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What Did Shida Kartli Vice-Regional Governor Choose from Kibar Khalvashi’s Property?
The Human Rights Center found out what Shida Kartli vice-regional governor Zurab Chincilakashvili chose from the former property of businessman Kibari Khalvashi in the companies “Priza” and “Arti”. On the photo Chinchilakashvili is sitting with Alika Makrakhidze, director of the local company “Arkstudio 2000” in the jeep which belonged to the wife of Kibar Khalvashi as relatives of the businessman alleged.

Who Has An Interest In Discrediting Georgia's Patriarch?
Video footage posted last week on Georgian websites and on YouTube showing Georgian Patriarch Ilia II with a voiceover of insulting comments about Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has triggered a storm of criticism from the Georgian authorities, opposition parties, and the Georgian Orthodox Church.
Purposeful Action against Patriarch or Harmless Joke
Politics in religion and religion in politics

The video-recordings insulting Catholic-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II caused serious discontent in Georgian society. It was natural because Georgian society is oriented on traditional faith...the point is how right is the orientation. Many people expressed their opinions about this controversy which demonstrated that the issue is more resonant for the society than any political process or report (including the report of Tagliavini Mission and subsequent processes).

Children Awaiting Assistance
About 400 Children in Ozurgeti Live in Extreme Impoverishment

Three-year-old Kakha lives in the large family; he has two sisters and one younger brother Data. The little boys have health problems; they are disabled.


EDITORIAL: Bulldogging Georgia

The Obama administration's "reset" of relations with Moscow has caused understandable nervousness in countries on Russia's periphery. Not helping matters much is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who called the collapse of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] century." Among states that won their freedom after the Soviet collapse, there is justifiable concern that they might be subjects of the Evil Empire again one day.

Negative Results of Optimization Process in Schools
The policy of optimization of public schools in Georgia implemented by the Ministry of Education in 2005 left many villages without public schools and many pupils without education.

Beyond Poverty Level and In the Street
Alternative Space without Windows and Door Instead the Accommodation for an IDP

An IDP from Abkhazia Mediko Jikia who lives beyond poverty level has been living in the street with her three little grandchildren for over one week. In 2006 she purchased two rooms from an IDP in the building of Abkhazian Court in Kalaubani Street N 6, in Varketili settlement. She created minimal living conditions in the accommodation. The Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation registered her in that address in November of 2007. One year later the accommodation was registered on her. However, the registration happened only after the space was sold to the group of lawyers. One of those lawyers was Davit Jabidze, former governor of Isani-Samgori district in Tbilisi. The group demanded the IDPs to leave the accommodation and evicted them under force.

Reformed Georgian Judiciary – Beyond the Façade
“Justice has left the repaired court rooms”

On October 16 the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders [the “Network”] held a public discussion: “Reformed Georgian Judiciary – beyond the Façade “

Journalists Gathered to Protect Freedom of Expression
Today, Regional Media Association and network of journalists organized a protest rally in front of the parliament of Georgia. The journalists working in the regions of Georgia arrived in Tbilisi to support Adjara based independent TV Company “TV-25”.

Batumi City Hall Fined A Citizen for Reconstructing Her House
Family residing in Saiatnova Street N 4 in Batumi was fined with 4 000 GEL by the supervision office of the City Hall; the family reconstructed the house inside

Public Defender Denied Information about Physical Assault of Prisoners
It was reported that prisoners, brought from Rustavi Prison to Kutaisi Prison N 2, were beaten during transportation; consequently Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi visited prisoners in Kutaisi prison and denied the information about their beating. Despite official statement of the public defender, the relatives of the prisoners still worry.

Journalists Will Hold a Protest Rally In Front Of the Parliament
Association of regional media and journalists working in the regions of Georgia will hold a protest rally in front of the Parliament building to support TV Company TV-25 on October 21, at 1:00 pm. According to the organizers, the protest rally will be preventive. According to the spread information, non-governmental organizations will join the protests rally.

Journalists Are not Allowed to Work Properly in the Telavi District Court
In July of 2007 the parliament of Georgia introduced changes to the Law of Georgia on General Courts. As a result of the amendments photo-video recording and transmitting in the courtroom were prohibited. The initial draft law prohibited audio-recording too but as a result of resistance from local and international organizations this part was removed from the draft law. The Law of Georgia on General Courts does not prohibit audio-recording at trials. Despite that, journalists are not allowed to use Dictaphones at the Telavi district court and so cannot work there properly.

Improvised War Smells in Gori
Everybody in Gori is talking about the film, which is being filmed by Hollywood stars about the war last year. The city looks like a battle field and it impacts people’s psychology one year after the war. People go to work by indirect roads. Tanks are moving in the city centre, helicopters are flying in the sky, explosions are heard from time to time, and gunfire and the moaning of “dying” actors are heard. Mothers who lost their sons are crying, schooling has stopped in Gori Public School N 3. A house is burning here and a tire is burning there ...Although it is improvised the war really smells in Gori.

Judge Tabaghua: “Question Is Declined... Question Is Declined...”
Telavi district court is discussing the criminal case against Kote Kapanadze, supporter of the political party the New Rights. Judge Besarion Tabaghua is conducting the trial in the smallest room of the court so that the interested people cannot attend the process. Although the audio-recording is not prohibited at trial by the Law of Georgia, the bailiffs do not allow journalists to use Dictaphones in the courtrooms.

What Is In Fact Going On In Gali District and What Information Is Reported by Georgian Side?
On October 16Russian soldiers ruthlessly beat the teachers in the village of Tagiloni in Gali district.George Baramia, the head of the legitimate government of Abkhazia, reported about this incident at the press-conference. According to him, Russian soldiers broke into the school and having found Georgian books there they beat teachers ruthlessly.

We Never Differentiated between Ossetians and Georgians in Our Village
The Human Rights Center has already published an article about the village of Tsitelubani in Gori district. It is very interesting village – one of those villages where ethnic Ossetians and Georgians live together and despite 20-year-old conflict they manage to live in peace.

Georgia takes cold comfort from Clinton as Russia talks in more bellicose terms
ANALYSIS: Recovering from recent war, Tbilisi is striving to steer clear of another, writes DAN McLAUGHLIN.

HILLARY CLINTON’S words of support for Georgia during her visit this week to Moscow did little to calm fears in Tbilisi about Russia’s intentions in the turbulent Caucasus mountains.

Prisoners Continue Hunger-Strike in Kutaisi Detention Setting
Last month the Human Rights Centre reported about two inmates protested the injustice in Kutaisi Prison N 2 with most severe form. George Gorgodze and George Zirakadze sewed their mouths up. They stopped their protest action on 33rd day of their protest being promised from prosecutor’s office to satisfy their demands. The convicted pleaded not guilty and wanted to meet prosecutor of Baghdati district. The meeting failed. Inmates started starvation again.

Council of Europe Requests the Government of Georgia to Resolve Problems of National Minorities in Georgia
Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities published the preliminary resolution on Georgia. 54-page document provides detailed descriptions of the problems that are urgent in Georgia in the field. According to the resolution, language barrier is the main problem for national minorities in Georgia and it hinders political and social-economical integration of national minorities in the society. The CoE recommends to the government of Georgia to take more fruitful measures to eradicate the problem. The Human Rights Center publishes the main part of the resolution. You can read the full document and comments of the Government of Georgia on the document on our website.

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