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Religious Lessons in Public Schools
Part of society thinks introduction of religious studies in public schools might breach principles of democratic and secular state. However, the democratic norms and principles envisage and require similar education because in a liberal-democratic state only one confession cannot be supported and all others (of course we do not mean the ideologies which threatens healthy and safe development of the society) prohibited. Secular state does not mean atheist state which prohibits existence of religious unions or religious education in public schools.

This concerns you!
New electoral legislation creates non-democratic electoral environment, is unconstitutional and restricts fundamental human rights and freedoms! It concerns every individual and organization and it must be changed.

Kezerashvili Controls Petrol Market
“Like our president’s loud statements in foreign countries that we have defeated corruption in Georgia, I will also state loudly that there is corruption in our country, Georgia” a leader of Free Democrats Levan Izoria said at the press-conference and presented the scheme of monopolization of market of oil-products and artificial increase of petrol price.

Storm in a Glass – Will the Election Day Change?
Non-governmental organization New Generation – New Initiative requests the Constitutional Court to change terms for the parliamentary and presidential elections. They request to hold parliamentary elections in May of 2012 and presidential election in January of 2013.

Restricted Rights for Journalists in New Parliament
After the Parliament of Georgia is moved to Kutaisi, journalists will not be able to work in the session hall with individual video-cameras. Part of journalists thinks it will have negative impact on the transparency of the parliament, but another part refrains from commenting the issue.

Satellite Van for Ivanishvili's Planned TV Channel 'Damaged'
Billionaire opposition politician Bidzina Ivanishvili's office said in a statement on Tuesday, that a satellite van for remote live news reports intended for his planned new TV channel had been "damaged on purpose" while in customs terminal in Georgia.

Over 170 Signatures on NGO and Media Organizations’ Petition
Over 170 signatures were gathered for the petition of NGOs and media organizations, member of the coalition for Freedom of Choice, Magda Popiashvili told InterPressNews. As she informs, gathering electronic signatures still continues.

Georgian Dream without Office in Dedoplistskaro
Bidzina Ivanishvili’s public movement Georgian Dream no longer has an office in Dedoplistskaro region. The owner of the office cancelled the agreement with Georgian Dream in a day after the signing.

New Changes in Judiciary System
According to the draft-law submitted to the Parliament of Georgia, a blatant violation of the law by a judge during court proceeding will not be disciplinary violation.

Torture for Complaint Submitted to ECHR
 Giorgi Okropiridze who was charged with the offence of deliberate murder on March 17th of 2010 and sentenced with 13 years imprisonment addressed European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in April of 2011.

UN Special Rapporteur Publishes Critical Report
UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association Maina Kiai visited Georgia for a week. He held meeting with the representatives of both government as well as human rights NGOs and Trade Unions.

Auditors Escaping Politically Active Individuals
Like commercial banks accountants and auditors will become obliged to ascertain whether or not their client belongs to the category of politically active individual starting from February of 2012. In case of positive response they will be obliged to pass the information to Financial Monitoring Service of Control Chamber of Georgia.

Hieromonk Iona’s Release as Mysterious as His Detention
On February 11th the head of analytical department of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Shota Utiashvili held a special briefing on the release of the hieromonk kidnapped in Abkhazia: “We are working intensively to release father Iona. I am glad to let you know that our works are productive. Father Iona is released and transferred to the territory controlled by Georgian side.”

Auditors and Accountants Assigned to Reveal Politically Active Individuals
Georgian accountants and auditors starting from February of 2012 are going to become obliged to ascertain whether or not their client belongs to the category of politically active individual. In case of a positive response, they will be obliged to provide information to the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia.

Ala Dzhioyeva Recovered
Life of the ex-candidate of South Ossetia’s de-facto presidency is out of danger. According to Russian media, doctors of Tskhinvali central hospital informed them about it. 

Police Officer Giorgi Sibashvili Is Associated with Other Scandals too
“The most beautiful woman is mine,” inspector-investigator of the Kakheti regional department of the MIA Giorgi Sibashvili posted this status on his profile in the social network “Odnoklasniki.ru” before the incident on January 31.

Court Put a Friend of Ivanishvili’s Nephew in Prison for Four Years
The Tbilisi City Court sentenced Zaza Kobakhidze, childhood friend of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s nephew to four year imprisonment.

NGOs Protested In Front of Chamber of Control
Part of Georgian NGOs protested in front of the Chamber of Control on February 8. They protested the decision of the Monitoring Department at the Chamber of Control, according to which the non-governmental organization New Generation New Initiative was ordered to submit information about financial expenditures.

Ill-Treatment of prisoners in Kutaisi Prison
After holding a monitoring in the penitentiary departments in Imereti region the special group of Ombudsman of Georgia found that the convicts in #2 penitentiary department of Kutaisi are still treated badly. The facts of collective punishment and ill-treatment still prevail.

The Bakradzes Family Persecuted on Political Motives
Intimidation of Kareli resident Vasil Bakradze and his family started on February 25, 2009 when former parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze held a conference of her political party “Democratic Movement – United Georgia.”

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