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Government Replies: Shall We Assist Citizens of Turkey and Leave Our Citizens Without Assistance?
Citizen of Turkey Ali Tiariakioghli has been living in Georgia for 12 years already. He was converted to Orthodox Church and married Georgian woman, Mzia Nikorashvili. Ali Tiariakioghli is proud of being an Orthodox though after his decision he had to split with his siblings and parents; the family does not want to continue relationship with Christian.

What Happened in front of the Tbilisi Police Main Department in Tbilisi
Opposition leaders Levan Gachechiladze, Gia Maisashvili, Davit Gamkrelidze, Zviad Dzidziguri, Gia Gachechiladze (Utsnobi) and others were seriously injured during the clash with police. At the end of the demonstration the special unit and police deployed in the Dighomi central high-way arrested and beat most part of the demonstrators.

Clash in front of the Police Main Department

Rally of the opposition parties in front of the Tbilisi Main Police Department in Dighomi, Tbilisi, ended with the clash between the demonstrators and policemen. The rally moved to Dighomi after Gia Gachechiladze, “Utsnobi” (a singer) made statement in Rustaveli Avenue and called upon the people to demand the release of three detainees who were arrested for having physically assaulted journalist of the Public Broadcasting; according to the spread information the detainees were beaten and threatened with raping.

Statement by the Human Rights Center
On May 7 opposition supporters held a rally in front of the Tbilisi Main Police Department where they requested the release of three activists who had physically assaulted a journalist of the Public Broadcasting. The opposition supporters were informed that the activist detainees were tortured and  treated inhumanely in their detention..

Melor Vachnadze, Giorgi Oniani and Revaz Revazishvili Spoke Up About the Intimidation against Them
Members of the Youth HQ of the Movement “April 9” Melor Vachnadze, Giorgi Oniani and Revaz Revazishvili made detailed statements about the oppression they endured at the police stations. They have serious injuries on the face and body.

Levan Kubaneishvili Does Not Listen to Professionals
Public Defender Sozar Subari sent a special letter to Levan Kubaneishvili, director general of the Public Broadcasting (PB), to attend a meeting. The topic of the discussion at the meeting was the situation about the PB. Kubaneishvili did attend the meeting. Later he did not answer the phone calls of the Public Defender.
Board of the TV Company “Imedi” Oppresses Journalists
Several days ago, the journalists of the TV Company “Imedi” spread statement where they fixed May 6 as a deadline for the TV Company board to stop censorship in the company. The statement was prepared by a group of journalist. It was initiated by Tengo Mezurnishvili, chief producer of the TV Company “Imedi”. After the statement was spread, the board of the TV Station conducted so-called inner investigation and demanded Mezurnishvili to leave the channel.
Batumi City Hall May Have Seized a Flat from Lonely Blind Mother
Blind Gulnaz Mamuladze has been renting a flat for several years even though she was assigned a free flat. She did not enter the free flat because of promises made to her. Now she wants to live in the free flat but it seems that it has been assigned to someone else or maybe that it never existed at all.. Her husband Genadi Shavishvili died last year; her son, 12-year-old Tsotne, has been living for the past 7 years in the Batumi Orphanage for Children Without Parents or Lacking Parental Care.. “Of course I want him to be with me but how can I keep him?” said Mamuladze who is living on her allowance as a disabled person.

Optional Justice for Journalists
We live in the country of paradoxes. If you serve the government completely, you are secure; but if you serve it only partially, you are in danger and if you say the truth, you will be hushed up. Several days ago,a very funny incident happened. The Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested a certain Nikoloz Chikhradze for sending a threatening letter to Levan Kubaneishvili, Director General of the Public Broadcasting; meanwhile, tens of journalists are threatened, kidnapped and beaten in Georgia.

Deputy Head of Khashuri Department of the Constituion Security Department Committed Crime
Iuri Latsabidze, member of the People’s Party was beaten in the presence of Vano Lomsadze, deputy head of the CSD. The head of the Khashuri office of the CSD was encouraging the masked people by shouting: “kill him, he is opposition supporter…”

Attack on Members of Burjanadze’s Political Party
On April 26, members of Nino Burjanadze’s political party, “Democratic Movement-United Georgia”, were attacked in Kareli, a town in the Shida Kartli region. The coordinator of the Kareli office of the political party ,Vasil Bakradze and his brother Nikoloz Bakradze, were driving by car in Bakhtrioni Street from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Suddenly a BMW jeep blocked their way and the driver of their car, Nikoloz Bakradze, had to stop the car. Two stout men got out of the jeep and went toward the car of the Bakradzes. The two stout strangers were holding truncheons. According to Nikoloz and Vasil Bakradzes one of attackers was in a mask.

Ia Antadze: “There Is a Huge Problem in the Freedom of Speech in Georgia”
Freedom of speech is guarantee of independent, civilized and democratic state. Freedom of exchanging opinions means dialogue, civil form of conversation and not mumbling the words. Freedom of speech does not discharge anyone from moral and ethic responsibilities.

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