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Television – In Service of Government
Most villages of Gori district get information from national TV-channels. People complain that TV-stations do not highlight local problems. Residents of the village of Dvani think journalists get interested about their problems only when somebody is kidnapped or something is exploded in the village.

“Watching TV, I Think I Am Listening News About Other Country”
Georgia has been celebrating the anniversary of Rose Revolution on St. George’s Holiday for 6 years already. The “government of roses” has been eagerly reminding people for six years that everything what has been done since the revolution was in sake of people. They claim that 6 years ago they liberated the country from corruption and turned it into a democratic state. For the government, November 23 is associated with economical progress, creation of new working places and development in general.

SOD Blackmails the Head of Investigative Group of Newspaper “Batumelebi”
Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) continues to oppress the personnel of the newspaper Batumelebi. Now, the police tried to humiliate the name of Tedo Jorbenadze, the head of investigation group, in regard with the sexual orientation based on the stigma in Georgia.

TV Broadcasters in the government’s service – “International transparency – Georgia” diagnosis
In his interview to CNN on October 15 of 2009, the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili stated that there were 27 independent channels in Georgia and more than one political talk show was on the air daily. In fact, there are even more channels in Georgia, though information on their actual owners is unavailable.

Public Defenders Office comments on arbitrary detention of “7 November” movement members
Based on Article 12 of the Organic Law of Georgia on Public Defender, the Public Defender started an independent investigation into the case related to the termination of peaceful assembly of the citizens Dachi Tsaguria, Djaba Djishkariani and Irakli Kordzaia in front of the Parliament building on 23 November of 2009 and their arbitrary detention.

Silent protest action in front of the Parliament
On the initiative of Human Rights Center and the South Caucasus Network for Human Rights Defenders, a silent protest action was staged in front of the Parliament building. The South Caucasus Network defenders from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the Human Rights House Foundation from Norway as well as other representatives of NGO community made a protest against the arbitrary detention of the activists of “7 November” movement by patrol police.

Ricardo Is Promised to Have Happy New Year
www.humanrigts.ge published a story about Ricardo from Natanebi village and it caused serious resonance. Generous people appeared who decided to assist nine-year-old child. Officials from the local authority also woke up and examined the situation of the family of Mikhaev’s once more. They promise before the New Year Ricardo will have his house reconstructed.

Demonstration to Protest Silence of Rustavi 2
On November 20, family of Nika Gelashvili, who died during the collapse of the building of the “Star Academy” held protest demonstration in front of the building of the TV-Company “Rustavi 2’. The Gelashvilis protested the indifference of the TV-company to the accident and demanded to start new investigation of the fact.

Eka Beselia: “Batumi City Court Discusses My Case and Not of My Son or My Brother”
“It is politically motivated court proceeding,” the people who attended the trial on the case of Eka Beselia’s son and brother assessed the process negatively. According to the investigation, they are accused in insulting and physical assault of person and in the resistance to the police. Victim Davit Japaridze did not attend the trial.

www.hridc.tv Break the Silence!
On November 19, the Human Rights Center represented new video-portal on human rights www.hridc.tv at the Art Café “Caravan”. The Human Rights Center  also represtend the new film of Giorgi Janledize “Boring Up and Down” prepared by the TV-studio of the Center.

Investigation of Video-Rolls Degrading the Patriarch Might Be Dropped
The situation is completely vague about the investigation launched in regard with the video-rolls which degrades the Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II. It is also obscure which article was used to start investigation; what was the status of the detainees who were interrogated and whether equipments are returned to the detainees who are already released and whether the investigation will continue or not.

Georgian Media Often Breaches Rights of the Child
November 19 will mark the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse and 20th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. In order to find out how Georgian media highlights the issues of the child’s rights, the journalist Zviad Koridze carried out a special survey with the methodological support of UNICEF which requested the journalist to carry out similar survey. The results of this several-months survey were published in spring 2009 though they were not most welcoming. However, the urgent situation in Georgian media has not changed for the better so far. Journalists still breach international standards when working on children’s problems. National media sources tend to have a xenophobic attitude towards various groups of children.

Freedom of Religion Is More Restricted in Georgia
According to the official information, from January 1 till the end of June of 2009, 21 facts of restricted freedom of religion and intolerance occurred in Georgia. Among them 20 cases were related with Jehovah Witnesses. Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi thinks that in comparison to previous years the situation in freedom of religion has worsened. According to the public defender, increased number of restricted freedom of religion and intolerance is caused by inadequate reaction of the law enforcement bodies to similar incidents.

Joseph Kay Lost Several Trials about Badri Patarkatsishvili’s Property
London Arbitrage Court confirmed falsification of Badri Patarkatsishvili’s signatures on the documents provided by Joseph Kay. Lasha Birkaia, attorney of the Patarkatsishvili’s family stated about it at the press-conference in the hotel Tbilisi Marriot today.

Ethnic Armenians Are Not Eager To Work in Public Agencies
The ethnic composition of the population in Akhaltsikhe district is the following: ethnic Georgians make 61, 7 % of the entire population and ethnic Armenians make 36, 59 %. It is most updated data prepared by Jonathan Wilt for his report to the ECMI. According to the census of the statistic department for 2002, 47 % of total 45 948 people living in Akhaltsikhe district were Georgians; Armenians made 42 % and ethnic Russians made 6 %. Based on this data we can suppose the results of elections also rely on this data.

A River in a Sarcophage
Short time ago, a governmental official invited people to visit Tbilisi.gov.ge during a talk-show on the Public Broadcasting. This website was prepared to present the general plan of Tbilisi development. The official almost urged people to visit the website and take part in the discussion. Although we could see the map on the very first page, we could not find any public space on the website where we could express our opinion. Furthermore, the plan was posted only in PDF file and we could not find the general plan either in the search either.

Prisoner Survived With the Support of European Court
The Human Rights Center wrote about the prisoner who spent more than one year with poorest health conditions. Despite hepatitis, colitis and psychopathy, medical treatment was provided for him only after the European Court took up the case. The seriously ill person was taken to the central hospital with grave health conditions.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Is Sacrificed to State Project
Quite a large part of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park will be destroyed! 500-kilowatt electricity wire shall be stretched across the preserved territory.

Death of Criminal – Next Fact of “Zero Tolerance”
Obscure details of Ucha Godeladze’s death make his family members to suspect that policemen tortured and killed him. The information spread by the TV Company “Trialeti” reinforces their doubts. “In Batumi, the influencial criminal Ucha Godeladze was killed. 35-year-old Ucha Godeladze’s body will be brought to Kareli today. Reportedly, he was killed late last night in Batumi. The law enforcement bodies looked for him for two years. According to the police, Godeladze was an influential criminal and he was wanted. According to local people, Godeladze had lived some time abroad to hide from law enforcement bodies. Yesterday, police tried to arrest him when he was trying to cross the Turkish-Georgian border; he was coming from Turkey.”
Shota Tsanava: “Doctor Cannot Detect a Person Crossing the Border Has H1N1 or Not”
More and more people get ill with H1N1 in Georgia though their number increases slowly. At the moment, 65 people have H1N1 in Georgia but none of them have acute forms of the flu. Most of the people got infected abroad. Consequently, the society is curious why the control is not reinforced at the border and particularly in the airport in order to avoid the danger of epidemics in Georgia.
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