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Kokoiti’s Elections Were Controlled by Deputies from Russian Duma
The only organization which was registered as an observer during the elections in the South Ossetian territory was Joint Civil Movement ‘Multinational Georgia’. It was registered by Tskhinvali electoral commission. Representatives of the organization had right to arrive at every polling station. The head of the group was Arina Tavakarashvili, Chairwoman of the ‘Multinational Georgia’s Shida Kartli office. She represented the only Georgian organization that was allowed to visit electoral districts and observe situation.
Human Trafficking Became More Active
Traffickers use Azerbaijan and Georgia as principal transit countries for their activities. However, residents from these countries become the victims quite frequently. Statistics for 2005 stated the following: 231 trafficked girls, 58 apprehended traffickers and 14 organized trafficking groups.
Landless Peasants Oppose 'British Petroleum'
The argument between the village of Naokhrebi and the Pipeline Company of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyan has not been resolved for three years now. During this time, peasants who live in poor conditions have received neither money nor their crops from the land.
Society Criticizes Former Kakheti Region Governor
Last week, changes in personnel resulted into assigning former Governor of Kakheti, Petre Tsiskarishvili, to the position of the Minister of Agriculture. At the briefing, President Saakashvili praised his two-year activities "in one of most problematic regions". Representatives of non-governmental organizations and independent mass media in Kakheti do not agree with the president.
TV Company 'Trialeti' Canceled News Broadcasting
Shida Kartli TV-Radio Company "Trialeti' cancelled News broadcasting. News program 'Anarekli' has given up functioning since Friday. Nino Chibchiuri, the interim head of the News-Room stated on live that 'Anarekli' has stopped working for uncertain period of time.
Drug Sellers Will Have Their Property Seized and Will Never Be Employed
Georgian Parliament is starting an intensive fight against drug sellers. Several laws will be amended. According to the amendments, drug sellers' property would be confiscated, fines on the offenders will be increased, and abettors of drug sales will be severely punished. A person punished for the crime would be prohibited from working for some time. Besides that, drug sellers will not be allowed to carry a gun for the next ten years.
Homeless Family Cannot Find Justice
Elene Lezhava applied to 'Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre' in Gori. She was housed in the former Drug Addiction Centre in Kombinati District. According to Ms. Elene, she and her bed-ridden mother were evicted from their house and have not been able to have their case heard since then.
Lawyers Blame Judges for Human Rights Violations
Lawyers from Kakheti and non-governmental organizations speak about faulty court reform. According to them, the reform turned judges into notaries working for the prosecutor's office. Furthermore, the whole system is in chaos, and there are many problems.
Drug Supplies Run Out in Georgia
The Russian embargo has affected the drug supply in Georgia. Although the deficiency is not yet critical, some drugs have begun to disappear from pharmacies. According to pharmacists, if European drug companies do not begin supplying medicines to replace Russian ones, there will soon be a critical shortage. There is already a shortage in the number of rabies vaccines.
Juvenile Prisoners Are Tortured in Zugdidi
The fact of violence took place in Zugdidi Jail #4, where only juvenile prisoners serve their time. The fact took place in the cell #18. More precisely, from October 26 to November 4 certain prisoners were torturing two detainees - Aleksandre Kovalchuk and Davit Zarandia in the aforementioned cell.
Elderly Woman Sacked with 8,000 Dollar Judgment
Zhermen Begiashvili is a seventy-seven-year-old woman who lives at 5 Akhmeteli Street in Batumi. In 2003, she bequeathed her flat to Medea Beridze's son. However, Begiashvili later changed her will. Beridze took Begiashvili to court and demanded that she reimburse him for eight thousand dollars in expenses.
Tragic History of a Large Family
Meri Markoidze passed away at the pregnancy of the ninth child. She could not feed her child and decided to get rid of him through drinking iodine. Seven children, who remained under father's care, live in incredible situation. Children do not have proper meal and they cannot receive education either.
Flood in Zugdidi District
On 2 November, incessant rain resulted into the rise of River Enguri. In the villages of Khurcha, Shamgona, Ganmukhuri the water reached critical level and flooded the river-bed. It flooded plots, cornfields and nut-groves of local people. Mostly damaged are the people from the village of Ganmukhuri.
Six Georgian Victims of Trafficking in Turkey
Six hundred sixty six trafficked victims have been discovered in Turkey for the last three years. They are mostly from former soviet countries. Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian girls take first three places in the list. According to 2006 data, Georgians are on the seventh place.
Judge Sentenced Luka Ramazashvili to Eight-Years Imprisonment
On October 26, Judge Leila Otarashvili at Telavi District Court sentenced Luka Ramazashvili to eight years in prison. The defendant is one of the founders of the 'Kazbegi' Company and head of the Kakheti branch of the 'Mretsvelebi' political party.
Fees Are Fixed for Bar Exams
Those lawyers who want to be attorneys should pay 50 lari to take bar exams. It had been free up to present. Having passed exams, attorneys should pay 200GEL to Bar Association a year. The first stage of the exams was passed by 40% only and it caused increase in 30% of legal service price.
Most Impoverished People in Zugdidi Can Not Receive Allowances
3 000 impoverished families out of total 13 500 received allowances within the State Poverty Reduction Program. Sixty-nine year-old lonely woman, Bedisha Kikaleishvili is among them who were left without aid.
Victim Blames Prosecutor for Persecuting Her on Ethnic Grounds
Ms. Leila Djabishvili, living in the village of Argoh, Akhmeta District, blames Kakheti Region Deputy Prosecutor Mr. Vazha Maghradze for prolonging the criminal investigation. It was launched into the rape of her under-age daughter, Eliso Djabishvili. She states that Prosecutor oppresses her on ethnic grounds and because of that she urges Human Rights Defenders and the Government for help.
Law Enforcers Breaking Law
Tamaz Beridze and Durmishkhan Inasaridze are serving two months pre-trial imprisonment for burglary. They were charged on the basis of a testimony made by illiterate witness.
Mother Appealed against Her Fifteen-Year-Old Adopted Daughter
Mother blamed her Fifteen-year-old adopted daughter Tamar Faghava for having stolen family things and jewelry. Investigator applied to Gori District Court with the demand of detention of the juvenile. His mediation was 'immediately satisfied' and the girl was sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention.
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