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Vladimer Gabaraev: “Even If We Owe Blood to Each Other, Ossetian and Georgian Peoples Should Find Common Language”
Three-day visit of Human Rights Commissioner of the CoE Thomas Hammarberg in Georgia finished short time ago. However, the Commissioner left two international experts Bruise Richard Peg (from Australia) and Nikolas Sebire (from France) in Tskhinvali. They study the case of missing Ossetian people and are still in Tskhinvali.

Why is the case of Khatuna Charaeva “Griffith Secret”?
On March 16 second closed trial on Khatuna Charaeva will be held in Tbilisi City Court. According to her attorney Gagi Mosiashvili from Georgian Young Lawyers Association, the case of Charaeva is declared to be Griffith Secret. Correspondingly, he has no right to inform us about case details. According to the Akhalgori residents, Georgian judiciary system is partial in regard with Charaeva, because in fact she is not a criminal but a victim of persecution on ethnic grounds. Akhalgori de-facto district administration also confirms this. As district deputy head Aleksandre Baratashvili told us, he is responsible for the honesty of Charaeva.

One More Appeal Against Georgia in Strasbourg
State prosecutor declared Omar Makharadze from Batumi to be an ally of sought rebel Emzar Kvitsiani based on assumption. Later, based on the verdict of Gali and Gulripshi district court property of Makharadze, evaluated for one million GEL, was seized because his cooperation with Kvitsiani. Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs use his three-storied hotel and three cottages in Gonia now. Omar Makharadze has not put up with the seizure of the property and intends to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to protect his rights.

House of Juvenile Accused Was Burnt
The incident happened in the village of Kardenakhi in Gurjaani district. On March 2, late at night, unidentified people set Elisashvili’s house on fire and the second floor of the house burnt down. Nobody was injured in the family. Criminal case was launched on the fact and Gurjaani district police is investigating the incident.

Reconciliation with Abkhaz and Ossetian People; Or When Time Cannot Cure
2010 has started and one more year separates us from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. If it continues like that, in 20-25 years, those Abkhaz and Georgian people, who still remember that once Abkhazia was part of Georgia, will be over 50. For that time, nobody will care who will recognize their independence and who will not. Everybody will put up with reality.

Giorgi Baramia: “We Call Upon You, Abkhaz People, Lets Us Stand Up Against Common Enemy Together”
On March 3, chairperson of Abkhazian legitimate authority Giorgi Baramia appealed to Georgian citizens from historical land of Levil in France. We publish the text of his appeal:

Erik Dudaev: “Just Imagine, They Have Killed My Father, Raped My Sister … I Will Never Forgive It to Them”
Experts working on South Ossetian conflict view Marek (Nodar) Dudaev as a tragic person rather than a criminal. Marek was 13 years old when he witnessed murder of his father, raping of his sister and burning of his mother. Georgian conflict scientists state Marek Dudaev turned into a criminal because of the tragedy. On November 25, 2005 Marek Dudaev, resident of the village of Artsevi in Tskhinvali district, was sentenced to 23-year-imprisonment for murder, extortion and robbery by Tbilisi City Court. His brother Erik Dudaev is also sought. He is member of de-facto parliament of South Ossetia. Humanrights.ge managed to interview him.

Graduates VS Shida Kartli Regional Military Police
Graduates of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia are refused to get employed at military police. Former soldiers Taraskin, Korinteli, Tedliashvili, Javakhishvili, Guliashvili, Kandorelashvili, Giunashvili, Tsitsagi and Nakashashvili reported the Gori office of the Human Rights Center about it.
“Teachers Are Flock, Government Pastures Us Wherever They Want”
Last week in Kutaisi, the National Center of Examinations organized a dress-rehearsal of certificate exams for teachers. Teachers stated they had tested themselves at the rehearsal. However, they added they are not going to take the certificate exams scheduled in July; their decision is final and has one reason.
Our Sweet Phobias
“Stand Up, Malkhaz, Abkhaz Has Come!”

Don’t Think I am joking!

These stupid words are from the songs written for Georgian soldiers. To tell the truth, I have not listened to this song; my friend told me several years ago that our soldiers sing this song when marching. For a long time I thought it was a joke and could not believe it before I saw the quotation of Adolf Hitler in one of the advertising rolls on TV-Company “Sakartvelo” funded by the Defense Ministry of Georgia.
Opposition Parties Discuss Fate of Saakashvili – Death Penalty or Hang Up?
On February 26, representatives of opposition parties had meeting in Saguramo holiday house of Bidzina Gegidze; part of society assessed the meeting as Last Supper. Koba Davitashvili, Irakli Alasania, Bidzina Gegidze, Kakha Kukava, Zurab Noghaideli, Erosi Kitsmarishvili, Aleko Shalamberidze, Levan Gachechiladze and other representatives of opposition parties attended the meeting.
Prosecutor’s Office Failed to Consider Several Circumstances
Avtandil Darsavelidze was sent to prison for 4 years and Elguja Gabadadze for 3 years and 6 months; Tengiz Darakhvelidze will spend 2 years in prison – this verdict was passed on the explosion of Memorial to Victory by Kutaisi City Court. Besides that, each of them were fined with 5 000 GEL. The verdict shall be appealed at Appeal Court – decided the attorneys of the convicted.

List of Ossetian Citizens Captured by Georgian Security Service as Tskhinvali Regime Claims
Online edition www.sandidzan.eu of Ossetian Diaspora on Europe published the list of those Ossetian citizens who are captured by Georgian said as Tskhinvali regime claims; their fate is still unclear. The detention of these 39 people is often discussed at Geneva Negotiations. Georgian law enforcement bodies deny the existence of these people in Georgian prisons. However, part of them is convicted for various crimes; though they do not publish their names.

Attacks on the Press 2009: Georgia
International organization Committee for the Protection of Journalists published a report on media situation in Georgia. It describes the situation in Georgian TV-Companies. More precisely, the report states that TV-Company Rustavi 2, which used to be the flagship of the democratic movements in Georgia, has turned into the government-controlled station since the end of 2009; consequently, they stopped to broadcast events impartially. International organization discussed the dispersal of Imedi-TV and reinforcement of government’s control on it in its report. The report also discusses various obstacles created for independent TV-Company “Maestro” which faced problems for their different position. Humanrights.ge publishes the part of the report which discusses the situation in Georgia.

Human Rights Defenders in Defense of Human Rights Defenders!
On February 26, human rights organizations in Georgia gave a pres-conference in the Public Defender’s Office and protested the launched smear campaign against them. Regional Manager of the Norwegian Human Rights House Anne Bonde also attended the press-conference; her assessments of the situation were particularly interesting for Georgian media. Anne Bonde also represents South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders.

History of 38 Expropriated Families
Properties of 38 families living in Adlia settlement were expropriated. The government intends to build additional road to Batumi Airport in this area. The population is not going to give in because Batumi City Hall promised only 67 GEL for one square meter of their land that is very small sum, as locals claim. Batumi City Hall states the offer is very profitable for them.

“State Is Funded from Committed Crimes” – Influential Organization Exposed Georgian Faulty Practice
Influential organization Transparency International – Georgia published a special report on the system of plea-bargain working in Georgia. The report describes the work of the plea bargain system in Georgia and how it influences the protection of the right to fair trial.

Why Is Attorney Sent to Prison for Eight Years
Investigation accused lawyer from Gori Marina Chitadze in extorting money from client and oppression on victims in order to change the testimony. The lawyer is sentenced to 8-year-imprisonment. Here is the story which changed the fate of Marina Chitadze.

Protest Rallies for the Release of Ossetian Hostages in Europe
Foreigners are also concerned about the fate of Ossetian hostages in Georgian detention settings. German political party Die Linke is particularly interested in this problem.

“Let’s Exchange Wallets, Brother”, or Who Fills in the Purse of Real.TV
“Let’s exchange our wallets, my brother,” journalist of the TV-Company “Real-TV” Giorgi Kapanadze offered journalist Aleko Elisashvili in the program of Natia Gamtsemlidze “Profession Journalist” on Maestro-TV. The program was transmitted on February 11. But on February 12, after hard effort we got hold of the document which proved that one of the sources for the budget of Real.TV is Shida Kartli region governor Lado Vardzelashvili.

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