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Government Do not Aid to Temporary Residents of Liakhvi Valley
The residents who lived in the villages of Liakhvi valley temporarily are not aided from the government yet. The government distributed about 10 000 USD only to the permanent inhabitants of the Liakhvi valley. However there are a lot of families, so called “holiday-makers”, who had their houses and small plots there where received some harvest; the harvest used to be the source of their income.
Newspaper “Batumelebi” VS Adjara Prosecutor’s Office
“Hei girl, how do you dare to do that … We will put you in the cell…”

Newspaper “Batumelebi” is going to sue against the reply of the Prosecutor’s Office of Adjara Autonomous Republic. In its reply prosecutor stated that nobody had breached the law in regard with Natia Rokva, correspondent of the newspaper. The Prosecutor’s Office made the statement without having interrogated the journalist.

One More Method of Oppression on Businessmen
Oppression on businessmen still continues. Since businessman Zurab Monaselidze opposed large investment company his petrol station was closed. He claims that officials are interested in this situation. Although the businessman has all documents in order, the petro-station has been sealed from March, 2007. The Human Rights Center has held press-conference regarding the fact.

Political Controversy Has Started in Samegrelo Region
Vladimer Vakhania, Russia based Georgian businessman, was arrested in Zugdidi after 8-year political persecution. On March 15, special unit of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti regional police department conducted special operation at 11:00 pm when Vakhania was in his house alone. As a result of the search automatic gun and two handheld shells were withdrawn from his house.

Police Prohibited Drivers to Work on April 9, 2009 in the Regions
Policemen prohibited the drivers of mini-buses and buses to work on April 9 in the regions. According to the drivers, law enforcers warned them against transporting people from the region to the capital where protest demonstration is planned on that day. The drivers will have to refuse people to take them to Tbilisi despite the amount of the offered money. The policemen threatened them with having problems with patrol police and other structures unless they obey their warning.

Raid in Kakheti in the Name of President
Several days ago, Maia Kalabegashvili, spokesperson of Kakheti regional governor, called Kakheti based businessmen to the administrative building of Gurjaani district and requested each of them to pay 500 GEL for printing business-information brochures. The spokesperson told the businessmen that president was informed about the project and its implementation is obligatory for everybody.

Crime Admitted By Different Person
Will the court consider the testimony of the prisoner Shota Sakvarelidze who pleads the crime for what suspect Irakli Kalandadze is accused for?

Irakli Kalandadze, a resident of Batumi, is accused for the crime which is pleaded by another person. He is also charged for illegal storage of narcotics and illegal wearing of gun. The attorney of the detainee stated that investigation promises to discharge him from other accusations if he pleads wounding of Chakhvadze. However, Kalandadze does not plead guilty

Kakheti Regional Governor Loosened His Belt Instead Tightening
Over thousand former employees of several tens of the organizations that were funded from the government have remained without salaries. Because of lack of funds in the budget district administration cannot provide social assistance for extremely impoverished families. However, Kakheti regional governor installed an expensive shower-tap in his office.

Villages in Shida Kartli Are Still Looted After the War
There are some families from buffer zone who still cannot return to their homes because their villages are located close to the administrative boarder with South Ossetia. Although hostilities have stopped between Russia and Georgia, Russian soldiers are still deployed in Ossetian villages. Ossetian people permanently attack ethnic Georgians.

Population VS Mother Superior of Bodbe Nunnery (part 2)
It Is Your Property but It Does Not Belong To You

On April 12, 2007 Goderzi Gordeziani purchased 5 hectares of pasture near his house. He was leasing the land before that since 2001. The term of the lease contract was 49 years. Gordeziani personally applied to the Kakheti Regional Department of Registration and Privatization of State Property. The letter of the department # 625, issued on March 10, 2007, states that documents provided by Gordeziani was compared with the documents preserved in the department and the provided documents were confirmed to be legal and valid. Head of the Department, Butskhrikidze informed Gordeziani that he has right to purchase the land. Consequently, on April 12, 2007. Gordeziani purchased the pasture and paid the sum for it; he registered the property at Public Registry as well.

Population VS Mother Superior of Bodbe Nunnery (Part 1)
Residents of Kedeli settlement in St. Nino Street in Sighnaghi oppose Mother Superior of Bodbe Nunnery. Locals claim that the Mother has been appropriating their territories illegally for several years already. Those people, who refuse to give in their land to the monastery for free or for cheap price, face unbearable conditions. 

Criminal or Political Prisoner
51-year-old Anzor Mezvrishvili, a resident of the village of Garejvari in Gori district, was arrested when he sheltered Tbilisi Public School # 165 during the war operations in August, 2008. According to the decision of Tbilisi City Court, policemen from division # 5 of the Old Tbilisi Department within the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested Mezvrishvili in Janashia Street in Tbilisi. The law enforcers discovered white-brownish powder on him. Trials on Mezvrishvili still continue and he is charged under Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (illegal storage, purchase and transportation of narcotics).

Law Enforcers Dispersed Demonstration
“Why did you kill Roin Shavadze?” “Murderers of Zura Vazagashvili must be punished,” “Murderers of Sandro Girgvliani must be punished,” these were slogans of the demonstrators in Batumi. However, law enforcers forcefully dispersed the demonstration. The policemen seized video-cameras from the organizers of the demonstration.

State Seized Property from the Union of Architects
163 sq. meters of the Adjara office of the Union of Architects was seized by the state. The ministry states that the space was state property and based on the resolution of the Government of Georgia was assigned to them. The Union of Architects holds data of the inventory archive according to which the union was the owner of the space. The suit has already brought to the Batumi City Court.

What Is Yours Is Mine, Or How to Seize Strange Property
Today, private property owners unsuccessfully tried to protect their properties from the predatory plans of the government. These people are shareholders, private persons and legal entities; the seized property had been their own for many years. Our investigation will expose one script of the Government written for the court – how to seize the property of people?

Former Hostages of Ossetian Separatists Urge the Government for Help
During the war in August of 2008, Temur Jarmelashvili was hostage in Tskhinvali for 16 days. He still does not know why he was released from the captivity; he supposes that he was exchanged in Ossetian people arrested by Georgian law enforcers.

Accused for the Restriction of Free Opinion Is Appointed at High Position
Davit Kapanadze, former member of the Georgian Parliament, who was condemned by Lagodekhi district court for the persecution of free opinion in 2008, has recently occupied the position of the deputy head of the administration at the Chamber of Control. Journalists and human rights defenders consider that this fact is continuation of the governmental policy because those, who fight against freedom of expression and try to frighten journalists, are appointed to high positions.

Activities Started Without Tender
Reconstruction of Old City of Batumi should finish before December 31, 2009. 25 million GEL is allocated for the purpose. The activities have already started though without tender. “Bazplastic” and “Anagi” are carrying out the activities in Old Batumi. Zaza Gogotishvili, single mandate member of the Supreme Council of Adjara Autonomous Republic is the owner of the Company “Bazplastic.”

83-Year-Old Teacher Urges Government for Help
Dimitri Gogishvili, a resident of Zemo Khviti in Gori district, was wounded during the war in August, 2008. He is 83. Shells were dropped in his yard during the war operations and his house was half-destroyed. Despite that, government has not compensated him. Dimitri Gogishvili is former teacher; he worked at Georgian School # 1 in Tskhinvali, then he was a director of the secondary school in the village of Nikozi for 30 years.

Zugdidi Office of National Lies Functions Successfully
Georgian TV Companies have been reporting that Abkhazian separatists ruthlessly beat and wounded Irakli Bigvava and now he shelters in Zugdidi. Abkhazian side is demanding his transfer and is raiding ethnic Georgian population of Gai district unless he is not transferred to them. Furthermore, reportedly about 50 families were evicted from the village of Otobaia, Gali district. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia were seriously worried about the incident and they made several statements as it usually happens.

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