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Estonian Survey Showed That Domestic Physical Assault Is Common In Georgia
“Violator is using force because he feels others are afraid of him”

The Estonian non-governmental organization “Open Society” carried out a survey in Georgia and Estonia regarding domestic violence. The target group of the survey was doctors who have personal contact with the victims of domestic violence. The result of the survey was quite grave. There are several forms of violence in Georgia – physical, psychological and sexual.

Kakheti Cable TV Company Ceased Broadcasting of the Programs of “Maestro TV”
Programs of the TV Company “Maestro” has not been broadcast in Kakheti region for ten days already. Representatives of the cable TV Company located in Akhmeta state that the delay was caused by bad weather and technical problems. In fact, according to our information Kakheti office of the Constitution Security Department demanded them to cease the broadcasting.

Georgian People Rose to their Feet to Express Respect forAbkhaz and Ossetian People
On May 26, Georgian people were celebrating the Day of Independence in the National Stadium and loudly expressed their wish for the real independence of their country. The ovations increased when opposition leaders appeared on the pitch. People think these are the people on whom the future of the country depends. The 20-year-old sham democracy and sham  independence of Georgia should be changed by real and factual steps to the real independence of the Georgian people.

War in August and Something That Was To Be Said
The war is launched by great people and small people are sacrificed in it. UN observer Peter Nikolas called city of Gori the city of Ghosts. Foreign experts continuously report about the bombed and destroyed buildings, ten thousands of homeless people; wounded people need medical treatment, dead people shall be buried, the hostages are looking forward to freedom…

Sighnagi Police Prosecutes Supporters of Opposition Parties
Sighnaghi district police persecutes representatives of the district office of the Alliance for Georgia and supporters of the opposition parties. Law enforcers detained Ilia Khutsishvili, Zaza Pkhovelishvili, Omar and Temur Taliashvili in the evening of Friday, May 22. These people were detained without having been explained the reason of detention; they were kept in the Tsnori police station for five hours. During the detention the law enforcers did not allow the detainees to inform the family members about the location of Khutsishvioli, Pkhovelishvili and Taliashvili. The policemen threatened the detainees with planting drugs in their cars unless they stop supporting the opposition parties.

Illegal Constructions in Old Batumi and Residents Victimized Thereby
Batumi City Hall has not signed the memorandum with the local residents on the rehabilitation of the infrastructure in Old Batumi. The residents have not signed an agreement on the construction of addingl spaces to their houses either. Batumi City Hall violates the program that has been prepared by their agency and approved by the Batumi Municipality Board.

Grass Grows Up in the Cottages of IDPs
Grass started to grow up in the cottages which were declared comfortable by the government; by the way, construction of each cottage cost 27 000 USD. IDPs, living in the settlements in the village of Skra, Gori district, have to fight snakes, lizards and ground squirrel everyday; in addition to that, every morning when they get up they find grass grown out in their rooms.

A Story by Witnesses to a Bloody Special Operation
The government carried out the next special operation. Gia Krialashvili, wanted for the uprising in the military base in Mukhrovani, is killed; Koba Otanadze and Levan Amiridze are gravely wounded. They are in the intensive care clinic of the Ghudushauri Hospital in Tbilisi. Investigators cannot interrogate the wounded people yet. The accident is still unclear to the people.

No Assault on Journalists in the Kakheti Region on May 21, 2008 has been Investigated
One year has passed since the snap parliamentary elections on May 21, 2008. The facts of five assaults on journalists in five election districts in Kakheti region have not investigated. Eliso Chapidze, an editor of the newspaper “Resonance” was attacked in polling station N 26 in the Sighnaghi Election District N 13 by Nodar Kapanadze and Otar Lamazoshvili who had no right to be in the polling station. The attackers twisted the hands of the journalist, seized her video-camera and physically assaulted her. Konstantine Stalinski, representative of the news website “pressa.ge”, cameramen Malkhaz Varshanidze and Irakli Goguadze were beaten in the polling station in Iormughanlo village in the Sagarejo Election District. Journalists were beaten in the Lagodekhi district too. The Chairperson of the election commission first hit the journalist with a chair and then armed people kicked him out of the polling station by a threat of using a weapon against him..

Georgia Joined the Declaration on Eradication of Homophobia and on the Protection of Sexual Minorities
Georgia has joined the declaration of the European Union on the Protection of Sexual Minorities. The project was initiated by the Czech Republic and it was signed by 27 states. Georgia, the Ukraine and Armenia have joined the declaration as well and they took responsibility to act on every case of homophobic discrimination against sexual minorities.

An Arrested General Demands to be Set Free
General Koba Kobaladze who was arrested and charged with revolution has already been starving for 14 days. He was sentenced to two months of pretrial detention.

Gia Gachechiladze’s Health Condition Has Worsened
After Gia Gachechiladze was beaten near the Tbilisi Police Department his health condition has worsened. As a result of the beating he had an infection in his blood and he was threatened with blood poisoning. Gachechiladze is under the observation of doctors and has a high temperature.

Snakes Attack the IDPs Settled in Shida Kartli Region
The IDPs have faced new problems after the weather turned hot. Their settlements are full of snakes and … The IDPs have a new problem in addition to the fact that they are fed only macaroni and beans. The IDPs sleep in fear because almost every daya snake wraps round at least one child.

Koba Otanadze’s Family Members Were Kidnapped
Jimsher Otanadze, brother of Koba Otanadze, who is wanted because of the incident in Mukhrovani military base, was kidnapped together with his wife Gulo Daridze and his 19-year-old Giorgi Otanadze.Their location is still unknown.

The Adults Were Beaten at the Hippodrome by the Policemen
The International Music Festival – Tbilisi Open Air – Alter/Vision is finished. The government made PR for Alternative Eurovision, but it was passed with incidents. Before Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili came to the hippodrome, the policemen brutishly beat about 20 adults.

Official Beat Journalist
Zviad Khujadze , News Editor of Radio Channel Old City, blames  Gizo Tavadze, the Head of Culture Department of Kutaisi City Hall on beating him. In the interview to Human Rights Center, the journalist said that Tavadze had slapped him in the face.

Report on human rights issues following the August 2008 armed conflict,
In his fourth visit to Georgia following the August 2008 conflict, the Commissioner took stock of the implementation of the six principles for urgent human rights and humanitarian protection which he formulated in the aftermath of the active hostilities. He also reviewed conflict-related human rights issues in Abkhazia.

Number of People Tortured by the MIA Has Increased
Period of torture and discrediting has returned in Georgia. “Government with Roses” was boasting that military coup will never happen in Georgia and nobody will ever be tortured in future. However, the myth has been destroyed - “super democratic” government has exposed its real face.

Mother of Prisoner Paata Kaikatsishvili Is On Hunger-Strike
There is only one slogan on the tent of the hunger-striker Nargiz Kaikatsishvili: “I Demand Release of Arbitrarily Detained Paata Kaikatsishvili.” The number of protest dates is increasing next to the slogan; it is already the sixth day of the hunger-strike. The mother requests the release of her son who is arbitrarily detained.

Editors of the Regional Newspapers Moved into the Authority
After the publisher and editor-in chief of the Kakheti based newspaper “Spektri” Maia Kalabegashvili was appointed as a spokesperson of the Kakheti regional governor, founder and editor-in-chief of one more regional newspaper “Progress” Leila Murakashvili joined the local authority. According to the information Kalabegashvili was lobbed by Irakli Kadagidze, head of Kakheti regional police department; as for Murakashvili, she was assisted by deputy regional governor Giorgi Sibashvili to occupy the position of the Gurjaani office of the Agency for Social Subsidies.

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