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Densely Populated IDPs Demand (Drinking) Water and Firewood from the Government
Approximately 70 IDP families from the village Zedaetseri in the Zugdidi region, Village Zedaetseri demand drinking water and firewood. The IDPs started the preparation process for winter 2 months before winter begins, but they still do not have any hope of receiving help. The IDPs from Abkhazia first requested local and IDP governments to satisfy their needs with regard to their living conditions first and then asked the Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement. Their social demands are still unsatisfied.

What Makes More Frequent the Facts of Murder in Armed forces
What makes more frequent the facts of murder in Armed forces Several days ago the soldier Levan Songulashvili of Kutaisi brigade 3 of Georgian Armed forces died. In accordance with the version of Military Police of  Defence Ministry Songulashvili committed suicide but this version is not convincing for his family members, so the relatives categorically deny the fact of suicide. As they state he is brutally beaten before death and then he is shot from behind.

Georgians Are the Most Free Journalists
The International NGO Reporters Without Borders issued her sixth annual report about the conditions of Free Press in several countries. Surprisingly, Georgia took the 66th place among 169 countries, in comparison to previous years Georgia has improved her position with 23 places.
Benary Public School Lacking Window and Floor Requires Attention
At one glimpse the Building of the Public School of the village of Benari in the Adigeni Municipal looks like a hut. It has neither gym, nor school equipments. The School administration has applied for help to the Educational Resource Centre many times but in vain.

The Black List of the Kindergarten Head-masters
The present and former kindergarten head-masters opposed each other in Gori. The gubernator Lado Gegelashvili produced the papers to the journalists which Mikheil Kareli had left on his writing-table, there is a scheme how the desired kindergarten head-masters’ personnel were appointed.

Hydro Meteorologists Demand Their Salaries for Previous Months
Kutaisi’s Hydro Meteorological Observatory’s former employee, Nargiza Svintradze, applied to the “Human Right Centre”. She demands the board of the observatory to pay the frozen salaries. It turned out that the debt has amounted to 300-400 lari. Another 30 employees of the observatory face similar problems as Nargiza Svintradze.

Purchase at Midnight
Under psychological oppression, violence and restriction of freedom, properties are revoked from small entrepreneurs in Sighnaghi. Tamar Tarashvili, Manana Macharashvili, Tamaz Gorelishvili and Gela Khelashvili are some of the people who were forced to sell their properties to businessman Bachana Davlianidze.

Irakli Melashvili Will Bring Suit against Special Operative Department and the Judge
Irakli Melashvili, one of the leaders of National Forum, will soon bring suit against high ranking officials of the Special Operation Department (SOD) and Judge Mamuka Nozadze. They were already given 48 hours to produce documents proving the participation of Irakli Melashvili in the kidnapping of Mariam Goginashvili.

The Customers of “EnergoProGeorgia” in Zugdidi Protest Against Unfair Debts
Tsereteli Street dwellers protested near the Zugdidi Service Centre of “EnergoProGeorgia.” They refuse to pay off the bills which appeared approximately 2 months ago on their communal electricity meter. The customers blame the representatives of “EnergoProGeorgia” for ignoring their demands.

Door of Georgian Church Nailed Shut in Saingilo, Azerbaijan
The only Georgian Orthodox Church in Saingilo, Azerbaijan, has been locked for two weeks. Parishioners are not allowed to enter and Herrs, ethnic Georgian residents of Saingilo, informed the Human Rights Center that the church door was nailed shut by Azeri residents. If Georgians dare to open the door and renew services, they are threatened with physical assault.

Juvenile Exploded Because of a Landmine on the Bank of the Enguri River
Thirteen-year-old Levan Bagatelia exploded because of a landmine on the bank of the Enguri River. The accident happened while he was fishing in the river together with other friends in the village of Otoboaia in the Gali District on October 11.

“People Can Change Everything”, says the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
A series of demonstrations organized by the National Council of United Opposition ended at 5:00 PM in Akhaltsikhe. Nearly two thousand people came to hear representatives from the opposition speak in front of the Regional Administration building. Slogans of “Georgia without the President,” “Elections Must Be Held within Constitutional Terms” and “Samtskhe-Javakheti Region without Vano” (Vano Merabishvili, the Internal Minister of Georgia, was born in the region) could be heard at the demonstration.

Deadlock of Investigation in Zestafoni Police Department
Nona Dograshvili, a resident of the village of Meore Sviri in the Zestafoni District, appealed to the Human Rights Center for help. She said that her husband, Rostom Khidasheli, died on July 2 2006 at the Zestaponi railway line in the performance of his work as a security officer. More than one year has passed since the accident, but the investigation still has not been finished. Consequently, a court hearing on the case has not yet been held.

Human Rights Centre Submitted the Report to UN
On October 8, 2007 Georgian NGOs submitted the alternative report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Among them was the joint report of Human Rights Center (HRIDC), Public Health and Development Fund of Georgia (PHMDF) and World Organization Againt Torture (OMCT). The representatives of HRIDC and PHMDF attended the pre-session and made the presentation of the reports as well as they respond to the questions of the committee members. The committee got interest in every item of the convention implemented on national level.

Population of the Village of Ortubani Has Not Had Electricity for 16 Years
Population of the village of Ortubanni in the Kareli District demands electricity. Only 21 families live there and most of them are Ossetian. Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office received a letter from the villagers.

“Fifth Colony” In Bar Association
“We call upon our colleagues to respect their professional ethics, professional responsibilities and dignity above all other interests. An attorney should not act in the favor of the Prosecutor General’s Office or Internal Ministry; they should not focus their attention on one particular establishment,” stated Eka Beselia, attorney and chairwoman of the Ethic Commission for Attorneys at the press-conference that was dedicated to the recent facts of unethical activities of the lawyers; Prosecutor’s Office and Government’s illegal interference in lawyers’ activities. 

New Gubernator Intends to Seize Properties by New Methods
Despite personnel changes in Shida Kartli Regional Administration it is still difficult to receive public information from officials. The situation is further complicated by the fact that whole documentation on the district administration was taken to the law enforcement bodies. Although journalists say that it is not problem for them to enter the administrative building now, it has no sense to visit the administration. Nobody will issue any official document to journalists there.

In Zugdidi Mother Locked Mentally Disabled Daughter in Dark Room
Mother locked Ketevan Kurua in dark room three years ago and put wooden holt on the door. She wanted to protect her ill daughter in this way. Thirty-two-year-old woman is fighting the serious disease for seven years in vain. She has paranoiac schizophrenia. Mother, Tsiala Kvatania does not want to place her daughter in mental hospital. She is afraid that the young woman will be killed with injection at hospital.
What Is Going On In Juvenile Jail?
It was utopia to enter the juvenile jail and make reportage there. However, we did our best; we hoped maybe we should be lucky and they would let us in. With similar groundless hopes we started correspondence with Public Relation Office within the Penitentiary Department. Two weeks later we received a letter.
IDP School Is In Trouble
Zhiuli Shartava Public School # 6 has been operative for 12 years. The school falls under the Ministry of Education and Culture of the autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. It is currently located in Kutaisi on the fifth floor of the former vocational school for cooking and economics. IDP’s live on the other floors of the building and their children go to that school. The IDP’s have flats and a school in one building. During breaks children can go home to have a snack.
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