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“The worst thing is that the murderer is a law enforcement officer. Can you realize what it means?” Rector of the Art Academy Is Asking President Saak
On July 8, Giga Gemazashvili and Shotiko Batiashvili, 21, were killed in Tsinandali village in Telavi district. According to police, officer of the Constitutional Security Department of the MIA Davit Chotalishvili deadly wounded them. Chotalishvili shot the third person -Giorgi Datukishvili too, who tried to assist the wounded boys, but Datukishvili muffed the bullet and managed to escape the murderer.
Open Letter of the Civil Society Concerning Arrests of Photo-reporters in Tbilisi
Civil society representatives call upon the Government of Georgia to guarantee the right to a fair and public trial for the detained photographers and to carry out an impartial and transparent investigation in accordance with international human rights law.
Action of Ukrainian Women Movement FEMEN Supporting Georgian Photoreporters in Ukraine
The officials of Georgian Embassy in Ukraine beat the journalists and activists of the organization FEMEN. This is how the action of women movement FEMEN ended entitled – “photo hunting.”
Research on Human Rights and Torture
Georgian Center for Psychological and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) conducted stage-to-stage inquiry regarding the issues of human rights and torture in 2003, 2007 and 2011 years among Tbilisi population.

“Here Is the War We Won” or Cruelty Does Not Have Nationality
Many articles were written, many TV-stories and films were created about the War in August of 2008. However, the documentary film by investigative journalist Vakhtang Komakhidze “Here Is the War We Won” is completely different and it became fatal for him. When working on the film, Komakhidze received a political shelter in Switzerland because Georgian authority persecuted him.

Civil Society Provides Bail for the Detained Photo Reporters
By the initiative of Alia Holding, the journalists held a next protest action in front of the President’s Residence and requested release of the detained photo reporters. The journalists started collecting signatures with the request to release them under bail.

The Real Reason of Our Detention Are the Scenes Taken on May 26th
I have always been thinking since the detention what was the real reason of arrest of five photographers; what kind of connections did we have that could irritate the high officials of government and why we were punished.

Sergey Chirikov: “We Are Ready to Prove Everybody that Our Photographer’s Activities Were Not Criminal At All”
When covering the case of the photo-reporters detained on July 7 for espionage, media outlets often mention terms Stringer and Pool whose meanings are not completely clear for the society.

„They Could Not Identify the Country For Which I Spied”
Five years later, former chief advisor-consultant for the media and public relation service at the President Saakashvili’s Administration Simon Kiladze stated that the MIA arrested him for the fabricated accusation and the investigation could not identify the country for which he spied in Georgia; Kiladze was convicted for espionage and high treason in 2006.

Journalists Petitioned to US Embassy to Wow Release of Photo-Reporters
On July 11, journalists delivered a petition initiated by the Alia Holding at the US Embassy; they request release of photo-reporters Giorgi Abdaladze and Zurab Kurtsikidze under vouch. About 100 journalists signed the petition.

More Torture Facts Observed in Georgian Custodies
“I want to declare in advance – I am a religious person and I am not going to commit suicide. If I am found dead in the custody, be sure I am killed,” the letter of a prisoner started with the sentence; he was one of the victims of torture and inhuman treatment in Georgian penitentiary settings.

Detained Photo-Reporters Do Not Plead Guilty
Early in the morning of July 7, from 3:00 am to 5:00 am famous Georgian photo-reporters were detained simultaneously in their houses: photo-reporter of the Associated Press Shah Aivazov, photo-reporter of the European Press-Photo Agency (EPA) in Georgia Zurab Kurtsikidze, personal photo-reporter of the President of Georgia Irakli Gedenidze, his wife Natia Gedenidze and photo-reporter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Abdaladze.

Parliament against the Patriarchate
Parliament unanimously adopted law on giving status of legal person of public law to the religious entities in Georgia yesterday. The draft law was unanimously supported by 70 deputies. The opposition did not attend the voting as they were requesting to postpone this issue and refused to participate in it.

Press release of the Council of Europe„Georgia - Human rights must be better protected in the justice system”
Strasbourg, 05/07/2011 – “More efforts are needed to address serious shortcomings in the judiciary and increase its transparency and fairness” said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, releasing today a report on the visit to Georgia 18-20 April 2011. The report focuses on the level of protection of human rights in the justice system in Georgia.

“I did not curse the president, I had unpleasant conversation with patrol police officers,” said Film-Director Irakli Gogouadze
According to the information provided by radio-listeners to the Studio “Obiektivi”, film-director Irakli Goguadze was arrested for having insulted the government.

Georgian Villages Might Get Flooded – “Government Renewed the Projects Declined by Soviet Authority”
“Archive of SakHydroInstitute (Georgian Hydro Institute) was sold. The current government offered investors the projects, which were declined by the soviet governments,” said Manana Kochladze, chairwoman of the non-governmental organization “Green Alternative”. Are those projects dangerous and shall ancient Georgian villages get flooded?

Murman Dumbadze: “They Were Kicking, Whipping Me and Beating With Clubs… They Stepped on My Finger-Nail with Heels…”
Murman Dumbadze returned to Adjara after 30-day administrative imprisonment. On May 26, the politician was detained and beaten in Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi and he is still taking medical treatment for his injuries. He said despite repressions he is not going to stop his political activities and keep blind eye on illegal facts.

Why Is Police Funded from District Budgets?
Agricultural sector is funded with 0 GEL from the district budgets in Adjara Autonomous Republic; but local police stations receive several thousand GEL every year. The amount of funds allocated for the police department in each district varies from 10 000 to 40 000 GEL.

Argument on Businessman’s House
Telavi District Court started discussion of Inga Sakuashvili’s suit, daughter of the late businessman Nodar Sakuashvili. Inga Sakuashvili requests abolishment of the document which became the basis to register the house in Saniore village in Telavi district on her grandmother in 2007.

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