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Central Heating Is On but Classrooms Are Still Cold
Central heating is an unresolved problem in public schools in the Akhaltsikhe District. School directors say that the system has been repaired but children still collect money to buy firewood for heating. Representatives of the resource center suppose that an increase in vouchers will resolve the problems after December.
Oppositionist MP Was Physically Assaulted
Last night Merab Khurtsidze, a member of the Parliamentary fraction “Our Georgia”, was attacked by five strangers and they beat him. The MP said in his conversation with Medianews that the young men of about 30-35-years-old were waiting for him in front of his house when he got home by his car. He also added that he could not recognize any of the attackers. The attackers were not armed.
Workers from Sighnaghi Demand their Wages
Nearly three hundred people who were hired for the restoration of Sighnaghi demand their wages. They have been gathering in front of the district administrative building everyday this month and demand their wages. Construction company “New City” paid their one-month wages after the people appealed to journalists for help. Another construction company, “Tbilisi”, has not paid them yet
Rubbish and Transport-Main Problems for Gori District
“Long holidays” of the government and the non-governmental organizations have ended.

On November 21 the meeting between the Gori Municipality board and the non-governmental organizations was the end of the “long holiday” which those two sides had taken. Governor Zaza Chochishvili said that he would finish the split between the Administrative Board and civil society which has existed since 2004.

Firewood is Inaccessible for People Living near the Forest
Three months ago it started to become cold in Abastumani, a resort town. The population remained without firewood all this time. They have to collect the firewood in the snow. The reason for this is that the assigned amounts of firewood for each family can only be found in remote places. In addition the distribution of vouchers for firewood was late this year.
Police Revenges the Leaders of Youth Movement
Dachi Tsaguria, leader of the “Youth Front” was accused for parking a car in a wrong place during the demonstration on November 25. 

On November 25 the peaceful demonstration organized by the United Opposition in the area of Rike in Tbilisi center did not finish peacefully for every demonstrator. Twenty-five-year-old Dachi Tsaguria was pushed into a police car. His car was taken to an impound lot and the young man was tested on drugs. Dachi Tsaguria is grateful to the representatives of the Public Defender’s office who supported him to rescue the grave punishment. Tsaguria considers that unless those people had involved his case, the events would have had more dramatic ending.

Don’t Hit Me, I Am on Your Side
Excuse me, has your TV set not been seized? Or maybe your telephone is being wiretapped? And do you remember November 7? So, you are brave enough to also not be afraid. Several days ago stickers and badges appeared in the city with the following texts - “imprisoned”, “Don’t hit me”, “I remember November 7”, “Do not listen to me.” The initiators of the sticker idea intend to reprint them.

How Georgian Beacon of Democracy Was Put Out
Rough violation of human rights became an unresolved problem for Georgia. Public Defender stated the events developed in November finally destroyed the myth about Georgian democracy among the international community. The Human Rights Centre represents the interview with the Public Defender Sozar Subari.

Abkhazian Army Continues Compulsory Recruitment of Georgian Men
Why do Abkhazians Need Unarmed Georgians?!

In the past two years, Georgian men have frequently been recruited by the Abkhazian army. Despite their resistance, Georgian men are sent to Ochamchire and Sokhumi military units. Nowadays, 52 men are serving in the armed forces of de facto government. In spring these men were forced by Abkhazian combatants to leave their villages situated in the lower Gali region.

Shida Kartli Regional Prosecutor Violates Human Rights
Kakha Muradashvili was appointed to the position of regional prosecutor after having taken internship courses at the Gori Prosecutor’s Office. Non-governmental organizations, journalists and lawyers claim that Muradashvili is the “protector” who most grossly violates human rights in the region. Muradashvili plays some role in all important cases that come through the Gori Prosecutor’s Office. Muradashvili is responsible for cases involving mentally disabled people, the elderly, single mothers and detainees arrested for minor hooliganism. The Gori District Court generally satisfies Muradashvili’s demands immediately.

Ingilos from Dedoflistskaro will Boycot Presidential Elections
The Ingilos are a Georgian ethnic group, historically called the Herr, living in Saingilo, which is historically Georgian territory, but currently the border region of Azerbaijan. Recently the Ingilos, or the Herr, started to move to their relatives in Georgia and now live in villages close to the border with Azerbaijan in the village of Samtatskaro in the Dedoflistskaro disctrict, plan to boycot the presidential elections. The Herr stated that the reason for their boycott was the linking bridge between Georgian and Azerbaijan which was blocked on December 31, 2005 under a governmental order. The Herr from Samtatskaro have not been able to contact their relatives in Saingilo. Residents of neighboring villages might join their protest because of poor social conditions. 

“Minor Hooliganism” in Batumi
“The Police excuse themselves, saying they had nothing to do with it or that they had received orders from higher powers.”
Several incidents at Batumi State University on November 8th have led to the Batumi Civil Court discussing six cases of “minor hooliganism.” The Human Rights Center investigates.
African Pig Fever Reigns in Zugdidi District
Dozens of pigs in the village of Akhalsofeli in the Zugdidi District have died from African fever, also known as Montgomery’s Disease, in the past five days. Locals are trying to fight against the disease with their own resources. They dig graves near the forest and bury the diseased pigs there. The total damage amount is large and methods of fighting against the virus are minimal. The government’s solution to the problem is to kill all healthy and diseased domestic animals. The population, however, does not appreciate the idea of killing the animals, but recognize that the danger is gradually increasing. As of June 27th, 2007, 2,847 pigs had died in Zugdidi district and 9,461 pigs had died in the whole of the Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti region.
US Civil Society Groups Criticize Georgian Government
USA based non-governmental organizations, the boards of journalism associations and media outlets condemn the riot police attack on the Georgian TV station Imedi. The attack in question forced journalists from the Imedi building under threat of physical assault, destroyed broadcasting equipment and suppressed employees of the TV station. These NGOs call the actions of Georgian law enforcement vandalism and call upon both the Georgian and American governments and international organizations to make all necessary efforts to get Imedi TV back on air.

Kutaisi Is Under Construction
In six months Kutaisi will be a “European” city, a promise that excites only the government. Several days ago, the central area of the city was blocked by the Georgian President’s stage and podium-delivered from Sighnaghi- where President Saakashvili made promises to local people. The concert finished and the residents of Kutaisi faced a new problem.
Azerbaijani Government Evicted Georgian Priest Serving In Saingilo
Georgian Orthodox parishioners in Saingilo (a region in Azerbaijan close to the Georgian border mostly inhabited by Georgians) have not been allowed to enter St. George’s Church of Kurmukhi for eight months. The door of St. George’s was nailed shut under the order of Kakhi region authorities in Azerbaijan. According to the locals, they key to the church was even taken from the Georgian priest. The international press this incident received press has been followed up by the Azerbaijani government expelling Father Gabriel Jambazishvili from the country and placing the Orthodox Ingilos under police control.

A Minimum of Ten Years Before Georgian Joins European Union
“We underwent a similar situation 10-12 years ago…The events you are telling about now occurred in our country when “Solidarnichi” was reigning in Poland and when the Soviet Union collapsed. The current events in Georgia have surprised us seeing that our country has been in a similar situation before, ,” said polish journalists in Warsaw when journalists from the Georgian regions attended a one-week training in Poland.

Members of the “Egalitarian Institute” Are Not Going to Surrender
Jaba Jishkariani, a member of the “Egalitarian Institute”: “The representatives of our regional offices are threatened with physical assault. On November 8, Gocha Badzgaradze, the head of our Kutaisi office was kidnapped from the entrance of his own house; and on November 9, the house of Ilia Chachibaia, the head of the Zugdidi Office, was raided. After that, the members of the National Movement (Georgia’s leading party) called him several times and threatened him with physical assault. On November 8, Levan Gogichaishvili, a member of the Egalitarian Institute was called from number 895 603543 all day long and threatened with physical assault as well. In addition, I have been called from private telephone numbers the past few days and they threaten me with death.”

Former Law Enforcers is Detained for Drug Addiction
On November 4, Malkhaz Zhuzhunadze, the chairman of Akhaltsikhe Election District # 37 was detained in his own house based on the investigative information of the Akhaltsikhe District Police Department. He was accused of illegal possession of drugs. Nugzar Samarjishvili, the attorney of the detainee, stated that his client will not plead guilty and claims that the drug substance did not belong to him and he had never dealt with narcotics in his life.

Expectation for Orion-Disabled Children Need Attention
Tsereteli Street 2, in Zestafoni-it is a present address of the day-center for disabled children. You will never imagine what these children can do in these two rooms; it is almost incredible. As soon as you enter the room, the disability of those little people disappears and they consider themselves plenipotentiary members of the society. They are not treated here like disabled people.

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