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Competition for Public Servants Postponed in All Four Municipalities of Shida Kartli Region
Competition for public servants in the administrations and municipal boards of Khashuri, Kareli, Gori and Kaspi districts was postponed due to amendments introduced to the Law of Georgia on Public Service by the Parliament of Georgia. Representatives of the local government claim after the Parliament passes the new code on local self-governance and local self-governmental elections are held, the competition commission will renew its activities.
Over Half Million Lari Spent on Bonuses from Gori District Budget
In December, 2013 Gori district administration and municipal board paid two bonuses to their employees. First, the employees received bonuses (half amount of their salaries) on December 10, and then on December 23 they received bonuses (full amount of monthly salaries). 327 540 lari was spent from the district budget on the bonuses in December, 2013.
Parliament Adopts Bipartisan Statement on Ukraine
Parliament adopted unanimously with 118 votes a statement expressing “extreme concern” over developments in Ukraine and saying that Russia will not be able to force either Georgia or Ukraine to reject their European choice.
Georgian President Concerned Over Abkhaz 'Border Zone' Expansion
Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili said on January 22 that expansion of ‘border zone’ 11 kilometers deeper into the breakaway Abkhazia ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is not just “a technical move”.
New Chief Prosecutor Appointed
PM Irakli Garibashvili appointed on January 21 Giorgi Badashvili as new chief prosecutor.
Usupashvili's Blunt Warning over NATO MAP
Refusal to grant Georgia a membership action plan (MAP) at NATO summit in Wales in early September will "ruin and undermine" political stability in the country, Georgia's parliament speaker, Davit Usupashvili, has warned.
GNERC to Move from Kutaisi Back to Tbilisi
Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission [GNERC] will move to Tbilisi. Representatives of the central government announced about it several days ago. GNERC, which was moved to Kutaisi in 2008 by the government for decentralization purposes, will return back to the capital.
More Than 112 Million Lari to Spend on Infrastructure Projects in Kakheti in 2014
On January 20, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Davit Narmania held meetings with Kakheti regional governor Irakli Shiolashvili, district governors and chairman of municipal boards. He spoke with about infrastructural projects, which the Ministry intends to implement in 2014 in Kakheti. He spoke about rehabilitation of motorways, water-supply systems; about the issues related with the management of hard plural remains and other infrastructural projects.
Strange Single-Seat MPs
Parlaimentary monitoring website “Chemiparliamenti.ge” published report on the activities of single-seat MPs. According to the provided data, MPs Marika Verulashvili, Zaza Kedelashvili and Giorgi Gviniashvili from Kakheti region are among least active MPs.
Garibashvili: “Investigation into Lapankuri Case Almost Finished”
Georgian Prime-Minister Irakli Garibashvili said investigation into Lapankuri case has practically finished. PM made the statement during his meeting with the representatives of Georgian and international media organizations. 
Building of Parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi Might Be Assigned to Kutaisi
According to the Constitution of Georgia, Parliament is located in Kutaisi. However, government has been openly speaking about return to Tbilisi from the very first day the new building was exploited. In parallel to it, the parliament building in Tbilisi is actively renovated-equipped that directly demonstrates that government’s desire to return Parliament back to the capital will be soon realized. 
Boli Community Attorney Arrested Under Bribe Charge
Today everybody is speaking about the arrest of Robinzon Gvritishvili, attorney of Boli Community (unifies 13 villages) in Akhalgori district. He was arrested for the alleged bribery. Some locals have list of families, who were victimized during August 2008 Armed Conflict.
Dilemma of Traders at Gori Agriculture Market
Traders of Gori agriculture market have been protesting removal of the market for three days already. Representatives of the local government meet the initiative group of traders every day to find out the situation and resolve problem. After January 16 meeting, traders tried to block Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze central motorway; they walked towards the motorway from Gori administrative building.
Population of Didi Dmanisi VS Gold Extracting Company
Many people complain about Gold Extracting Company RMG GOLD now. Active youth, archeologists and defenders of culture heritage opposed the company for having damaged the deposit for mining the gold in the area. However, residents of the village nearby the gold mine have different complaints with the company.
Human Rights Center presented report on the Monitoring Trials of Former Government Officials

On January 14 Human Rights Centre presented the results of the monitoring trials of former state officials. 
With financial support of NED, from 15 January, 2013 to 15 December, Human Rights Center monitored trial hearings of former state officials in Tbilisi City Court. 
Inter-Fraction Group Discusses Administrative Lawsuit against District Governor
Inter-fraction group established at the Sagarejo municipal board discussed administrative lawsuit filed against district governor Giorgi Loladze. The lawsuit was lodged by the fractions Support Bidzina Ivanishvili and Democrats. The group will either satisfy or decline the lawsuit in a few days.
Competition Commission at the Kutaisi City Hall Dismissed – Competition Results Annulled
Representatives of local nongovernmental organizations, participants of the test competition at the Kutaisi City Hall have been requesting resignation of the chairman of the Kutaisi City Council for two days already. They claim, Tamaz Margvelashvili, who is chairman of the competition commission, does not obey the law and acts selfishly. 
New Charges Filed Against Akhalaia
Additional criminal charges have been filed against former defense minister and ex-head of prison system Bacho Akhalaia, who is in pre-trial detention since November 2012.
Additional Torture Charges Filed Against Former Interior Ministry Official
Criminal charges involving torturing a man to death to force him to confess in terrorism in 2011 were filed against former interior ministry official, Megis Kardava, who is wanted by the police in connection to number of other criminal charges.
Gori District Administration Does not Have Statistics on Homeless People
Lonely Tinatin Elikauri is homeless people and spent nights with her relatives. Her house collapsed several years ago. Elikauri said sometimes she had to sleep in the yard of library. She has petitioned to the Gori district administration with the request of alternative accommodation several times.
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How do you evaluate detention of former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava?
-He was arrested for real crime in accordance to the procedural norms -He was arrested for real crime but through violation of procedural norms -He was arrested based on unreal charge for political motives -I cannot answer


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