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City Court Started Interrogation of the Accused Victims
On September 16, the city court renewed the trial of the students who were wounded in front of the technical university. The young people in pre-trial detention – Zaza Shavliashvili, Vasil Giguashvili, Nika Beruashvil, Roland Nikolozashvili and Saba Mghvdeladze – were initially found victims in the incident but later they were charged for the hooliganism by the prosecutor’s office.
Military Reserve of Georgia – Lessons and Challenges
In 2006, the parliament of Georgia adopted a new law on “Military Reserve Service” based on which the defense ministry of Georgia, more precisely the National Guardia started training of reservists first in the history of independent Georgia.
President Misled Unemployed Residents of Rustavi
President Saakashvili visited Rustavi a week ago and attended the re-opening ceremony of the Georgian-Italian leather enterprise which now “started working at full speed;” the enterprise was opened a year ago. At least, the national TV-Channels spread similar information. The workers said all machines were already working in the factory and they cannot understand why the president visited the enterprise. 
They Were Standing
They were standing...
They were standing in Vake district, in Chavchavadze Avenue in front of the fifth building of the Tbilisi State University and on the other side of the street near the underground passage in front of the shops.
Unprecedented Illegality – The Victims Are Accused
Five students of the Technical University of Georgia have been in Gldani prison # 8 for eight months already. Zaza Shavliashvili, Vasil Giguashvili, Nika Beruashvili, Roland Nikolozashvili and Saba Mghvdeladze are victims and accused in one case. Their wounds have after-affect and now their health conditions are grave. Despite that, the prosecutor’s office does not agree to sign plea-agreement with the young people and tries to punish them strictly.
The International Secretariat of OMCT has published urgent appeal regarding the physical assault of Vakhtang Maisaia
The International Secretariat of OMCT appeals to the high-ranking officials of the government of Georgia regarding the physical assault of Vakhtang Maisaia who was arrested for espionage. They appeal to the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, secretary of the Security Council of Georgia Eka Tkeshelashvili, the minister of internal affairs Vano Merabishvili, the minister of justice of Georgia Zurab Adeishvili, the chairman of the human rights committee of the parliament of Georgia Giorgi Arsenishvili and the public defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi. The OMCT learned about the incident from the member of the OMCT SOS network in Georgia the Human Rights Center.

Kutaisi Starving without Water
The temperature up to 40 Celsius! Drinking water is supplied only once in two days for one and half an hour! The Kutaisi residents had to spend the summer days in similar conditions. The promise of the government to supply the second capital of the country with drinking water during 24 hours a day was not kept and Kutaisi still complains about it.
Police Regime in Public Schools
Bailiffs will start working in public schools of Ozurgeti district from January of 2011. The ministry of education and science states that the only function of the bailiffs at schools will be care for the security of pupils and prevention of violence. However, people often say that the ministry is going to establish a police regime in public schools and teachers do not like to be controlled everywhere.
OSCE Secretary General Calls on the Conflict Sides to Mutual Respect, Understanding and Restraint
On September 8th, the Secretary General of OSCE, Marc Perrin de Brichambaut made an official visit to Georgia. After the visit, the official web site of OSCE spread the official statement of Secretary General.
Ozurgeti Municipality Gave Away 2.5 Million Lari Property
 By the request of Vera Kobalia’s department, Ozurgeti municipality board yielded the labored property to Socar Georgia Gas. As the economics expert, David Narmania states, the Chamber of Control should raise the responsibility of the head of the municipality board. According to the expert of local government, Otar Konjaria, the free yielding of the gas pipes belonging to Ozurgeti municipality ownership is unacceptable.
Rector of Telavi State University Resigned
The rector of Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University George Gotsiridze resigned. The academic council of university rendered his request on September the 8th. Gotsiridze states that he’s tired of working at this post. According to Human Rights Center, George Gotsiridze was called to the Ministry of Education and Science a day before the resignation that resulted in this decision.
Strange Details in the Construction of Auto-Ban
 Huge construction of Ruisi-Igoeti freeway is underway. This project is continuation of the construction which started in 2006 and which is called “auto-ban”. Although only 60-70 kilometers of the auto-ban was built so far, the experts see serious faults in it and are doubtful about the construction of tunnels and Estacada.

Urmas Paet: “The Occupation of Georgian Territory Is Unacceptable for International Law”
On September 8th, the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet visited the village Odzisi bordering with Akhalgori. Paet was introduced to the current situation of the territory by the EU observers.
The UN General Assembly Adopts the Resolution Initiated by Georgia
The UN General Assembly adopted resolution on the right of return for all IDPs and their descendants from Georgian breakaway regions, including Abkhazia and South Ossetia, regardless their ethnicity, reports the official web-site of UN.
Resort-House “Menji” in Its Last Days
Once people called it the “cemetery of crutches”; now the resort-house “Menji” is completely destroyed. The process started several years ago. Initially, the members of the military formation “Mkhedrioni” and Guardia-men, who lived in it for some time, destroyed it; after the Georgian-Abkhaz armed conflict in 1990s the IDPs from Abkhazia sheltered in the buildings of the resort-house.  The property, which survived the civil war, was sacrificed to the negligence of the directors of the resort-house.
Panic in Svaneti – Population Is Afraid to Lose Land
The Mestia district population is suspicious about the state program of the development of Zemo Svaneti region. The locals say the program is being implemented without negotiating the issues with locals. People are afraid that within the state program the government will seize their plots which they have inherited from their ancestors but have not registered yet.
“If we dare to die, the Russian visa will be required for accessing the graveyard.”
The area of the occupied territories of Georgia has increased by two more kilometers. Though our government doesn’t divulge this information, it’s been about two months now the Russian army units occupied the big part of Tvauri settlement in the village Lamisyana, Kaspi region and divided it by bank that hinders the residents to have an access to their homes. The big part of the rural land of Lamisyana happened to fall inside the occupied territory. So, it turns out that the Russian occupants are nearer to Tbilisi, precisely 24 kilometers afar.
Leri Khabelov – Persecuted on Political Grounds
“I have left Georgia because of personal security. But, I want to return there,” said the former vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Georgia Leri Khabelov in his interview with Ossetian media sources; he added that he would be able to return to Georgia when the government changes.
Georgian Officer dies in Afghanistan, the corporal loses both legs
During the military operations conducted in Afghanistan, 28-year-old Georgian officer, the head of the 31st battalion unit of hundred soldiers, the chief lieutenant Mukhran Shukvani has died.
Opposition Closing Down the Offices in Kvemo Kartli
After the local government elections, opposition parties stopped activities in Kvemo Kartli. Almost all the opposition party offices were closed down. “The main problem is the financing. Apparently, we see the need of the office, but can’t cover its expenses,” – states the regional representative of political party Freedom.
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