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Human Rights Situation Worsens in the South Caucasus
Today, a press-conference was held in the office of the Georgian Human Rights Center. Representatives of the Georgian Human Rights Center, Civil Society Institute of Armenia and Azerbaijan Human Rights Center attended the press-conference.

Teachers Settled in Tserovani Want to Be Employed
Asmat Jojishvili is an IDP living in the village of Tserovani close to Tbilisi. During the August war her family had to displace for the second time; initially they fled from Tskhinvali in 1990s and now they had to leave the village of Kekhvi too. She has been teaching Georgian literature, History and Geography in the Kekhvi Public School for 30 years. Now she is an IDP and unemployed. School was everything for Asmat Jojishvili but now she sits at home. She hoped to be employed at the public school that was constructed in Tserovani but test-exams destroyed her dreams. She could not pass tests. However, she does not believe the test-exams were fair because she is convinced in her professionalism.

Adzvi Population Requests Attention from the Government
Residents of the Adzvi village unsuccessfully tried to attract the attention of the government several times. The villagers arrived in Gori to meet regional governor Lado Vardzelashvili; they petitioned to the government in written form too but all in vain. Residents of Adzvi say the government does not pay attention to the villages close to the border.

Davit Ebralidze Was Not Approved as Ombudsman by the Energy Regulation Commission of Georgia
The Energy Regulation Commission of Georgia [the “ERCG or ERC” does not intend to approve Davit Ebralidze for the position of the Ombudsman at the Commission. Although the ERCG is entitled to approve the person proposed by the ombudsman, the commission declined to approve Ebralidze.

Representative of the Village to the Municipality Board and Village Governor Beat A Villager for Having Denounced them With Regional Governor
After Shida Kartli, Regional Governor, visited the village of Karbi in the Gori district local resident Guram Tevdorashvili was beaten by the village governor and representative of the village to the Municipality Board. Both public official pleaded guilty and explain their behavior by the claim of temporary insanity. They spoke about the incident in their statement to the representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia. However, none of them have been punished yet.

International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) Confirms There Are Political Prisoners in Georgia
International human rights organizations already confirm that there are political prisoners in Georgia. International Federation  of Human Rights (FIDH) published its report which demonstrates that there are political prisoners in Georgia. More precisely, the FIDH declared 8 people to be political prisoners; they are: Nora Kvitsiani, Joni Jikia, Revaz Kldiashvili, Shalva Ramishvili, Maia Topuria (and people arrested together with her), Demur Antia, Omar Kutsnashvii, Merab Ratishvili.

How Print Media Is Restricted in the Regions
The situation regarding the freedom of media and providing the society with impartial information in the regions of Georgia is extremely difficult. Ia Mamaladze, chairperson of the Association of the Regional Media, stated that the regional media is close to disappearing.  The regional newspaper “Imedi” in Kakheti still is closed. Student’s newspapers were closed in Batumi. The independent newspaper “Tavisupali Sitkva” (free word) was not published in Poti for four months.

Who Arrested Activists of Political Movement?
Four activists of the Political Movement for the United Georgia – Shukri Benidze, Giorgi Tevdorashvili, Iuri Latsabidze and Besik Latsabidze were released on July 23 after a 30-day-imprisonment. They disappeared on June 23 after the incident in front of the President’s Residence in the Avlabari district of Tbilisi. The Ministry of Internal Affairs [the “MIA”]did not confirm any information about their detention because it did not want to admit that policemen also participated in the incident on June 23.

IDPs Blame the Government for Using a Double Standard
Tengiz Basishvili was settled in the village of Skra. He is discontented with the activities of the government. According to him the cottages and funds were distributed illegally among the IDPs from the Valley.

Parliament Will Complicate the Procedure for the Release of Public Information
The Parliament of Georgia is discussing the draft-law on the amendments to the Law of Georgia on the Payment for a Copy of Public Information. The new law will entitle public agencies to estimate the payment for copy of public information individually. Lawyers think citizens will encounter more problems while getting public information from public agencies on time.

Nana Kakabadze Sues Journalist for Slander
Nana Kakabadze, chairwoman of the non-governmental organization “Former Political Prisoners” for Human Rights is blamed for having organized a riot in the women’s prison.

Who Controls the TV Companies?
Personnel changes in the Georgian national TV Companies raised many questions among Georgians.  The appointment of Giorgi Arveladze as the director general of the TV Company “Imedi” was followed the next day by the resignation of Levan Kubaneishvili as director general of the Public Broadcasting [the “PB”]. The personnel changes started on the same day at Rustavi 2: Irma Nadirashvili replaced Nino Shubladze as head of the news room and Nino Shubladze became the deputy director general of the TV Company. Journalist Zviad Koridze spoke about the personnel changes in the national TV Companies in his interview with the www.humanrights.ge

"Who Will Not Fill, Will Not Work”
Last week the Georgian Trade Union of teachers and scientists opposed the Ministry of Education. The reason was a demand of the Kutaisi resource center –public school teachers soon should fill out an information form. Delivering the information forms was so scandalous because in it the teacher had to indicate membership in any political party. One of the spaces of the form requested information about members of the family.

World Organization against Torture Is Interested in the Detention of Maisaia
World Organization against Torture OMCT responded to the detention of prominent Georgian political scientist and military expert Vakhtang Maisaia based on the information provided by the Georgian Human Rights Center. OMCT is concerned about the violation of his rights and urges the authority of Georgia, diplomatic corps in Georgia and local or international non-governmental organizations to protect the rights of Maisaia. Here

Wife of Prisoner Attempted Suicide In Front of the Batumi Prosecutor’s Office
On July 17, 2009 17-year-old Natia Jashi poured petrol over herself in front of the Batumi Prosecutor’s Office and soon she was on fire. Fortunately, her attempt to commit suicide failed because the driver of the Prosecutor’s Office managed to put out the fire.

Reply of the Supreme Council of Justice of Georgia
Supreme Council of Justice got interested in the article published on our website several days ago. The article “Judge Who Did not Satisfy the Request of the Persecutor’s Office Is Persecuted” was about disciplinary persecution on Giorgi Gogichashvili, judge at the Telavi district court. According to the article, the reason for starting disciplinary persecution on the judge was his decision. “Judge Gogichaishvili did not satisfy the application of the Kakheti regional persecutor several days ago and replaced pretrial 2-month detention  of Kote Kapanadze, activist of the New Rights, with 20 000 GEL bail” it was written in the article. The Council of Justice states the information in the article is unreal. Here is the official comment of the Council of Justice on the article provided by the press-center of the Supreme Council of the Justice.

Public Defender Demands Investigation of Torture of Detainees Arrested on June 15
Sozar Subari, Public Defender appealed to Mamuka Gvaramia, Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to investigate the violations committed by law enforcement officers against demonstrators at the Tbilisi Main Police Department on June 15.

Public Broadcasting and Temptations of the Majority
“You will not leave the studio without apologizing,” the anchor of the TV program “What Do People Think?” shouted to film director Eldar Shengelia during a live broadcast in 2001. Eka Beridze, the anchor, demanded an apology for his statement: “The Public Broadcasting [the “PB”] has not changed since my youth; it is still the governmental TV Company.” “We are sorry,” the journalists sitting in the studio said later. Eight years later the director of the PB did not want to show this recording again but it was done.

Activists of the Movement “Join Us” Joined the List of Political Prisoners
Rally in front of the parliament on July 20 ended with the detention of several activists of the youth movement “Join Us”. The detainees are blamed for disobedience to policemen and minor hooliganism.

“Patrol Police” Enjoyed the Incident
The TV news program “Patrol Police” is very interested in the wounding of Gaga Gachechiladze (son of Levan Gachechiladze, leader of the united opposition) and prepared a thorough program about this incident. The audience could not understand the aim of the author: was he worried about the victim who was taken to the hospital or about the perpetrator who was not charged at all.

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