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“Throw These Observers Away from Here!” Parody of Elections in Ganmukhuri
Ganmukhuri is a beautiful village located close to the administrative border with Abkhazia. Although the municipal elections were more or less calm in Samegrelo region, there was noise and disorder in Ganmukhuri village from the early morning on May 30.
Military Servants from Other Regions Voted for the Single Mandate Candidate in Rustavi at the So-called Close Polling Stations
On May 30, we were waiting for the permission to enter the polling station # 87 in Rustavi for one and half hour. It was so-called closed polling station which was located in the territory of the prison # 2 in Mshenebli Street, Rustavi.

Government Misappropriated Votes of Akhalgori District Residents
“What shall I do? If I do not go to Tserovani to mark number 5, they will take the cottage from me,” complained the resident of Akhalgori district before the municipal elections. “Unless you come and mark number 5, we will send you to Russians,” the IDPs settled in Tserovani village were told by the members of the National Movement. Representative of the Alliance for Georgia Gocha Gabrielashvili stated in his interview with the humanrights.ge that drunken member of the ruling party kicked the observer out of the PS. He said the village councilors and governors carried out election procedures in Tserovani.

“Besh-Besh” Was Still Heard in Azeri Villages
It was a bit calm in the polling station # 48 in the village of Tulari in Sagarejo district from the morning. However, in the afternoon a chain of violations started. The commission chairperson allowed several voters to take part in the elections without IDs. After I noted about the violation, the chairperson told me that it was no problem; the voter had left the ID at home and he could vote without document since he lived far from the PS.
Elections 2010 in Kakheti Region and Literature Styles: Drama, Epos, Lyrics
International observers were particularly satisfied with the work of the district and precinct election commissions during the municipal elections of May 30, 2010. They said, “The municipal elections were carried out without violations at high professional level. The observers of the Human Rights Center make different evaluations. They said “it was shameful elections which can be called anything but elections,” Elections and Drama – “they are getting on nerves of the commission members.”
Foreign Observers about the Municipal Elections: “Even Though Formally the Elections Followed Democratic Procedures, Democracy Is not Really in Place in Akhalkalaki.”
(Akhalkalaki, 31 May) A delegation composed of two representatives of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and one from the Austrian Helsinki Association, registered as local observers with the Georgian Human Rights Center in Tbilisi, and observed elections in the southern Javakheti region in the period 29 to 31 May.
Karajala – Besh, Besh and Khinkali at the Polling Station
“Besh, Besh (Five in Azerbaijan language) was heard at the polling stations # 38 and # 39 in Karajala village all day long. The observer of the Human Rights Center Tamar Kviriashvili monitored the election procedures at the polling stations during 18 hours on May 30, 2010  (see photo 1,2,3).
Mass Election Violations in Iormughanlo Village
In the village of Iormughanlo in Sagarejo district, which is populated by ethnic Azeri people, the municipal elections were held with mass fabrication and blatant violations. The observers of the Human Rights Center monitored the election process in all 12 polling stations in the village. At the end of the Election Day, commission members and activists of the National Movement increased oppression on the observers and the Center decided to call their observers back till the end of the polling day. Below you can read the journalistic report about the situation in one of the polling stations in Iormughanlo village.
Elections in Kvemo Kartli Region – Traditional Violations
Various sorts of violations were observed during the municipal elections in Kvemo Kartli region as it was expected. The main characteristic feature of the municipal elections in the region was problem to distinguish the commission members from the National Movement and opposition parties from each other. Very often, the representatives of the opposition parties interfered in our activities and called us provocateurs. After our entrance into the polling stations, the main interest of the commission members was our rapid departure from there.
Election Procedures Are Going On with Blatant Violations in the Villages Populated by Ethnic Minorities
The executive director of the Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili reported that municipal elections are going on with serious violations in the villages populated with ethnic minorities in Kakheti region.

Candidate of the National Movement Does Not Like To Recall Sins of November 7
Public officials in the Kvemo Kartli region, who are on holidays, actively meet the population before the elections. They speak about the achievements of their party and try to persuade the voters that the government always supported the society. The humanrights.ge reminded the single mandate candidate of the National Movement in Rustavi Mamuka Abuladze how he congratulated the masked law enforcement officers about the dispersal of the demonstration on November 7, 2007.
Peak of the Oppression on Voters and Opposition Parties
“The government does its best to intervene in the activities of the opposition parties during the municipal elections. They do it several days before the elections too. Representatives of the ruling party openly or secretly bribe voters, threaten people and try to win the elections with the support of similar illegal methods,” said the representatives of the Kutaisi office of the Alliance for Georgia.
Commissaries Have Election Posters of the National Movement Pasted in Their Offices
Offices of the commissaries of the territorial entities in Ozurgeti district are full of election posters and booklets of the United National Movement. Lawyers say similar action is punished under the Article 126/18 of the Election Code and imposes fine of 1 500 GEL over the offender (commissary in this particular case).
National Deal
The president of Georgia Saakashvili stated that fair municipal election of Georgia in 2010 is the issue of dignity for the country. He ordered the members of the National Movement not to ‘give reason to the opposition parties for complaining” about their involvement in the election process. However, in Kakheti region, the secretaries in the election commissions, who were introduced by the opposition parties and were to protect the interests of them, in fact cooperate with the National Movement.
The Human Rights Centre First Celebrated the Muhajir Day in Tbilisi
On May 21, Abkhaz and other Caucasus nations became the victims of the cruel Russian Imperialist Policy in the 19th century. This day has been celebrated as a Day of Muhajirs by the victims of the Russian Empire since then. The Human Rights Centre decided to celebrate the day in Tbilisi and on May 21 invited the people interested in Georgian-Abkhaz conflict to the Boell Foundation at the presentation of the documentary film “Seaside of Sorrow” by Niko Tsuladze.
“Today the Same People Ask Us to Vote Whom We Elected Yesterday and Received Terrible Results”
Several days are left before the municipal elections. Consequently, the political parties get more active. On May 30, Georgian population will elect local authority. Before that, the wave of promises will cover the country once more. The candidates of the local government will be closer to people now and listen to their needs.
“He Developed Tbilisi and Can You Imagine What He Will Do in Akhaltsikhe?” – Residents of Meskheti Region Are Voting for Gigi Ugulava
Several days left before the municipal elections. The local population is indifferent about elections. “Nothing will be changed,” most part of the citizens have this position. The opposition parties are less active there.

Secret about Geno Malazonia’s Detention
The Tax Department started to inspect the JSC “Energy Invest” in April of 2010. A month later, Georgian media sources actively reported about detention of the director of the JSC Geno Malazonia; he is in pre-trial detention at the moment. After his detention, every employee of the enterprise “Nitric”, subordinated to the “Energy Invest”, received special directives – not to give interviews to journalists.

Opposition Parties Are Hindered in Pre-Election Campaign
In Kakheti region, opposition parties are hindered in pre-election campaign. The election banner of the Alliance for Georgia was destroyed in Kvareli; in Telavi, the posters of the National Movement were pasted over the posters of the Alliance for Georgia. Candidate for the membership of the parliament from the political party “Tortladze- Democrat Party“ in Gurjaani district Levan Cholokashvili said that he was not allowed to meet the doctors and teachers.
“You Cannot Torment Svaneti Region!”
“You cannot torment Svaneti region!” this phrase is an extract from a video-recording of the violent action of the officials of the governmental and the ministry of internal affairs in Mestia on May 3; the leaders of the opposition parties in Svaneti region exclusively provided the presa.ge with the recording.
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