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In Parallel to Ongoing Protest of Nongovernmental Sector Parliament of Georgia Passed Code on Local Self-Governance
77 votes vs 7 – Parliament of Georgia passed the Code on Local Self-Governance after noisy discussions and controversy via third hearing on February 5. Government states it is a step forward to democratization and launch of self-governmental reform in the country.
Increased Salaries and Bonuses in Guria
Public servants in Guria region received bonuses equal to increased salaries in January 2014 (for Christmas Holiday). In accordance to the Georgian legislation, only 25% of local budget can be spent on salaries. However, district budget used to spend almost 40% on the salaries of public servants.
Tibilov Is not Going to Block De-Facto Border during Sochi Olympiad
During Sochi Olympiad de-facto border of the South Ossetia towards Akhalgori district will not be blocked that means people will be able to transport without delay. Special session of the de-facto security council of South Ossetia was held in Tskhinvali. Leader of the non-recognized republic Leonid Tibilov chaired the session.
GYLA’s Position about the Arbitration Agreement Made between the State and the Patarkatsishvili Family
On January 17, 2014 the Ministry of Justice disclosed the settlement agreement and its additional documents made between the successors of Arkadi (Badri) Patarkatsishvili and Georgia in the international arbitration. In the arbitration, A.P.’s family members requested to be given ownership of  “Imedi” TV and that the lease on Mtatsminda Park be reinstated, or in the alternative, sought compensation in the amount of 400 million USD. As mentioned, the arbitration ended with settlement  under certain conditions between A.P.’s successors and Georgia. 
Demonstration in Support of Mejvriskhevi Village Attorney
Population of Mejvriskhevi village, Gori district held demonstration in support of Tariel Gurgenidze, former attorney of their territorial entity, in front of the Shida Kartli regional administration. Participants requested annulment of plea-agreement into Tariel Gurgenidze’s case and re-investigation of his case.
Lanchkhuti Organization of the Georgian Dream vs Local Government
There is controversy between Lanchkhuti district organization of the Georgian Dream and local authority.
Part of Tusheti Population Request Seperation from Akhmeta District
Part of Tusheti region population is discontent with the work of Akhmeta district local self-governmental bodies and request establishment of their separate entity. Discontent part of the population is represented by the association Sheep-Breeder from Tusheti and Zurab Murtazashvili is leader of the organization. They say interests of local people are completely neglected. For that reason, they request separation from Akhmeta district and establishment of independent entity. Information Center of Kakheti spread information about it.
“Unity of Judges” Held Meeting on Appointment of Judges
“Unity of Judges” has held the meeting with judges, lawyers and members of civil society in Rustavi.
Amendments Planned to the Criminal Code of Georgia in Connection with Sexual Crime
Amendments are planned into the Chapter of the Criminal Code of Georgia referring to sexual crimes. Concrete formulation of the amendments is not known yet. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice state they are working on the content. Nongovernmental organizations proposed their draft-amendments to the Chapter on Sexual Crimes in the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Freedom House: Georgia Remains 'Partly Free'
Most signs suggest a strengthening of democratic institutions in Georgia, but it still remains among “partly free” countries, according to an annual report by the U.S.-based rights watchdog Freedom House.
Constitutional Court Discussed Ucha Nanuashvili’s Lawsuit
Constitutional Court of Georgia discussed constitutional lawsuit of the citizens Ucha Nanuashvili and Mikheil Sharashidze. The suitors appealed the 1st and 2nd Paragraphs of the Article 110 of the Election Code of Georgia. They believe they are non-constitutional in comparison with the Articles 14 and 28 of the Constitution of Georgia. Namely, the suitors request change in the formation of single-seat election districts for Parliamentary Elections. The defendant in the case was Parliament of Georgia.
Protest of Laituri Residents in Ozurgeti
On January 30, at 11 am, about 200 citizens gathered in the square in front of the Ozurgeti theatre; the protest assembly was organized by the local leader of the Labor Party Davit Mamaladze, who said it was peaceful, non-political warning demonstration to attract attention of the local authority.
Journalists of Lanchkhuti Based Newspaper Blame Georgian Dream’s Members in Verbal Insulting
Journalist of the local independent newspaper “Yes and No” Mamuka Kantaria said that two days ago, at about 19:00 pm, members of the Georgian Dream’s local office and employees of non-profit legal entity Lanchkhuti Guria (football club) Edisher Zhordania, Gialo Chkhaidze, Temur Aleksaia and director of Ltd Lanchkhuti 2000 Nugzar Tsintsadze broke into the newspaper’s office and verbally insulted the journalist. Kantaria said the abusers were irritated because of the article, they had published in the newspaper Yes and No.

“I Am Completely Innocent” – Merabishvili Could not Help Tears in the Courtroom
Accused Ivane Merabishvili made clarifications about the video-footage spread in social network (planning of the so-called Mukhrovani Mutiny where ex-PM ordered military officers to bring two corpses to him in exchange of high bonuses). Former Minister Interior and Prime Minister of Georgia Ivane Merabishvili stated during the trial into so-called Merabishvili-Tchiaberashvili’s case that he is completely innocent in this case and he has never ordered to kill any person. 
Victims without Rights
On November 30, 2013 father of Giorgi Khvedelidze, killed in Khashuri district, blamed Gori regional prosecutor’s office in dragging out the investigation into the murder case. He is recognized as victim in the case but according to the current legislation, the victim almost no rights in the criminal law proceedings.
Constitutional Court to Discuss Constitutionality of Prohibiting Land Assignment to Foreign Citizens
Constitutional Court of Georgia is studying constitutionality of prohibiting land assignment to foreign citizens. 
Telephone Communication and Internet in Akhalgori
Russian cell phone network MegaPhone has become very strong in Akhalgori district. Here everybody has numbers of MegaPhone in parallel to Georgian mobile communication companies MagtiCom and GeoCell; index for MegaPhone is 929 in South Ossetia. MegaPhone’s internet communication defeated almost every Georgian internet provider company in the district. 
Batumi Suburbs Have Problems in Water Supply
Batumi suburbs were supplied with water with delays for the past few years. The problem resolution is planned in the third phase of water and sewerage system rehabilitation works. Advisor to the Batumi City Mayor said the rehabilitation works will finish in 2017.
Court Hearing on Giorgi Sibashvili’s Case Is Underway in Telavi District Court
Trial into the case against former Kakheti deputy regional governor Giorgi Sibashvili is still underway at Telavi district court. Former employee of the regional development agency was questioned at the trial on January 24.
UNM Members from Kutaisi Complain about Political Oppression
MP Giorgi Tevdoradze from United National Movement (UNM) complained about oppression facts against their supporters and illegal activities of the government.
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Detention of high officials of Defense Ministry is:
Fight against corruption and professional crime Fight against Euro-Atlantic Course Persecution on political grounds I cannot answer


Fragile Peace in Balkans
After a long and complicated preparation period, on July 30, we landed in Sarajevo. Despite scary landing caused by bad weather conditions, I
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria


What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
“Miscarriages of justice“– we use this term to characterize the problems existing in the system of Georgian judiciary during ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance. 
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
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