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Prosecutor’s Office Started Investigation on Fabricated Protocol Before the Elections
The prosecutor’s office started investigation on the protocol, which was changed in an obscure situation; the election commission of the district # 62 dismissed their members.
Obama's Betrayal of Georgia Kind of Makes Sense
Leading into the office of Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, there is a room lined with more than a hundred photographs. Bill Clinton is there, and so are John McCain, Condoleezza Rice and, quite prominently, Richard Gere. Right beside the door, at center stage, there's a shot of George W. Bush watching Saakashvili bend down on the White House lawn and fondle his terrier, Barney. Taken together, the room is like an ostentatious Rolodex put out on display, a symbol of where Saakashvili has gotten his confidence. But there is no one on those walls from the Obama administration, and after last week it's little wonder why.
Sen. McCain Criticizes Obama over Georgia
Republican Senator John McCain criticized the Obama administration saying that support for liberty and human rights is "mostly missing" from the U.S. foreign policy and as one of the examples, among others, the Senator brought situation in Georgia vis-à-vis Russia.
Zurab Kharatishvili Suggested that the District Election Commission Leave State Buildings
In Shida Kartli region all district election commissions are located in the administrative buildings. Chairperson and members of the regional election commissions can meet the governmental officials at any time because the district administration and the election commission offices have one entrance. The chairman of the Central Election Commission of Georgia Zurab Kharatishvili requested the commission members to be careful in the cooperation with the local officials.
Workers On Strike in Rustavi
On May 17, the workers of the GeoStyle Ltd went on strike in Rustavi. “Low salaries, no drinking water and toilets – these are our main problems. We have to work two days and nights a week and the salary is 300 GEL per month. It is slavery. They know that the country is poor and people live in unbearable conditions; so they treat us nastily. We went on strike 7 months ago too. We had same requirements. The administration promised to improve the conditions but nothing was changed,” said the worker of the factory Beso Bazadze. Strikers said they cannot take a bath after a working-day. “We have neither bath-room nor the dinning-room.”
Opposition Parties Complain about Unequal Election Conditions
Two weeks before the municipal elections the opposition parties started to complain about the unequal pre-election conditions. Unlike the governmental officials, the single mandate candidates of the opposition parties state that everything is ready in Kutaisi, like throughout Georgia, to rig the elections.
“We Have No Other Way but Living Together!” – Georgian Students Appeal to Abkhaz People
“If we want to gain Abkhazia back, we should first gain the hearts of Abkhaz people back; we should restore the broken bridge between the two nations of one state,” “Public diplomacy and peace will help us,” “We should forgive each other’s sins,” said the Georgian students during the discussion of Georgian-Abkhaz problem. However, we encountered radical statements too: “We will gain the territory lost by the war only through the war,” “Abkhaz people are blinded by Russia,” etc.
Presa.ge Got Hold of Expertise Conclusion on Roin Shavadze’s Case
Presa.ge got hold of two conclusions of the forensic expertise – N 1739-111 and N2963/1 on Roin Shavadze’s case; according to those conclusions, the senior sergeant Roin Shavadze, who had returned home from the August war in 2008 two days ago, was initially tortured and then killed.
Amnesty International Responds to the Assertion of the MIA - Georgia Has Not Purchased Torture Equipment
Georgia: Ministry of Internal Affairs misconstrued Amnesty International’s report on exports of policing equipment from EU member states to Georgia Amnesty International rebuts false assertions of the Georgian Ministry of Interior on 30 March1 alleging that the organization published inaccurate information with regard to exports of policing and security equipment from EU member states to Georgia in its report, From Words to Deeds: Making the EU Ban on the trade in ‘tools of torture’ a reality (Index: EUR 01/004/2010).
“Patients Will Not Stay in Such a Hospital; the Building Is Pulling Down”
The government of Georgia often boasts about the development of hospital sector in the country and about the construction of new hospitals in the regions. In fact, the doctors of the region-based hospitals know the real situation better of all. Nobody knows what will happen with the hospitals which are somehow working now; most of them require serious reconstruction.
Most Spread Methods of Election Rigging in Georgia
What methods are most popular in Georgia to rig the elections, and whether it is possible to carry out fair municipal elections on May 30 to show the real choice of the people? These questions have become more and more urgent for the political parties participating in the elections recently. The humanrights.ge interviewed the board chairman of the International Center of Civil Culture Kote Kandelaki who has been observing the elections for several years and studies the features of the Georgian elections.
Kvemo Kartli Region before Elections – Scarified Election Banners, Rapidly Changeable Opposition Feelings…
Next day, members of the Christian-Democrat Party found their election banner scarified in the 7th micro district of Rustavi. “The banners with our candidate in this district Giorgi Melikidze were torn down and scarified next day. It is uncivilized form of fight. If somebody thinks that by similar actions our rating will fall in this city, he is very mistaken,” said the head of the Rustavi office of the Christian-Democrats Aleko Akhvlediani.
Governmental Officials of Georgia Were Bribed for the Purchase of Weapon from Israel
Online magazine MAIN JUSTICE published scandalous article with the title “Superseding Indictment Clarifies Alleged FCPA Conspiracy”. The article is about the ongoing investigation in the USA on the corruptive facts discovered in the weapon-trafficking. MAIN JUSTICE reports that high-ranking officials of the Georgian government are also involved in this corruption. However, their names are not mentioned in the article. Humanrights.ge thinks it could be the main topic of the visit of the head of the US FBI in Georgia several days ago when he met the minister of the internal affairs of Georgia. Maybe, the detention of the former high-ranking official of the Defense Ministry of Georgia Gela Berdzenishvili is connected with this investigation as well. You can read the translation of the full article.
Members of the National Movement Have Absolute Majority in Election Commissions
Most opposition parties might have made a deal with the government before the municipality elections of May 30. The reason of the assumption is the party-belonging of the regional and district election commissions members. However, neither those opposition parties are active whose quotas were used by the National Movement.
Strikers Committee Is Waiting for the Georgian Manganese to Keep Their Promises
The strike and protest demonstrations against Georgian Manganese might renew in Zestaponi and Chiatura. On April 25, the administration of the Georgian Manganese and the strikers committee reached agreements after negotiations; however, it turned out temporary agreement. The employees of the Georgian Manganese doubt the administration lies to them. They doubted about it after the shareholders of the company could not reach agreement.
Initiative Group of Lawyers Started Manifestation in Front of the Parliament
Initiative group of lawyers started sitting manifestation in front of the parliament building. Representative of the initiative group Shalva Khachapuridze said the protest will last 24 hours a day till the results of the municipality elections of May 30 are announced.
Head of CSD Was Fired Because of Pre-Election Oppression
The head of the Lanchkhuti district division of the Constitutional Security Department was fired because of the oppression on the single mandate candidate of the Alliance for Georgia.
Alliance for Georgia Blames Chairman of the Samtredia Regional Election Commission in Close Relationship with the National Movement
According to the Alliance for Georgia, the first session of the election commissions in Samtredia district was held with violations. There are 50 polling stations and 49 000 registered voters in the district. However, the changes are eventually introduced to the election list. Unlike other opposition parties, only the representative of the Alliance for Georgia Imeda Gogava protested the violations.
Mikheil Saakashvili: “Yes, We Misuse Administrative Resources, but We Do It Anyway”
On April 22, 2010, chairman of the parliament of Georgia Davit Bakradze warned public servants not to participate in the pre-election campaign or they would be punished under the law. Despite that, according to the non-governmental organizations, the representatives of the opposition parties in the regions are still compelled to participate in the elections; activists and supporters of the opposition parties are threatened. In addition to that, the candidates of the ruling party massively misuse administrative resources.
International Federation of Trade Unions Reminded Mikheil Saakashvili of Workers Rights
International Federation of the Trade Unions of the World and Trade Unions of various countries got interested in the problems of the workers of Zestaponi Ferro Factory and Chiatura Mine. The strikes of the workers in Zestaponi and Chiatura on April 20-22 had the result.
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