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Constitutional-Legal Analisis of Institute of Georgian Citizenship
Recently, importance of more or less relevant constitutional-legal definition of the notion of “citizen” and “citizenship” in general has become a very urgent topic due to recent political events in Georgia. Although most evaluations are oriented on political essence of citizenships of concrete people and various experts pay less attention to more thorough analyze of the institute.

Overview of Amendments Adopted in the Human Rights Sphere in 2011
During the year of 2011 Georgian Parliament adopted approximately 400 legislative amendments. Following laws have been adopted: Law on Assemblies and Manifestations, Code of Imprisonment, Law on Personal Data, Law on Operative-Investigative Activity and etc.

NGOs Are Requesting the President to Veto the Law on Political Unions of Citizens
NGOs are calling the amendments to Organic Law on Political Unions of Citizens unconstitutional and address the President of Georgia to veto two draft laws.

Parliament Passed the Law on the Protection of the Personal Data
On December 28, the Parliament of Georgia passed the draft-law on the protection of personal data on its special session with the third hearing and 88 MPs voted for it.

GYLA Issues Broad Report on May 26th Events
Analysis of Human Rights Violations during and Related to the Dispersal of the May 26 Assembly – the report of Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) was presented in the hotel Holiday Inn several days ago by GYLA.

Farewell to Mtkvari!
The Mtkvari River will no longer flow through Georgia and in summer, when local use of the Mtkvari’s tributary rivers increases, every bridge in Tbilisi will get “dry”. Azerbaijan will face more problems because the Mingechaur Reservoir will lose the main source.

“Group of Trustees” Losing Confidence
A Group of Trustees is a body created with the Parliament of Georgia to control the law enforcement institutions. At the end of the year, the Group finally managed to hear the report of the Defense Ministry.

Third Sector Suggests the Parliament to Be Reasonable
Strict criticism from non-governmental organizations is related with the amendments to three draft–laws concerning environment. They are draft amendments to the Georgian Law on Citizens’ Political Unions, Criminal Code of Georgia and Election Code.

Public Defender Requests Changed Expertise Regulations
Public Defender recommended the Prime-Minister of Georgia to review the present regulations regarding forensic medical expertise. The Ombudsman requests introduction of amendments to the government’s resolution in order to ensure the principle of proportionality between private and public interests.

Presentation of Website http://eapnationalplatform.ge in Europe House
The web site http://eapnationalplatform.ge is a joint effort of Georgian Civil Society Organizations, created for exchange of information, learning about best practices, contacts and updates of the EaP. The web site is administrated by the Human Rights Center (HRIDC).

Irish Investor Fled From Georgia
Irish investor Ciara Rosemarie O'Sullivan blames the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia in breaching her private property rights and requests to return her seized property in Signagi. Before the court process started, the foreign investor sold all other properties which she had purchased in Kakheti.

“Indirect Contact with Politics” – New Ground to Prohibit NGOs to Receive Grants
Experts and opposition are alarmed about the draft amendments to be made to the Law on Political Unions of Citizens which were already adopted through the first hearing of the Parliament and it envisages new rules for financing of political parties.

Nodar Javakhishvili Thinks the Government Creates Problems not Only for Cartu Bank but For the Entire Bank System and Economy of Georgia
Director general of the Cartu Bank Nodar Javakhishvili said the process of sequestering the estates mortgaged in the Cartu Bank continues.

Cherchez la Femme! – Occupations and Properties of the Wives of Governmental Officials
Activities of wives of several politicians have become very catchy lately; they have even crossed the boundaries of their occupation fields and made loud statements in the society.

SOS – Media in Danger
SOS – Media in Danger –journalists protested the intrusion of the head of the managing company into Maestro TV and the removal of booths following Tbilisi City Hall decision under the slogan. The rally was held at the Presidential Residence. 

Coalition For Freedom of Choice Develops Draft Amendments to the Election Code of Georgia
The Coalition For Freedom of Choice proposes the draft amendments to the Code of Elections – five initiatives which aim to develop the election environment in Georgia – to Georgian Parliament as a legislative proposal.

New Deal on Electoral System
• Number of majoritarian MPs – 73;
• Number of party-list MPs – 77;
• Higher bar for passing constitutional amendment;
• Party clearing 5% threshold automatically takes six seats

Transparency International – Georgia: “Advertising Market Monopolized”
The Georgian advertising sector is characterized by a lack of competition and strong concentration of the market; the researchers of the TI-Georgia evaluated the Georgian advertising market as monopolized and suggest governmental institutions to refrain from interference in the functioning of media and advertising market.

Sacking Authorized Representatives of Villages in Guria will Continue with Bigger Scale
The authorized representatives of four territorial entity of Ozurgeti Municipality – Laituri, Nasakirali, Likhauri and Bokhvauri were fired on December 8th.

“President Saakashvili, Don’t Kill the Printed Media!”
“President Saakashvili, don’t kill the printed media!” Georgian and English language Appeal to the President of Georgia has been published on the front pages of almost all Georgian newspapers today.

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