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Private Foundations Created by Tbilisi City Hall Linked to Ugulava’s Relatives
Georgian Young Lawyers Association [GYLA] and Studio Monitor investigated in detail the expenditures made from private foundations created by Tbilisi City Hall. GYLA released a report and Monitor made a film about the issue.

Information on Government Officials’ Salaries and Bonuses Might Be Made Confidential
A draft-law has been initiated in the Parliament of Georgia. If the law is passed, information on public officials’ salaries, bonuses and other personal data will be made unavailable to the public.

Nino Kalandadze: “The Territory, Which Has Been Actively Discussed Recently, Belongs To Azerbaijan”
Azerbaijan customs officers patrol in Davit Gareji Monastery, particularly in the Monastery Udabno [desert] since May 6, 2012. The territory where parishioners and tourists easily entered before is now blocked.

To Punish Public Hate or Not?
Should hate speech be punishable by law?! Lately, this question is frequently heard in Georgia. There are two approaches to publicly declared hate speech in the modern world – the American and the European. According to the European approach, hate speech is a criminal offence and thus not protected by freedom of speech. The American approach, on the other hand, does not impose any punishment for similar action.

NGOs Protest Illegal Construction in Zugdidi Botanic Garden
On May 15, nongovernmental organizations protested and held briefing in front of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection.

Human Rights Center’s Media Monitors in the TV-Program “Media Monitor”
Media-monitors from the Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili and Shorena Latatia spoke about monitoring results in the TV-program Media Monitor of the Public Broadcaster. They had monitored how judiciary and environmental issues were reported by Georgian media.

Several Religious Confessions Disagree with Patriarchate’s Statement
On May 10, Representative of the Muslim Department Vagiph Akperov left the working meeting of the inter-religious group in the German House in protest. He was irritated by a statement from Thea Gogotishvili, representing the Patriarchate, about Aziziye Mosque. Gogotishvili said that Sultan Abdul Aziz was killing Christians and the construction of a mosque in his name in Georgia is the same as building a monument in Israel celebrating the Holocaust.

“I Will Break Your Hand, Will Dig out Your Eyes; …You!...”
A cameraman from Studio GNS was not allowed to film the Dusheti municipal board building. A security police officer cursed at the cameraman, threatened him with physical assault, and hindered his professional activities.

Civil Society In Expectation of Practical Implementation of the Law
Amendments were introduced to the Criminal Code of Georgia short time ago. According to the new provision, aggravating circumstances will be applied to crimes committed on racial, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation and other discriminatory motives. Experts positively evaluate the law and hope it will act as preventive mechanism for various discriminatory actions.

Lawyer of the Human Rights Center Attended Interrogation of the Resonansi’s Journalist
Mtskheta district MIA department started investigation on the oppression fact against Mari Otarashvili, journalist of the newspaper Resonansi and Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. Head of Legal Aid Center at the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili attended the interrogation process. The case was launched under Article 151 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (intimidation).

Tamar Kintsurashvili – Ossetian IDPs Can Return before the Commission Is Set Up
Although law about restitution was passed in Georgia, the process of return of Ossetian refugees and restitution of their properties has reached deadlock in fact. Expert Zurab Bendianashvili said the law is still-born. 

How To Assist a Prisoner Who Has Been on Hunger-Strike for Over Month?!
Penitentiary system still remains one of the most problematic fields in Georgia. I think, the main problem about the system is various forms of ill-treatment and inadequate medical service in penitentiary settings. These circumstances result into high mortality among prisoners in custodies.

Georgian Dream’s Activists Claim They Were Dispersed by Water Cannon
Kutaisi office representatives of the political coalition Georgian Dream stated they had decided to hold the symbolic demonstration regarding the Kutaisi Day on May 2.

Public Defender on State Audit Agency's March Probe into Political Finances
About seven weeks after the state audit agency, Chamber of Control, summoned large number of activists and supporters of Bidzina Ivanishvili-led opposition coalition, the Georgian Public Defender said on May 1 that the process was carried out with violations of rights of questioned persons.

Georgia in New Report about the World Press Freedom
Georgia moved up by 7 positions in 2012 annual rating of Freedom of World Press by famous human rights organization Freedom House. The report was published on May 1. However, according to the report, Georgia still occupies place among partly-free states.

Religious Issues in Georgian Media
According to the media-monitoring results carried out by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs [GIPA], out of religious issues Georgian media mostly reports about Orthodox holidays, construction of new Orthodox Churches and renovation of old ones, events organized by the Georgian Patriarchate and other orthodox ceremonies.

Students Learn to Struggle for Their Rights
Students’ organization Youth Center request the rector of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University [TSU] and its administration to ensure equal pre-election environment for the upcoming elections of student self-government.

Garbage “River” in Dusheti
Two kilometers away from Dusheti tones of garbage have been scattered on roadsides for several years already. Dusheti River is full of garbage and it creates hearth of anti-sanitary.  The River is linked with Aragvi River which finally flows into the River Mtkvari.

Public Defender’s Scandalous Report about Child’s Rights
Public Defender published the results of the monitoring carried out in the children’s institutions in December of 2011. The monitoring revealed the cases when nurses lashed, beat children with bottles, chairs, sticks; a child left without attention chopped his finger off by axe.

Amendments to the Georgian Border Management Strategy
Amendments were recently introduced to the Georgian Border Management Strategy , approved by the President on February 4, 2008. The amendments were already published by the Sakanonmdeblo Matsne (online source of the Ministry of Justice).

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