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New Charges Filed Against Akhalaia
Additional criminal charges have been filed against former defense minister and ex-head of prison system Bacho Akhalaia, who is in pre-trial detention since November 2012.
Additional Torture Charges Filed Against Former Interior Ministry Official
Criminal charges involving torturing a man to death to force him to confess in terrorism in 2011 were filed against former interior ministry official, Megis Kardava, who is wanted by the police in connection to number of other criminal charges.
Gori District Administration Does not Have Statistics on Homeless People
Lonely Tinatin Elikauri is homeless people and spent nights with her relatives. Her house collapsed several years ago. Elikauri said sometimes she had to sleep in the yard of library. She has petitioned to the Gori district administration with the request of alternative accommodation several times.
What to Be Changed in Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian Relations Besides the Name of State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality
Formerly, State Ministry for Reintegration Issues changed its name. Now its name is State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality with Paata Zakareishvili as state minister. Tskhinvali de-facto government has already made initial assessments about the changes. They are not going to review relations with Georgia until Georgia recognizes their independence. 
Human Rights Center’s Report on the Monitoring Trials of Former Government Officials
On January 14, Human Rights Center presented the Report on the Monitoring Trials of Former Government Officials.
Head of Service for the Relation with Nongovernmental Organizations at Telavi District Administration Sent to Prison
Giorgi Machavariani, head of service for the relation with international foundations and nongovernmental organizations at the Telavi district administration, was arrested for drug-abuse. Court discussed his case and imposed imprisonment as preventive measure.
Turmoil about Christmas Epistle
On January 8, representatives of civil society protested in front of the Patriarchate. Protest assemblies of both supporters and opponents of the Patriarch’s Christmas Epistle turned into physical clash and patrol police arrested four persons as a result.
Event Organized on Behalf of Patriarchate Resulted in Scandal
Folk Fest “Croon of Lanchkhuti Residents” was organized in the youth center of the St. Trinity Cathedral on behalf of the Georgian Patriarchate. This fest caused scandal in Lanchkhuti.

People with Disabilities Complain about Law Quality Wheelchairs
People with disabilities complain about the quality of wheelchairs. Representatives of Healthcare Ministry of Adjara Autonomous Republic state the company, which requested least funds for the import of wheelchairs, won the tender. 
Re-Registration of IDPs Finished
Process of IDP registration finished. With the initiative of the Ministry for IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees, the repeated registration of internally displaced people was carried out from August 1 to December 27, 2013. The registration was conducted in all regions of Georgia by 12 registration commissions of the Ministry.
Bureaus of Single-Seat [majoritarian] MPs from Adjara Autonomous Republic Do Not Identify Local Needs
“Transparency International – Georgia” published a report on the Evaluation of the work of single-seat MP's bureaus in Adjara. Two of total 6 bureaus of single-seat MPs in Adjara – Kedi and Shuakhevi districts did not provide the nongovernmental organization with the public information. The survey showed that majority of bureaus does not identify local needs at all.
Before New Year More Than Half Million Lari Was Allocated for Bonuses in Five Districts of Kakheti Region
566 740 lari was spent on the bonuses of public servants of municipal boards and district administration in all five municipalities of Kakheti region. According to the municipal boards, employees of Gurjaani district self-governmental bodies received the most bonuses – 180 000 lari. 134 330 lari was spent in Sagarejo district, 89 410 lari in Dedoplistskaro, 63 000 lari in Telavi, more than 100 000 lari in Akhmeta district.
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How do you evaluate detention of former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava?
-He was arrested for real crime in accordance to the procedural norms -He was arrested for real crime but through violation of procedural norms -He was arrested based on unreal charge for political motives -I cannot answer


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