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Residential House That Turned into “Asylum”

Adigeni starts from the Meskheti Street, five families live in the first two-storied residential building in the street. “All widow and impoverished people live here,” said residents of the building. Adigeni inhabitants call it asylum for homeless people. Locals recall the construction process of the building: “The building was built when soviet governments organized mass cleaning days on Saturdays and employed everybody who was in the street. The “builders” had no idea how to construct the house…”
Tbilisi Prosecutor Involved in Blatant Violation of Election Law
Gurjaani Election Precinct # 12 registered Giorgi Ghviniashvili from the United National Movement as a candidate for MP through the majoritarian (single mandate) system and as a result, the Georgian election law has been breached. The Georgian Code of Elections and it requirements that certain demands must be considered by the Central Election Commission, which  Ghviniahsivli has not provided  proof of resignation to the Precinct Election Commission and the supporting document that he does not work as the Tbilisi Prosecutor.
Kindergarten Nurses Petition Georgian President and Ministry of Education
Nurses of kindergartens in the Zugdidi region petitioned the Georgian president, the Minister of Education and Science two years ago. All three requests were related to introduction of amendments to the Georgian Organic Law about Local Government. The Zugdidi branch of the Independent Trade Union of Education and Scientific Activists continues to demand the authority kindergartens to be assigned again to the Georgian Ministry of Education. 
A Step Backwards: Judge Konstantine Kublashvili’s Order?
A commission was set up based on the resolution passed by the Chairperson of the Georgian Supreme Court. The Commission published “Guidelines and Recommendations”. Various lawyers think that these recommendations are intended to circumvent Georgian law.

Political Motivated Spike in Murder Rate in East Georgia
Based on the official the statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office the actual number of registered crimes has been significantly reduced. Moreover, it is officially reported that the number of grave and (especially grave crimes) has been very much reduced. In the same line of reporting, the number of solved crimes has actually increased. A total of 1,960 cases grave crimes were registered in November of 2006; 2007, 1 012 crimes were registered, which is through the month of November. The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the number of grave offenses was also reduced in 2008. However, in spite of all the good news, such figures have not been confirmed by the experts who should know best.

Short Supply of President’s Tractors and Fuel Vouchers
Villagers have started land preparation and cultivation in spite of the fact that most peasants in Akhaltiskhe district have not received their promised fuel vouchers as yet. Many in the district have not had the opportunity to access the farm tractors presented by the Ministry of Agriculture for their district.

Skinny Hunger-Striking Lawyer Arrested
“The detention is designed to our activities, end the protest, and block our struggle for freedom and to put back to sleep those lawyers who are now aware of the problems that we face.  In spite of the fact that I am now sitting prison, or even if I was outside; I will still continue struggling in the effort to prove that my arrest is a completely stupid scenario and was designed as a provocation against us,” stated Malkhaz Jangirashvili, lawyer who was arrested on April 21st and now sits in a preliminary detention isolator cell.

Opposition Complains About “Unequal Conditions” in Gori
Locals are predicting that pre-election campaign among the candidates of majority membership of the parliament will be too tough.  The opposing sides of the National Movement and United Opposition was added with yet a third side, Jumber Patiashvili who also will be participating in the balloting. The Patiashvili’s factor has turned everything upside down in Gori. The local authority has panicked. The election HQ of the leading party works very hard and puts in overtime in trying to land on its feet.
Doctors vs. Medical Monopoly
“Government must not be mother for somebody but rather a step-mother for others.”

Medical personnel of the Batumi Central Clinic complain about how their hospitals are being flogged off. They take exception to the government claims of “100 new Hospitals.”

Ten hectares of land with adjoining buildings that covers the entire territory of the Central Clinic was sold for symbolic price of 1,000 USD.  
Lawyers against Legislation Amendments
On January 17 2008 amendments were introduced to the Georgian Procedural Code. The new edition of the Article II, Paragraph V states the following: “Court shall not accept the suit from the administrative body unless the petitioner has had the opportunity to bring the administrative suit to the court only once, which has been envisaged under the General Administrative Code.” Lawyers aver that such amendments restrict their freedom to bring appeal cases to the court, and claim that the Georgian Constitution, as well as standards of international law is being circumvented, under the various amendments.
Website in Four Languages: for Georgian and Abkhazian Users
www.apsni.org already exists

“We must admit to our mistakes,” is the main message of the Sorry Campaign that has been initiated by the Human Rights Centre. On April 19 Georgian-Abkhazian website and a hard copy newspaper was presented at the gallery “Kopala” as PR for the peace and resolution initiative.  Although only a short time has passed since the presentation, it has already caused some serious outcome as the first reactions are being voiced.
Living Homeless in the Expectation of the President’s Resolution
The Jabauris family has been requesting the state to provide accommodation to and this unanswered request has for been going on for the last eleven years. Although every three member of the family are unemployed, and the twelve-year-old Tornike needs an urgent operation, the government still cannot give the least amount of hope to the family. 
Police from Zugdidi Beat Sixty-Four-Year-Old Woman
Officers of the Zugdidi Department of the Interior Ministry beat Turfa Gvalia when she tried to find out why her son was detained. The police arrested the woman on a charge of hooliganism after she quarreled with them.  According to the Zugdidi District Court’s decision Turfa Gvalia and her son were released from the court room on the same day on April 13 and administratively fined, Now Turfa Gvalia demands damages and that a medical examination be made of her state of health that as a direct result of the beating, and that a criminal investigation be launched against the responsible policemen. She wants them to be held fully accountable under the law.  Otherwise she intends to start a hunger-strike in front of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office and to renounce Georgian citizenship.

Georgian Justice “Goes to the Dogs” -- “Hanging” Judiciary System
“I know you are innocent but I cannot help you, sorry. I advise you only one, never let the life to make you into a cruel person,” suggested Ivane Afridonidze, the Judge at the Kutaisi Appeal Court to Giorgi Tskhakaia, who was accused of robbery. The Appeal Court did not amend the initial verdict passed by the Tskaltubo District Court, and now Tskhakaia has been sentenced to nine-year-imprisonment for the crime he did committed.
Abkhazia Way
“Georgia, We Love You,” write Abkhazian Children (in Russian).
“Abkhazia is our land and we must return it - these words are often heard in Georgia. Unfortunately, we speak less about the people than about the larger events that control their lives.  When I arrive in Sokhumi I am often asked whether we want Abkhazia if it is empty of the Abkhaz people. And I do not know what to answer because I feel we have not settled ourselves what we in fact want-to get the land back or reconcile with the people,” said Mrs. Esma who was born in Abkhazian family and now she is a mother of Georgian children and lives in Tbilisi.
Will Pre-Election Censor Work Overtime in Blocking Websites?
“A now close topic for discussion concerns the infamous conversation between Vano Merabishvili, Georgian Minster of Internal Affairs and his counterpart, the Azerbaijan Minister of Internal Affairs. Somehow all links to this discussion have been deleted from the Internet!!”  It would seem that something is wrong, “Then I guessed that something was wrong, as a quotation from the post of one of former user of the Tbilisi Forum that wrote about the terrible events of November 7, 2007. 
Lawyers Suppressed Everywhere in Georgia, Regions too!
Recently, demonstrations of the lawyers in the capital and the one-month hunger strike of Malkaz Jangirashvili, the lawyer who wanted to draw public attention to the plight of justice in Georgia.  Human Rights Centre interviewed lawyer Kakha Maghradze in order to find out the plight of attorneys in the Akhaltsikhe District.

Rights of Roma People Are Not Protected At All
Georgian has ratified several international documents and has officially assumed responsibility to protect ethnic minorities wit in its territory, including among other groups is a Roma population. However, the state has not worked out any politician direction to actually protect the security of the Roma and to create a tolerant environment for them within Georgia. They are still arbitrarily arrested, they are still made into virtual slaves, and they continue to under the most unbearable of conditions. Most Roma children are blocked from access to education and from being able to receive adequate medical assistance.

Special Report: Hospital Life for IDPs
Several women are busy in front of the water tap in the yard of a former hospital for drug addicts. - Some of them are filling drinking water, others washing dishes, others are not losing time while waiting for their turn and are speaking about their problems. The lack of electricity is one problem they all share in common.

The Rights of Taxpayers Violated in Georgia
“Two things in life a person can’t escape – death and taxes,”- the author of these words is one of the founding fathers of American democracy, Benjamin Franklin.  “I know that I must pay taxes and I pay, but unfortunately, it is not enough and that as a taxpayer my rights are not protected in this country,” these words belong to a Georgian businessperson.

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