nana Chalatashvili, the judge in Lagodekhi District Court, has sentenced Leila Kusrashvili, accused of counterfeiting money, to a term of five years and six months imprisonment. Ms. Kusrashvili defended herself by claiming that the manager of the Lagodekhi branch of People’s Bank and his wife gave her counterfeit money. The accused spoke of the disorder and corruption at the customs office [in Lagodekhi] but that she is afraid of being killed for testifying about this fact.
Patrol Police Treat People Blatantly and Terror Them in Kakheti
Regarding two years anniversary since establishment the Patrol Police Kakheti Department within Interior Ministry celebrating ceremonies were planned for late September, however because of pre-electoral preparations it was postponed till October. Beforehand social groups have published the results of questioning according to which Kakheti Patrol Police has high rate. Most people say that patrol policemen are polite and fair to everybody; however it is not reality at all. We were assured in it when young policemen initially insulted and then tried to put us into iron.
Law on Prisoners Is to Be Changed
Changes in prisoner laws will be made by December 2006. New legislation will cover only prisoners in pre-trial detention. One of the main changes concerns prisoners’ visitor policy. Any individual will be allowed to visit a prisoner in pre-trial detention centers.
Patient’s Daughter Sues Doctor
In Zugdidi the number of the people with cancer has increased lately. Particularly great is the number of women with breast cancer. This particular story began in 2000 and ended tragically in August 2006.
Former Official from Kaspi Faces Possible Detention Again
Kaspi District Court has filed charges against Luiza Titirashvili, the former head of the Kaspi District State Property Management Division. The Shida Kartli Regional Prosecutor’s Office has finally finished its investigation of the purchase of the Metekhi Petroleum Storage Depot for scrap iron. The depot is located in the village of Metekhi in the Kaspi District. The charge against Ms. Titirashvili is that she wasted the Metekhi Petroleum Storage Depot and lied [to authorities].
Next Murder in Gali Prison
On the 27th of September, at 17:15 the officer-on-duty found the detainee hung in the pre-trial detention cell of Gali district. According to Abkhazians the detainee hung himself with the pieces of his own cloths. He turned out to be Kalenike Kishmaria, a resident of the village Chuburkhinji in Gali district.
UN Criticizes Georgia for Torture
UN Committee against Torture (CAT) have studied facts of Human Rights violation in Georgia and prepared long recommendation list for the Georgian Government. UN experts are especially concerned about use of force and wearing masks by police officers. UN gives Georgia one year period to fulfill these recommendations.
Vake Inhabitants Demand Sewers be Cleaned
It is almost two months now that inhabitants of Paliashvili street demand in vain sewers be cleaned. ‘Tbilisi Water’ accuses Construction Company, while Construction Company thinks that ‘Tbilisi Water’ is responsible of solving this problem.
Youth Is Forced to Serve in Forces
NGOs fight to defend rights of youth. They call the government to stop force calling of youth to serve in military forces, recall those articles from legislation, which defends their rights, which are very often violated.
Pension is Refused to Appoint to the Military Man hit in Military Accident
22-year-old Zviad Jakheli was injured during military service. He served as a corporal of a military inferior in Senaki Infantry II. Having been got into a car crash Zviad Jakheli was condemned of military service. He is not aided by any kind allowances and does not receive military pension either.
Georgian Journalist Illegally Arrested in Great Britain
Eka Gulua, a journalist for the Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre, was placed under arrest by British police for almost four hours. Scotland Yard violated her rights to a translator, a lawyer and a phone call - they did not even give her a glass of water. When the police found out that Gulua was not a criminal, they released her, however they did not apologize and moreover made her sign unidentified documents.
Journalist Appeals against ‘National Movement’ Telavi Branch Press-Secretary at Police Office
Yesterday Roman Kevkhishvili correspondent for Telavi TV Company ‘Tanamgzavri’ and ‘Radio Hereti’ brought suit against ‘Joint National Movement’ Telavi Branch’s press secretary and director of the ‘Chveni Gazeti’ and ‘Chveni Radio’ Nana Kibishauri at the Telavi Department of the Interior Ministry.
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