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The Outcomes of Stupid Ambitions
The plans have changed: Levan Otkhvani, 7 can not go to school any more because his village was bombed by Russian bombers on August 10, 2008. The family of Otkhvani consisting of 5 members left the village last and went to Imereti as IDPs.

Hundreds of Prisoners Suffering: “Penitentiary Department Administration Malfeasance
In the timeframe, January 1st to September 1st of 2008, a total of 53 prisoners died in Georgian jails and prison hospitals, the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice informs. The most common cause of death was mostly contributed to TB, severe cardiovascular insufficiency, complication of HIV/AIDS and other opportunist infections. The human rights protectors state prisoners’ high death rate is a direct result of negligence on the part of prison administrations, as it has blindly turned eye to immediate medical need of prisoners.

“Human Chain” Broken by Drunk Driver in West Georgia, Deadly Results
September 1st, the day of national unity of Georgia ended tragically. The human chain was broken at the village of Rukhi when a fast moving car hit a protester. One man died and several others were severely injured. Doctors failed to save Nata Jichonaia, 23. The drunk driver was Paata Kiria, a police officer.

“Peace is where we are!” Russian Helicopters Dropping Leaflets in Samegrelo
Russian military helicopters are bombing Samegrelo with leaflets. The Russians dropped leaflets in village of Rukhi, Zugdidi District several days ago. Meanwhile, Russian armored vehicles, moving towards Enguri Central Bridge distributed leaflets among the local population. It was written in leaflets with blue fonts on white sheets of papers: “Inhabitants of Zugdidi District! Your safety is now in the hands of Russian peacekeepers!” The main motto of the peacekeepers was “We are at Peace”.

Вива Миша! Russia stop! Путин кмара!
All of Georgia is united against alleged Russian aggression, and in light of the capture of South Ossetia and parts of Abkhazia, and as part of a larger public relations campaign, a human chain surrounded the whole country on September 1st to show Georgian outrage.  There were no borders to this protest, and the action went far beyond the border of occupied Georgia. All the international community is charged with patriotic spirit. Those from all regions of Georgia prepared for this day in their own special way. We took a look over the action preparation process in Kutaisi, which is one of the largest cities in Western Georgia.

Ganmukhuri –Seized Village and Residents Newest IDPs
The Abkhazian flag now flies over the Georgian village of Ganmukhuri. Three Russian-Abkhazian checkpoints are in place in Ganmukhuri and soldiers are patrolling this village several times a day. The Abkhazian checkpoint operates on the bridge that connects Shamgona and Ganmukhuri. Residents must pay a fee of 10 GEL, a kind of excise imposed by the Abkhazians in order to cross into the territory of the Zugdidi district. The Abkhazians do not take kindly to Georgian ID cards and advise the inhabitants of Ganmukhuri village to obtain Russian passports. The Abkhazian administration of Gali District is so “concerned” with the fate of Georgians that it takes care of feeding Ganmukhuri village inhabitants and brings wheat into the village. The situation has deteriorated and practically no one is now left in the village apart from a few old people. All the young people have left – many of them in IDP camps too frightened to come back. Many are still IDPs from the last war Abkhaz-Georgian war of 1992-93, and being under such dire circumstances is nothing new for them.

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