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High Blood Pressure, Excitement and Depression among IDPs
In the morning of March 13, before TV-Company Imedi released simulated Chronicle, the society studying the hypertension level among Georgian population published the results of their research in the IDP settlements. According to the research in Tserovani and Karaleti settlements, more than half of IDPs have high blood pressure, excitement and depression.
Trade Union VS “Georgian Manganese”
Trade Union of Georgia, Trade Union of Metallurgy and Mining Entrepreneurs of Georgia went on two-hour warning strike in Zestaponi and Chiatura. The workers of the enterprises subordinated to the Georgian Manganese Ltd – Zestaponi Ferro Factory and Chiatura Mines - went on strike from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on April 20. The reason of the protest was grave working conditions in the enterprises. Short time ago, people were fired from those enterprises for their cooperation with the Trade Unions.

Saakashvili on ‘Abuse of Administrative Resources’
“The only criticism” expected in address of the authorities in a pre-election period is allegations about “abuse of administrative resources,” President Saakashvili told an audience at Washington-based think-tank, Atlantic Council, on April 15.
US Ambassador’s Curious Trip in Guria Region
On April 16, US Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Georgia John Bass visited Guria region. He had to meet local journalists in the regional TV-station “Guria” at 3:00 pm. The Ambassador, together with journalists, was invited to the TV-program. The journalists of the newspapers “Lanchkhuti Plus”, “Guria News,” “Alioni” and “Yes and No” waited for the Ambassador for one and half hour. Then, they left the TV-Station in protest.
Policemen Beat More Citizens
Excessive use of force during the detention of the suspected people has become urgent problem in Georgia for the last 5-6 years. Since 2004, the policemen were less inhuman when arresting people. However, recently, the problem has become more systematic. In Kakheti region, facts of excessive use of force have increased in Kakheti region.
Speech Instead Action – Government Cannot Find Time for Citizens before Elections
Recently, we often hear from citizens “he did not receive me,” “he did not listen to me,” “he did not assist me,” “he was busy at the meeting,”… people receive similar replies after their hours-long waiting in the offices of local public officials. However, before the elections the government speaks much about transparency, accountability, attention and of course about building better state.
“Policemen and Liar Journalists Deserve Death”
At 6:00 pm on April 17 junior inspector of Zugdidi district police department Irodion Shelia fired his gun and Nugzar Mania was killed. Several minutes later, special reportage was shown on TV-Company “Rustavi 2” in the weekly program “PS”.

Intimidation on Candidates –Refuse Participation in Elections
Parties and election blocks registered in accordance to the Election Code have deadline on April 30 to submit applications of their single mandate candidates. Representatives of the opposition parties state they might not have candidates in many villages because already selected people now refuse to participate in the elections. According to opposition parties, their candidates are intimidated.

“Election Fraud Has Already Started”
On April 15, the National Council organized a meeting with experts and diplomatic corps in the hotel “Bets”. One of the leaders of the Conservative Party, Kakha Kukava, introduced the pre-election violations to the guests; they also provided documents to prove their findings.

Court Did not Satisfy Suit of the Retired People from “Fero”
Former workers of the JSC “Fero-Alloy Factory” will remain without allowance. Zestaponi district court passed verdict on March 10, 2010 and did not satisfy the suit. The suitors requested to introduce amendments to the purchase agreement signed on December 13, 2006, to compensate the damage and to cover arears of their monthly allowances.

“Mr. IDP, You Will Appear At the Court…”
Energo-Pro Georgia has not collected the bills in the Khurvaleti new settlement for more than two months. On January 7, Christmas Day, the electricity supply was cut off in the settlement. Despite the punishment, IDPs from Big and Small Liakhvi Gorges cannot pay the bills. They complain of unbearable conditions.

Opposition Parties Blocked Rustaveli Avenue in front of the Parliament
On April 15, opposition parties blocked the Rustaveli Avenue in front of the parliament of Georgia. Almost every member of the non-parliamentary opposition parties took part in the protest demonstration. They had two main requests: 1. Government shall stop political persecution of citizens; 2. People imprisoned on political grounds shall be released from April 16 in accordance to the law. Unless their requests are satisfied, the demonstrations will become larger-scaled and permanent.

There Are People in Georgia Who Get a Pension of 2, 50 GEL
50-year-old Bezhan Baduashvili is a disabled person of the second grade, but because of strange interests he turned up in the third grade of disability. Consequently, on September 1, 2007 and in accordance with the Law on Granting Pensions to Military Servants, he lost his pension which was granted in 2002. Since then, his pension is only 9, 07 GEL. The Ministry of Healthcare explained this fact in their letter to Bezhan Baduashvili as follows: “Because the Law of Georgia on State Compensations and Academic Scholarships, adopted on December 27, 2005 and put in force on January 1, 2006, does not envisage continuation or appointment state compensations to the people who have some abilities.” 
Court Discusses Case of Journalist Zviad Khujadze
The case on journalist Zviad Khujadze was sent to the court from the prosecutor’s office. The head of the news room of the radio “Old City” appealed to the Tskaltubo district court after the prosecutor released resolution. The journalists clarified that the resolution is groundless and the case shall be investigated by the Kutaisi district prosecutor’s office again.
“Let Us Sleep” - Pre-Election Request

During the pre-election campaign the government has to give various promises to the population – roofing the houses, repairing lifts, implementation of new social projects, and etc. Request of 12-year-old Nini from Rustavi is not on the list of standard requests.
Administrative Resources for Pre-Election Campaign
Before the local self-governmental elections several changes were introduced to the district budgets. Mostly, the expenses of the social packets and infrastructure development were increased. Representatives of the ruling party actively participate in the implementation of the social programs funded from the state budget. In parallel to it, the government submitted several draft-laws on amnesties to gain the hearts of the voters.
Citizen of Georgia Arrested in Ukraine Might Die
Tamaz Kardava has been imprisoned since August of 2008 in Kiev. He was charged for robbery. Kardava has C-hepatitis and cirrhosis. He has been refused to take urgently necessary medical assistance for the last two months. His health conditions are very grave at the moment.
Released Ossetian Prisoners Started Speaking in Tskhinvali
Ethnically Ossetian hostages, who were compelled to plead guilty by the Georgian side two weeks ago, were captured for “illegal crossing of border” and “illegal possession of weapon.” Later, Georgian side expressed a kind will and set them free. European Human Rights Commissionaire Thomas Hammarberg played active role in their release. The released prisoners stated in their interviews with the media sources and non-governmental organizations of South Ossetia that each of them were arrested based on the traditionally fabricated accusation; besides that, they were put in prison for nothing; Georgian law enforcement officers treated them very badly.
Computer Instead Book – Ticket for Future or Infernal Experiment?
On April 6, the president Saakashvili informed the government members about the reforms planned in the educational system during their session in Kutaisi. He assessed the reform as Computer and Linguistic Revolution. “Computers instead Books,” this is the new initiative of the president.

Public Defender Criticizes Situation in Orphanages
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi criticizes the situation in the orphanages. According to him, based on the interviews with beneficiaries and psychological evaluations of the situation, various methods of violence are used in educational institutions.

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