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Lecturers at Telavi Unversity Remained Unemployed
Three lecturers remained unemployed at Telavi Iakob Gogebashvili University. One of them Eldino Jangulashvili states she had not worked at the university to make money and did not obey the illegal orders of the administration. For this reason she had controversy with the rector Giorgi Gotsiridze and his brother Paata Gotsiridze who is head of legal department of the university.

“Shall I Die of Hunger Because I Am Russian?”
Larisa Sparikhina applied to the Human Rights Center for help. Sparikhina does not feel safe in Adjara Autonomous Republic and thinks she is persecuted because of Russian ethnicity.

Father of Policeman Blames Merabishvili in Protecting the Murderer of His Son
15 months ago Levan Odikadze was killed in Tbilisi. His father blames the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Vano Merabishvili in protecting the murderer of his son and states that “nothing will be cleared up in the obscure murder of my son before government is changed in Georgia.”

Young Mother Threatens to Leave Her Child In Front Of the Ozurgeti District Administration
“Unless they assist me, I will have to leave the child in front of the building of the district administration; it will be better for me… I do not want him to die of hunger. He has not eaten for three days,” said Manana Goguadze who lives in extreme poverty. Despite it she does not get allowance for socially disable people. She cannot get the allowance for the mother with many children and physically disable people either.

Houses Are Built for IDPs But of Poor Quality
The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia spread information about the rehabilitation of the collective shelters of IDPs early this year and the government of Georgia welcomed the initiative with funfair. The excited government once more reminded the population that they are bothered about people. The government presented the rehabilitation plan for collective centers. According to the plan, about 85 000 IDPs shall be sheltered into a new buildings in 2009. The process started and the IDPs started complaining about it.

Black Sea Peacebuilding Platform initiative brings together conflict resolution experts in Bucharest
On 28 – 31 October 2009, civil society conflict resolution experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine (including Nagorno-Karabakh and Transdniestria) met at UN House and at the Radisson Hotel in Bucharest.  The 25 regional conflict experts met to discuss the initiative to build a permanent standing Black Sea Peacebuilding Platform.

The Georgian government is conducting an investigation into a series of video clips posted on Facebook that insult the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ilia II. The clips are fueling a debate about the boundaries of freedom of expression in Georgia.

Nightmare about Regional TV-Stations
In 2009, almost every influential international organization speaks in their reports about worsened media situation in Georgia. According to the recent report of the Freedom House Georgia is one of those 18 states where the situation in the field of democracy has worsened. Furthermore, after 2003 the indexes of democracy in Georgia have fallen to the lowest level. Nevertheless, president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili said in his interview with the “Connect the World” of the CNN, there are 27 independent TV-channels in Georgia. He said TV-companies have political talk-shows where every political organization can express it opinion openly.

European Court Passed Judgment on the Accused in High Treason
On 27 October, 2009 European Court published judgment on the case on plotters. More precisely, it is case “Panjikidze and other 6 VS Georgia”. European Court concluded that Georgian state breached the Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to fair trial).

Thomas Blaik:”Business Environment Will Worsen in Georgia”
Thomas Blaik, director of Thames UK Limited was deprived from his right to control his own business – this information was released at the press-conference in Tbilisi Marriott on October 23.

The South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders Urges the Release of Political Prisoners
On the 30th of October – International Day of Solidarity to Political Prisoners the South Caucasus Networkof Human Rights Defenders expresses its deep solidarity to those who face imprisonment or other forms of persecution on political grounds in any country regardless of frontiers.

Teachers and Doctors Shall Take Abkhazian Passports Before De-facto Presidential Elections
De-facto government of Abkhazia ordered teachers and doctors working in the occupied Gali district to take Abkhazian passports. Teacher of the secondary school in the village of Tagiloni in Gali district reported to the Human Rights Center about it. According to her, teachers shall take passports before November. Meanwhile they have to prepare other documents. The price for the passport is 300 rubles (approximately 7 Euros). Besides that, teachers shall pay additional 150 rubles to the Notary.

Will Tagliavini Report Lead Us to Hague Court?
Everybody expected the Heidi Tagliavini report to encourage opposition parties to start new protest rallies in Georgia; however, it did not happen. Every opposition party used the report to criticize the government of Georgia and they requested snap presidential elections several times; nevertheless, even the most radical opposition parties did not or could not use the report for launching new wave of protest rallies.

Tagliavini Commission Report Awakens an Extinct Protest Volcano in Georgia
The name of the Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini may soon be used as a flagship for a new protest movement in Georgia. The implacable Georgian opposition, who previously ran three-month long protest rallies which commenced in April, have reiterated their calls for pre-term elections in the country (www.civil.ge, October 2). Nino Burjanadze, the former parliamentary speaker and leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia party asserted that President Mikheil Saakashvili should be held responsible for his policies and has attempted to rally opposition parties to consider how “to set Georgia free of Saakashvili’s regime, so that the people can elect a truly national, accountable and state-minded leadership” (Interpress News, October 2).

Russian Soldiers Will Open Prison in School Building
Russian soldiers decided to open pretrial detention setting in the school building of the village of Lekukhona in Gali district.

“Kakheti Energy Distribution Company” Robs Subscribers
Kakheti population blames the Energy Distribution Company in robbery. The company, based ono the resolution of the National Energy Regulatory Commission of Georgia, demands subscribers to pay bills according to communal meters. Ten thousands of subscribers have to pay extra 5, 10 GEL every month. Short time ago, the Minister of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Aid Dimitry Shashkin assessed the activities of the Energy Distribution Company as “working according to the principles of Chingis Khan.” President Saakashvili also criticized working by communal meters several times but the situation has not changed yet. The subscribers who pay extra money for the communal meters are not supplied with electricity yet.

Do Russian Soldiers Also Participate in Pre-election Campaign of Abkhazia?
Controversial news are spread about introduction of additional Russian military forces in Gali district.

Russian armed forces introduced additional forces in Gali district on October 27. Giorgi Baramia the head of the legitimate government of Abkhazia stated at the special briefing on October 28.

Garages Are Destroyed
Residents of Javakhishvili Street in Batumi applied to the Human Rights Centre for help. Supervision Department Batumi City Hall has destroyed their garages.

Only 60 770 900 GEL Was Spent on IDPs from Allocated 176 646 450 GEL
The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) published preliminary report of the monitoring they carried out to assess the construction activities of shelters for the IDPs. The report states that only 60 770 900 GEL was spent from the allocated 176 646 450 GEL on the IDPs. As a result of the monitoring lawyers exposed several facts of inefficient activities and unreasonable expenditure of state funds.

Mortal Prisoners Were Sent to Prison for 7 and 11 Years
The scandalous trial at Kutaisi Prison N 2 where the judge had to announce the final verdict on the hunger-striker prisoners ended in noise and astonishment. The justice sent accused Giorgi Zirakadze and Giorgi Gorgodze to prison for seven and eleven years relatively. The court decided to hold the trial in Kutaisi prison after the prisoners could not go to the court as they felt weak because of hunger-strike.

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