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Landslide Has Damaged Sighnaghi; Local Residents Urge for help
Sighnaghi is attacked by natural disaster. The landslide has destroyed part of the main road at the entrance to the town and damaged nearly 40 houses. Representatives of the Environmental Ministry have already explored the area. Geologists concluded that because of extremely complicated engineer-geological situation, thorough explorations should be carried out in Sighnaghi. They should carry out various activities to prevent the land sliding and it will take long time. Meanwhile, as specialists claim, the landslide might become more active and many towns might be threatened with the natural disaster.
Prosecutor’s Office Publishes Secret Audio-Video Recordings
“The war of discrediting information has started in Georgia,” said businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili. This statement was issued after the Prosecutor’s Office made public an  audio-recording of a conversation between Patarkatsishvili and Irakli Kodua, the head of the Special Operative Department within the Internal Ministry. Patarkatsishvili’s election staff published their own audio and video recordings in response to the Prosecutor’s Office. Their materials reveal how Patarkatsishvili’s bodyguards searched Kodia before meeting with the businessman.

The Government Played According to October 28th Scenario in Zugdidi
The pre-election meetings of Levan Gachechiladze, presidential candidate of the United Public Movement, with the citizens of Samegrelo ended in an incident. After Chkhorotsku and Tsalenjikha the government tried to provoke the dispersal of peaceful manifestation using the activists of the National Movement in Zugdidi. Unlike October 28, when the leaders of the United Opposition were beaten, new faces appeared at the demonstration on December 26th, but at the backstage Georgian celebrities were seen.
Dead People Also Vote
Presidential Election in the Next World

According to the Election Code amendments cannot be introduced to the voters list after date is expired. 3 million and 400 thousand voters are registered in General Election List. Although statements are made about violations, dead people are included in the list and they will vote in the presidential election on January 5, 2008. The representatives of NGOs and political organizations suppose that the election might be falsified. The observers from International Organizations also have some complaints about the Central Election Commission. 
“Law Enforcers Are not Interested to Investigate Criminal Cases on the Accidents of November 7”
Victims, Nika Didishvili and Vakhtang Inasaridze, have been in hospital since November 7. www.humanrights.ge has already published article about their situation. 
How Does Gamkrelidze Intend to Regain the Break-Away Territories
The Human Rights Center is carrying out polls regarding the future plans of action of political parties and presidential candidates. The Center requested the candidates to provide their vision regarding the Abkhazian and Tskhinvali regions. Davit Gamkrelidze was the first and only candidate who replied to the Center. Here is the plan of action of Gamkrelidze.
Students Trapped in Employment Programme
“The entrance was your prerogative but you will not be able to leave this place until the event is over,” the deceived students were told.

The students of Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University appealed to the Human Rights Centre’s Kutaisi Office. On December 23rd, 2007 they were invited to Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Theatre and were not allowed to leave the theatre hall for about an hour.

JSC “Enguri Medical Complex” Might be Closed Down in Zugdidi
Is there any kind of controversy between Zaza Gorozia, the regional governor and MP Kobalia?!

In the nearest future JSC “Enguri Medical Complex” might be closed down and IDPs will be exiled from the Hotel “Odishi”. Opposing parties and the society widely discuss this information in Zugdidi; though there is no official document to prove it. The information as if certain Turkish businessman has purchased the hotel and IDPs residing there will be lodged into the JSC “Enguri Medical Complex” is only discussed on public level.

Errors in
On October 19 Special Groups started the campaign of visiting every voter to check election lists. They had to verify voters list in particular to correct mistakes and withdraw dead voters from the list. The results of 16-day-work were sent to the Central Election Commission. According to the information published on the web site of the Central Election Commission the number of voters in Samtskhe-Javakheti is the following: 34 481 voters in Akhalcikhe, 15 442 in Adigeni, 9 628 Aspindza, 38 045 in Akhalkalaki and 21 445 in Ninotsminda.
Akhaltsikhe Residents Are Disappointed with Employment Program
Despite promises the employment program has not been started yet. The state program of professional recruiting, which aimed at involving and employing 100 thousand people, has started in the country a month before the election. The program was to be implemented throughout the country but after several-day-registration in Tbilisi the program was suspended. According to the latest information the program will be renewed in the regions from February.

New Year Present-Making Fun of People or Blessing
National Movement members distributed New Year presents among socially excluded people in Akhaltsikhe; however many lonely old persons remained without presents.

Opposition Supporters Are Terrorized
NGOs blame the government for human rights violation during pre-lection campaign. Human rights defenders mention certain facts of oppression, threat and physical abuse on voters and demand adequate reaction from corresponding bodies.
Whereabouts of Two Georgian Citizens Arrested at Dagestani Border Is Still Unknown
The whereabouts of twenty-three-year-old Shota Mamukishvili and twenty-one-year-old Mishiko Javakhishvili, inhabitants of the village of Shilda in Kvareli district is still unidentified. They were last seen by family members on July 11. Since that the only information they received is that missing people went hunting and lost their ways in the street. Finally it turned out that boys were arrested by Russian frontiers for illegal crossing of border.
Who Will Reimburse Unreasonably Spent 100 000 Lari?
On September 12 2007 Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti Regional Prosecutor’s Office provided population with false information. Davit Sakvarelidze, the Prosecutor, stated at the briefing that they had detained director of the “Galavani 2007 Ltd”. They said that the Ltd belonged to the father-in-law of Vasil Makharashvili, the governor. However, later it was found out that it was owned by a Gori resident Irakli Meladze. The name of the father-in-law of the former governor is Nikoloz Mchedlidze.
Journalists Oppose Being Divided into “Castes”
First forum of Georgian journalists incorporated over five hundred delegates.

On December 24 forum “Georgian Media for Freedom of Expression-Media Challenges in 21st Century” was held in the “Sheraton Metekhi Palace”. Many journalists with controversial visions met each other there. However, all of them attended the forum for one common reason-they had something to say.

While Checking the Election Registers, the Republicans Found Ran Into a Registered Voter Who had Died a Year Earlier.
The opposition discovers new pre-election problems every day. For example, the Republicans have information that teachers in Kaspi are forced to visit every family and ask everyone who they are voting for. According to political party New Rights the government will use 3 000 votes of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gori. It needs to be mentioned that Ajadar Ogli Iasimi, an inhabitant of the village of Perma in the Kaspi district, is registered in three different polling stations under three different names: Ajadar Ogli Iasi, Ajadar Ogli Iasim and Ajadar Ogli Iasimi.

Government Has Crossed the Line
The report of the Human Rights Watch, “Crossing the Line’, that deals with the events of November 7 in Tbilisi, caused various reactions in Georgia.
The report of 102 pages gives detailed information about the dispersal of peaceful demonstrators and TV Company “Imedi”; the materials were provided by eye-witnesses of the dispersal. It is the most scrupulous report of November 7 events so far.

On The Cutting Edge of Elections
The presidential election are coming closer and closer. Despite the constant claims of opposition on numerous cases of abrogation during the pre-election campaign, almost nothing has been changed. A part of society standing on the edge of up-coming elections prefer to be quiet while another part does not avoid assumption of current events directly and reacts acutely.

Father Left His Son Homeless
Avtandil Silagadze is seven-grade pupil of the Kutaisi Public School # 44 and because of poor conditions he often misses lessons. Before his parents got divorced father often drank and beat Avtandil and his mother. Finally father sold out the house his son had inherited from his grandmother; he did not even think of buying any alternative shelter for his child.
Incurred Proprietor is going to Commit Suicide in front of Parliament
Manana Macharashvili, a Signagi resident, is going to start a hunger strike in front of the Georgian Parliament and in case nobody will pay attention to her she will commit suicide. The governor of the Signagi municipality, the deputy governor of Kakheti and other officials forced Macharashvili and a businessmen to sell their commercial property in Signagi to an investor. The sale and purchase of the estate happened at midnight. Macharashvili was taken to a notary office with force and law enforcement officials made her sign away her property rights.
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