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The Relatives of the Killed in the War Request the State Assistance
The inhabitants of Zemo Nikozi and Zemo Khviti say that the government does not pay any attention to them. The population is eager that NGOs help them but they can not understand why the state does not foster the families of the killed in the August war. The people who lost the financial supporters of the family in the recent war are facing extremely difficult situation.
TV Company Maestro’s Call for Help
Mamuka Ghlonti, the founder and General Producer of cable channel Maestro claims that his TV Company might be raided.

Mamuka Ghlonti told newspaper Rezonansi that after having launched program Sakani # 5 (Cell # 5) some people often call in TV Company Maestro with warnings and threats. Moreover, the associates from Special Operative Department (SOD) and Constitutional Security Department (CSD) call and warn about upcoming threat.

Inhabitants of Buffer Zone Can Not Pay Loans of Bank
The inhabitants of Shida Kartli region not only lost their houses as a result of August war but also might face criminal charges for not paying bank loans. The population of Shida Kartli region did not have chance to take the harvest this year, therefore there is a crisis in agricultural business.

Conquering Television to Control the Narrative

When Georgia and Russia clashed over the disputed region of South Ossetia in August, many saw a David-versus-Goliath struggle between a fledgling democracy led by reform-minded Mikhail Saakashvili and an autocratic regime run by the calculating Vladimir Putin.

Democracy Index 2008: Most Significant Declines in Georgia and Russia
Influential American magazine Economist published its Democracy Index 2008. It reflects the situation as of September 2008. Democracy Index 2008 is the second edition, the first edition reflected the period as of September 2006. The Index provides a snapshot of the current state of democracy worldwide for 165 independent states and two territories (this covers almost the entire population of the world and the vast majority of the world's independent states (27 micro states are excluded). The democracy index is based on five categories: electoral process and pluralism; civil liberties; the functioning of government; political participation; and political culture. Countries are placed within one of four types of regimes: full democracies; flawed democracies; hybrid regimes; and authoritarian regimes.

Nursery Schools either Closed or Pulled Down in Kakheti Region
Nursery schools in Kakheti region are in poorest conditions. Rain water is leaking in the buildings from damaged roofs. The floors are in poor conditions. In order to protect children from falling into the basement, teachers do not allow them to go out of one room. Besides that, many municipality boards in the region refused to fund children’s nutrition. Parents bring food for their children to the nursery school every day. The number of beneficiaries at kindergartens has decreased because of unbearable conditions in it. Since nursery schools do not have enough beneficiaries municipality boards started to close them.

State Does Not Pay Debt to a Citizen
State owes money to Amiran Mikeladze. The latter owes money to Tax Inspection because of unpaid debt of the state. Tax inspection sequestered the estate of Mikeladze in order to get the debt from him. On February 6 Batumi City Court ordered to sell the sequestered property at the auction.
Local Police Divisions Funded from Local Budgets against the Law
The bodies of local self governance are not entitled to fund the institutions that are funded from national budget, according to Organic Law on Local Self-Governance and Georgian Law on the Budget of Body of Local Self-Governance. However, the Kakheti district divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) are partially funded by local bodies of self governance

IDPs Close to Hunger
The IDPs from Prone and Didi Liakhvi Gorges that have been living in Kakheti region since the August war face grave social problems. The IDPs from the conflict zone have neither enough food nor access to medical care.
According to official data, 266 IDPs live in Kakheti region: 86 families live in Telavi, Sagarejo and Lagodekhi in IDP centers and approximately 70 people are sheltered in the houses of their own relatives.

Intimidation of Regional Journalists is becoming large scaled Problem Day by Day
Sozar Subari: “The Government Stimulates the Abusers of Journalists.”

The intimidation of regional journalists is becoming large scaled problem day by day. Regional correspondents are not only insulted verbally but also restricted from implementing their duties, threatened that they will be assaulted, abducted or even killed. Even though all facts of intimidation of regional journalists are publicized and even though the victims apply to the prosecutor’s office with proofs of intimidation, none of the cases have been investigated so far.

Governor Forced Administration Employees to Resign
The employees of Kakheti Regional Governor’s office were forced to resign on January 23, 2009 by writing resignation letters. However, Giorgi Ghviniashvili, the Kakheti Regional Governor satisfied only 2 applications on resignation from 20. Zita Imanova, the lawyer of Kakheti Regional Governor’s office and Mari Shashviashvili, the press secretary to the same office left their jobs only. Imanova is the member of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA), strong and influential Georgian NGO and Mari Shashviashvili is the daughter of Zhana Didebashvili, former head of Kakheti Bureau of  TV and Radio Company Imedi who is now the Kakheti regional correspondent to Radio Palitra and news agency Interpressnews. The Human Rights Centre considers that Imanova and Shashviashvili were dismissed because they were politically unreliable employees.

Kaspi Inhabitants Protest against Closure of Kindergartens
The inhabitants of Kaspi town demand that the local administration re opens kindergartens in Kaspi town. The locals protest against the closure of kindergartens. They claim that the government closed kindergartens on the grounds that IDPs would be settled there. The locals say that they can not afford private kindergartens. “The closure of state funded kindergarten is a serious problem to us because we go to work every day and we have no one with whom children can stay for this period of time. We used to leave children in kindergartens. We spoke with the deputy district governor about the problem but with no success. The fact is that kindergartens have not been functioning since September 2008,” people say. Private kindergartens are unavailable not only because they are expensive for ordinary people but also because of their location.

Because of Negligence of Policemen Museums Are Robbed
Over 20 facts of robbery in museum occurred during last several years in Kakheti region. District police departments have launched criminal investigation on all of them; however, no incidents have been resolved yet.

A Kindergarten instead of Disevi
Suliko Begheluri, IDP from the  village of Disevi now shelters in Gori Kindergarten # 10 together with his wife. Venera Laghoshvili, the wife of Suliko Begheluri says that the government did not assign a cottage to them because they are only two in the family. They have not received a  compensation of 10 000 GEL from the government yet as well.

Seven Years in Prison for Drinking Vodka
Gurjaani district court is judging 28-year-old Amiran Tsertsvadze. Criminal case materials and testimonies of the witnesses interrogated at the trial, expose that very drunken Tsertsvadze swayed into the booth of other person located next to his father’s house and drank vodka. Although the prosecutor blames the accused person for the attempt of thievery because he illegally entered the strange house. Consequently, Tsertsvadze is charged under the criminal code and prosecutor demands 7-year of imprisonment for him.  

People Are Demanded to Return to Knolevi Village
Residents of Knolevi village in Kareli district, who shelter in the building of Rustavi Vocational College # 17, are demanded to return to their village; whilst people are afraid to go there. Knolevi borders with Znauri district that is controlled by occupants. Checkpoint of occupants is opened at the one side of the village and Ossetian militants are deployed on the other side.

Local Budgets Do Not Meet Real Needs of Population
According to the Law of Georgia on “Single Budget of Local Self-Governance”, draft budget shall be published at least one month before the municipality board starts discussion on it. In this case, citizens shall be able to participate in decision-making process. Local government does not implement this responsibility imposed by the law. Consequently, the residents of the region do not have information about the local budget, what projects shall be funded from it and how efficiently the budget sums shall be spent. Similar information should be spread by media sources.

Illegal Payments and Population without Water Supply
Two years ago, President Saakashvili “resolved” the problem of water-supply in the village of Tsikhisdziri in Kobuleti district, Adjara Autonomous Republic. The water pump-house was opened with solemn ceremony but today local residents have to pay for it. Local residents collect 5 GEL every month and from that money they pay the wages of the workers on pump-house. However, the pump-house is still property of Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia.

Lonely Old Woman Was Deprived from Allowance
Lonely person, Siranush Aivanian has been registered in the data base of socially excluded families and received allowance until September 2008. She lost the allowance because the rating points on her family were increased. Although the evaluation system was changed two months latter and minimum level of rating points was reduced, Siranush Aivazian does not get her allowance. The administration of the Agency of Social Subsidies in Adjara Autonomous Republic defines that Aivazian will receive the allowance after March 1 2009.

Museum Employees Salary Is Still 40 GEL In Comparison to Increased Salary of District Governor to up to 2 500 GEL
On December 30, 2008 the President of Georgia issued a resolution that allowed increasing salaries to the representatives of municipality councils and district governors. The district authorities had tried to make profit from budget many times. The proof for this allegation can be bonuses issued on district high-ranking officials at least once in two months and sometimes even every month. In parallel to it, district governors refused employees of museums in Kakheti region to increase their salaries (currently they get 40 GEL). The authorities alleged that there were not enough funds in the budget.

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