21:36, Wednesday, 26.11.2014
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Juveniles’ Cases Will Be Discussed By Special Judges
Amendments will be introduced to the Criminal Procedural Code by the Legal Committee in the Georgian Parliament. The main idea is that juvenile cases should be discussed by specially trained judges. The amendments will require the same of prosecutors and investigators as well.
New Law for IDPs
IDPs residing in Georgia will receive identification cards on temporary residence. Besides that, some compensation is also foreseen for them within the draft law. The Parliament has already discussed the legislative initiative at one session. The initiator of the draft law was the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee.
Explosion Resulted In the Death of Two People
People appealed to the district Administrative Board, Municipality, Sanitary Supervision Inspection and police several times. Last year, they have applied to the court to avoid danger but the judge did not discuss their case for having “no grounds and being many faults in it”. Shortly speaking, nobody got interested in the problem until last week, two people died as a result of explosion in a small cottage enterprise in the village of Jugaani in the Sighnaghi District.
Life of Deported Meskhetians in Imereti Region
In Imereti in the small village of Ianeti, there is a small district which is known as the Ninth District among villagers. In the Ninth District 32 families continue to practice an old-way of life and have poor contact with the surrounding villagers.
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Detention of high officials of Defense Ministry is:
Fight against corruption and professional crime Fight against Euro-Atlantic Course Persecution on political grounds I cannot answer


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