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Controversy between a Student and Lecturers at the University
Magda Kldiashvili is a student for the journalistic faculty at the Tbilisi State University (TSU) Akakhaltsikhe Branch. She blamed the board of the University for violating her rights and stated that she was deceived.
Law on Construction Is Stricter
Amendments are going to be brought to the Georgian law on “state supervision on architectural-construction activities”. According to the draft law, the control on the construction becomes stricter. If law is breached, the constructor will be fined from 200 to 30 000 GEL. Consequently, building companies will raise prices on flats.
Former High-Ranking Official at the Police Department Blames Temur Anjafaridze for Drug Dealing
Gocha Nazgaidze, former chief of the regional Criminal Police Department, was detained for murders and stealing in the Gurjaani District three years ago. Now, Nazgaidze started to speak up about the reasons for his detention. Last week, he contradicted Temur Anjafaridze, the head of the Interior Ministry’s Kakheti Regional Department, who was questioned as a witness. Nazghaidze does not find himself guilty and blames Anjafaridze for drug dealing and abuse.
Poverty in Mimosa Color
IDP Lamara Benidze from Gagra receives only fourteen lari allowance in exchange of her abandoned estate and lost husband. At present she resides in the village of Tsnisi in Akhaltsikhe District.
Two-year-long Fight Will End With Series of Detention to Avoid Danger
In Gurjaani, Zurab Bagashvili protests the opening of the petrol station in Tavisupleba Street #6 near his house. He appealed to the court in March 2006 to ban the construction; however, his appeal is still being discussed. The building of the station will soon end. Although the petrol station was built by breaching the law and threatens the life of the people living nearby, the Gurjaani District Administrative Board has decided to give a license for its functioning.
Fight against Drug Abusers or Drug Abuse?
The government has severed sanctions against drug-abusers. Experts in narcology do not share the government’s attitude to the problem, and they think that severing the sanctions against drug-abusers will further complicate the situation.
Whom Does Composers’ House Belong to?
It has become clear that Famous Composers’ House in Borjomi does not belong to composers. Protest demonstrations, held by artists, did not have any results. The argument between composers and the government about transferring the property ended in the latter’s favor. The future of the house depends on the Ministry of Economics.
Doctors Blame Parents’ Negligence for Child’s Death
Fourteen-year-old Vasil Kokashvili died in the village of Kardenakhi in the Gurjaani District. Local doctors blame his parents of negligence. The National Center for Illness Control excludes the possibility of spreading the infection. However, local people are very nervous about the situation.
Beans to Rescue ‘Trialeti”…
The Human Rights Center tried to find out the real reasons for the last disagreement between Governor Shida Kartli, Mikheil Kareli, and former MP Badri Nanetashvili.
IDPs Demand Accommodation
“We have been turned into IDPs and this trauma will last till our death. We do not want to leave our lodgings for the second time not knowing where we should spend night. We dream about our own houses,” said Giorgi Beraia, IDP from Gagra. He is eighty years old and has been dreaming about stable accommodation for fourteen years, already. He has been given a promise to lodge him in a new flat and leave Tskaltubo resort-house Iveria, in vain.
People from the Mountainous Region Urge for Help
There is neither nursery and secondary schools and nor market and pharmacists in the area. You will not see any houses built with stone. The inhabitants cannot reach the regional center via proper road. Thus, ambulance cannot arrive in the village and the three families, living only in train carriages and hut, can be medically aided by seventy-year-old woman.
Gurjaani Municipality Bars Public Information
Because of a violation of the Georgian Common Administrative Code, Gurjaani District Municipality was sued in district court. The journalist who brought the suit is about to appeal the Gurjaani Prosecutor’s Office as well. He demands that a criminal case be initiated examining why he was hindered in his professional duties.
72 Teachers Ring In the New Year Unemployed
Children from five nursery schools in Batumi held one last New Year’s festival. Since December 25, five nursery schools in Batumi have begun to be closed in accordance with a decision of City Hall. Before the New Year, 251 children were left without nursery schools, and 72 teachers were without jobs.
Chief of the Gori Police Department Is Accused of Breaking an Agreement
Davit Tabutsadze, chief of the Shida Kartli Police Department, breached a settlement with Vasil Makharashvili, Gori District Gamgebeli. Although the Gamgebeli allowed traders to trade in the street until January 2, 2007, the chief of the patrol police began dispersing them on December 25.
Let’s Count Drops of Water
After January 14, water bills in Tbilisi double. Up until now, a resident paid 1.20 laris a month. However, now residents must pay 2.40 laris. Businesses will have to pay 4.40 laris a month. This decision was passed by the Tbilisi City Council and approved by Mayor Gigi Ugulava on December 29.
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