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HRIDC Report on Khurcha Incident – Factual Event or Machiavellian Conspiracy?

The 2008 Khurcha incident refers to the attack on buses in the Georgian village of Khurcha, near the ceasefire line with the internationally unrecognized breakaway region Republic of Abkhazia that has recently been recognized by the Russian Federation. The attack took place on Parliamentary Election Day May 21 2008 injuring 3 people.

“If You Do Not Leave the Area We Will Drag You Out With the Support of Special Unit”
IDPs from Abkhazia are being evicted from the building where they have lived for 16 years. Despite their protest, Koba Subeliani, Minister of Refugees and Accommodation, stated that resettlement of the IDPs aims to create better living conditions for them; 138 million GEL is envisaged for the purpose in the budget of 2009. The Minister claims the decision will not be changed and resettlement of IDPs will finish in 2009-2010.

Assassination of Guram Sharadze Is No More Tabooed
Based on recently discovered circumstances, Human Rights Center, family members of Guram Sharadze and their attorney, Gela Nikolaishvili, appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and requested repeated investigation of the assassination of Guram Sharadze. In a month we will know whether the prosecutor’s office has considered the appeal.

Five Years in Prison for Having Chopped Three Dry Trees
Gurjaani District Court is judging Otar Berelashvili, father of four children; he chopped three dry trees alongside the road in the village of Kachreti. Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office blamed Berelashvili for illegal chopping and stealing of trees; the crime envisages liability for 5 years.

Introduction to the 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
The year just ended was characterized by three trends: a growing worldwide demand for greater personal and political freedom, governmental efforts to push back on those freedoms, and further confirmation that human rights flourish best in participatory democracies with vibrant civil societies.
A Citizen Demands Gori Hospital to Return the Reimbursement for His Treatment
After being treated in Gori hospital Jemal Tsiklauri considers that medical personnel breached his rights. Tsiklauri claimed that several days after his treatment in the hospital he needed urgent operation.

Political Prisoners in Georgia
 Topic of political prisoners is still urgent for Georgia. Although Georgian authority acknowledged “democracy” and “freedom of expression”, criticizing the government is still dangerous.

It is natural that authority does not acknowledge persecution of people on political grounds in order not to damage its own image.   read more...
Employment Program Works Effectively for Former MPs
Most of Adjara Supreme Council former MPs were appointed in executive and legislative government.  30 former MPs continue to work in Adjara Autonomous Republic Supreme Council, in the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Economics, and Education and in the Division of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. 12 out of 30 work as deputy ministers, assistants to ministers and advisers. They receive salaries from 885- 1 500 GEL.

People with Burnt Houses Are Not Compensated Yet
 Over 300 houses were burnt and destroyed in Gori and Gori district during Russian aggression in August 2008. The government issued 15 000 USD to those families whose houses were seriously damaged and its rehabilitation required over 20 000 GEL. However, not every owner of similar houses was compensated. There are people who did not receive any assistance from the government and they still shelter at their relative’s. These people claim the government has not aided them at all.

Attorney Gela Nikoleishvili Involves Investigation of the Murder of Guram Sharadze
On May 20, 2007, Academician Guram Sharadze was murdered at the crossing of Melikishvili and Shanidze streets in Tbilisi. The accident happened at 8:30 pm and it had several witnesses among them patrol policemen: Levan Bochorishvili and Robert Paniev. Video-camera installed by the Insurance Company “Aldagi” in Melikvishvili Street also recorded the accident.
Kakheti Regional Governor Boycotted Independent Journalists
Giorgi Ghviniashvili, Kakheti Regional Governor does not cooperate with independent journalists any more. The correspondents who criticize the Regional Governor and reveal the violations committed by regional government are placed on so called “black list” made by the regional administration.
Inmates in Ksani Jail Hospital Are Tortured
“Until now we are treated like animals. Initially, we were fed with soup free from oil; now they put as much salt as possible in food to prevent us from eating; then they take the food to their pigs. If we eat salted food we get thirsty but they do not give water. If we protest their treatment, they start to curse us. The personnel and policemen beat us. Doctors do not pay attention to us; the only thing they tell us is: you will die soon. When we requested medicines, administration made us take off clothes and beat us in kidneys; then they pushed us into punishment cell; we are dying,” prisoners from Ksani Jail Hospital for inmates with tuberculosis urge non-governmental organizations and journalists for help.
Robbery or Fraud Denouncement
Ethnic Kurd Slava Bukavadze, his brother Ruslan Bukavadze and their friend Nika Khrushov were judged for robbery. The brothers were sent to prison for 7 years and bailed for 7 000 GEL.
People Are Still Looted in Gori District
Although villages of buffer zone are not bombed anymore, the residents of the villages are still living in feeling of constant fear. Gunfire is heard in the villages bordering with conflict zone is still heard; people cannot relax and they shelter their relatives in other villages.
Government Ceased Food Supply for IDPs

Internally displaced people sheltering in Gori Nursery School # 10 do not have minimal living conditions. They cannot afford even a visit to a doctor though these people have serious health problems as a result of war in August, 2008; they cannot buy medicines either.
Loud Statements Instead Activities
Administrative expenses in regions have increased at 10 %

Except several districts in Kakheti region almost every municipality boards enacted local budgets for 2009. Although the Prime-Minister ordered budget organizations to reduce administrative expenses, in several districts the administrative expenses exceeded 25-30 % of total local budgets. Based on President’s resolution local governmental officials rapidly increased their salaries up-to maximum amount indicated in the resolution. New people are employed at district administrations without any reasonable motives. Besides that authorities of Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi and Telavi districts intend to spend 4 000 sheets of paper, to drive 400 kilometers by car per day and to speak on mobile phone for 800 hours per year.
Closed Hearing of Shalikashvilis’ Case
Natia and Tengo Shalikashvilis, the siblings are accused for organized robbery. Two testimonies of witnesses and victim’s statement are the only evidence against them. A criminal case has been launched against the mother of the siblings for the bribery of a witness. Levan Tevzadze, the judge of Khelvachauri District Court closed the trial based on the motion submitted by the prosecutor. Despite the request of defense side there will be no open trial until the final verdict is passed.

Beacon of Democracy VS Freedom of Expression
On February 11-12 international conference was organized regarding the anniversary of the establishment of the institute of Public Defender in Georgia. On the final day of the conference Ia Antadze, journalist for the Radio “Liberty” and Vakho Komakhidze, director of Studio “Reporter,” introduced ombudsmen of foreign countries with the media situation in Georgia; they mentioned concrete facts when rights of journalists were breached. Association of Regional TV Broadcasters responded to the reports of Antadze and Komakhidze by making statements and assessed the incidents with journalists as an attempt to discredit regional TV Companies.

After Dukhobori Now Malakni Leave Georgia
After having withdrawn Dukhobori from Georgia, Russian authority is intending to take Malakni from our country now. As Malakni stated to the Human Rights Center they have been offered residence in Krasnodari Krai in Russian Federation; the invitation was sent by the Ministry of Urgent Situations of Russia. Nowadays Malaknis are busy to prepare their documents for departure. Because of unbearable conditions in Georgia and various problems that originated from ethnic motives hundreds of Malakni have already left Georgia.
Victim Demands Compensation
Tengiz Bibineishvili, 45 was injured during the implementation of his professional duties. A criminal case was launched on the fact. Later it was dropped by amnesty; however victim Bibineishvili has not received any compensation up to present time.
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