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Statement of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders about “Accused Victims”
 Human Rights NGOs undersigned below express their concern regarding the recent judgment of the Tbilisi City Court sentencing 6 youngsters to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for hooliganism, the fact of which has not been established by reliable evidence, and despite a number of elevating circumstances present in the case. This comes as a particularly harsh sentence in comparison with a pattern of sentences applied e.g., against law enforcement officials who were found guilty of causing deprivation of citizens’ lives.  Just to compare: for the murder of Buta Robakidze, 19, the police officer was sentenced to a 4-year-imprisonment (in 2006) and the murderers of Girgvliani, 27, did not even spend the 4 years in prison, being pardoned by the President (in 2009).
Eco-Migrants Urge for Help
 According to the Caucasian Environmental NGO Network, the number of eco-migrants in Georgia is between 100 thousand and 120 thousand people. According to the official statistics, in 2004-2010 the state resettled only 838 families. The ministry of IDPs from the occupied territories, accommodation and refugees of Georgia periodically reports that the eco-migrants, resettled in various regions of Georgia, live in normal conditions. In fact, the situation is radically different.

IDP in the Burning Center Fights Death
The health state of IDP Nana Pipia treated in the Burning Center is still very heavy. Doctors are anticipating future worsening. On October 27th, Nana Pipia poured petrol and set herself on fire in front of the Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees, and was inflicted with third A and third B quality thermal burnings.

Status and Compensation – Permanent Problems for the Families of the Missing People
Although there are 907 missing people in Georgia, the national legislation does not have effective measures to regulate this problem. Georgia has not joined the 2006 UN Convention about Missing People. One more problem is the victim status for the family members of the missing people as well as estimation of compensation for them.

The Premiere of HRIDC.TV’s New Movie “The Missing People” in the Cinema House
 “The Missing People” is a new documentary of Human Rights Center video portal HRIDC.TV the premiere of which took place in the Cinema House on October 9th. Giorgi Janelidze’s movie covers the problems of investigation for finding people lost during the war in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region.
Please Do Not Leave Our Children Hungry! – Street Traders Held Demonstration in Reply to the Decision of the City Council
On November 3, street traders held protest demonstration in Rustavi. They protested the decision of the City Council to ban street trading near the territory of the so-called Istanbul in 12th micro-district of Rustavi.
“How My Daughter Turned Up in Malaysia With Two Bags of Drugs!” The Mother of Babutsa Gordadze Wonders
The death penalty might be imposed on two Georgian women for spreading drugs in Malaysia. The possible main suspect in this crime disappeared after  Malaysian law enforcement bodies suspected him. The suspect, who took the two Georgian women to Turkey to work in a Jeans Shop, has yet to be found.
Demonstration In Support of Political Prisoners in Front of Parliament
On October 30 – the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners – the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) organized a protest demonstration in front of the parliament of Georgia. The human rights defenders, family members of political prisoners and politicians joined the demonstration. Their main request was the immediate release of political prisoners who serve their terms in the detention settings of Georgia. They expressed solidarity with the political prisoners and spoke about the difficult situation in this field in Georgia.

Retrieve of Mghebrishvili – “Have You Already Paid Communal Bills?!”
Tbilisi residents will have a new problem in the near future. If they are late to pay at least one communal bill, the electricity supply will be cut off. For example, if you accumulate arrears on a water bill, “Telasi” (Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company) will express solidarity with the Tbilisi Water Company and leave you in darkness.

Arrests of Businessmen and Violation of Property Rights Tarnish Georgia’s Image
 Georgia’s business environment is analyzed by numerous international or local organizations every year. Georgia’s business environment achieved 11th place in World Bank’s Doing Business 2010 Survey when it held 18th place in 2008. But despite these developments, some experts note several negative tendencies in the area of business development.
Government VS Batumi Based Family of Galogres
 Batumi residents connect the detention of Ruslan Galogre with the wish of the government to seize the hotel from the family of Galogres. Ruslan’s brother – former head of Georgia-Turkey custom house, late Oleg Galogre – built the hotel during Aslan Abashidze’s governance in Adjara.
Total State Control of Money Transfers from Abroad
Money transfers in Georgia soon might give rise to acts of terrorisms. To avoid the acts of terrorism in the country, deputy Tortladze requests universal and daily control of transfers which exceed ten thousand GEL. This initiative is questioned not only by the experts and opposition but the majority party members themselves.
“Fir-tree” in the Thick Forest of Bureaucracy
Problem that we are writing about is created by a fir-tree situated in approximately 4 meters from the building of compact settlement of IDPs. In reality it is a cedar, but we call it a fir-tree since this is how it is known for IDPs and for public figures connected to the tree with tricks of bureaucracy.

Renovated Houses of IDPs Get Waterlogged
 “I know when my name is published in media, they will ask – has not this man died yet? They will ask it because I have been complaining about the problem and have been urging for help since we settled in this building. The problems, which my neighbors discussed with you, are not new for me. The situation has worsened since August of 2009 and you can see our living conditions yourself,” an IDP from Abkhazia Vazha Moniava started his interview with the Human Rights Center with these words.
Khoni-Martvili Bridge Blocked after Flood
Several days ago, heavy rain flooded about ten families in the village of Matkhoji in Khoni district. The plots were flooded on the river bank too. Although the population had already harvested everything, the flooded River Tskhenistskali took away 20 meters of the land; flooded central road and cars could not move for several hours.
Everything Upside-Down!
 Man with automatic gun is “victim”, socially disabled – “businessman”, patrol-investigator “settles the problem.”

Khoni district court has been discussing the criminal case with nine accused people for several months. They are blamed in following criminal traditions, storage of weapon, and extortion money from businessman, hooliganism and purchase-possession of narcotic substance. Khoni district police carried out special operation to detain them based on the secret phone-calls.
Tax Fines Are Met With Protest by the Dealers
“This is a raid and nothing more. The Tax inspection issues fine with no excuse. It has become a rule of government. Instead of helping, they are raiding us. Every morning starts with these kinds of surprises in our country. This time we were imposed fine and nobody tells us why. They are killing us slowly, by cutting the breathe supplies,” – dealers of trade center “Gvirabi” (Tunnel) are protesting against the fines imposed on them by tax inspection.
Students in Abnormal Conditions!
Board in 56 cm from the bench; the steps strengthened by wooden pillars that can fall down any time; broken floor; water leaking from the roof; walls cracking from dampness; cold rooms because of damaged windows; more than 250 students live in such conditions in the public schools of the villages Melaani of Gurjaani region and village Erisimedi of Signagi region.
Where Are Soldiers of Reserve Army Taken? Ani Goderdzishvili, presa.ge The ministry of defense does not have program for the training of reserve arm
The ministry of defense does not have program for the training of reserve army and the National Guardia does not have commander. Despite that, the ministry of defense with Bacho Akhalaia as a minister started call up for the reserve army. The reservists took corresponding medical examination in Vaziani military base. However, the reservists said that only small part of soldiers took medical examination.
Negligence of Public Officials Made IDP to Attempt Suicide
On October 27, IDP from Abkhazia Nana Pipia tried to burn herself by petrol in front of the ministry of the IDPs from the occupied territories, accommodation and refugees of Georgia. At the moment she is in the national center for burnt diseases and the doctors cannot make any prognosis about the development of her health conditions in future. More than 30 percent of her body was burnt and medically it is singe of the second and third degree.
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
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