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Prosecutor’s Office Does Not Investigate Oppression on Journalists
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi has sent two recommendations to the chief prosecutor Murtaz Zodelava this week. The Ombudsman requested the prosecutor to investigate oppression facts on journalists but the Prosecutor’s Office does not respond to any fact.

Shorena Khangoshvili’s Case Ended without Court Hearing
The Office of Prosecutor signed a plea-bargain agreement with the former journalist from Pankisi valley Shorena (Asmat) Khangoshvili. Khangoshvili confessed her guilt in exchange for the agreement. The Office of Prosecutor accused her for purchasing, keeping and transporting big amount of drugs.

Courts in Adjara Do Not Have Speakers and Public Information Is Unavailable for Media
Media representatives cannot get public information and comments from the Batumi City Court because Ajara based courts do not have speakers.

Melor Vachnadze With Grave Disease in Rustavi Prison # 17
Georgian non-governmental organizations petitioned to the Minister of Corrections and Legal Aid of Georgia Khatuna Kalmakhelidze and Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi to assist political prisoner Melor Vachnadze.

Reforms That Alienate Us from Europe
What is the most important – wealth or prosperity? Europe answered this question long ago and stated that wealth does not mean prosperity at all. Sustainable development strategy of Europe relies on this principle – develop steadily but safely. Despite Georgia’s aspirations for the EU, its real activities contradict the European policy in general.

Giorgi Tugushi: “Essential Problems Still Remain in Judiciary System”
On November 16, Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Office in Tbilisi hosted discussion “Administration of Justice and Protection of Human Rights in the Justice System in Georgia”. During the discussion Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi spoke about administration of justice and human rights violations in this field.

Blackmailer Police Officer Found
On November 29, newspaper Batumelebi found the person who tried to blackmail Tedo Jorbenadze, coordinator of the newspaper’s investigative team, on November 25, 2009 to cooperate with the Special Forces in the Batumi office of the MIA. The newspaper requests to punish him.

Abkhazian Language Faces Threat of Endangerment
UNESCO officially enlisted Abkhaz language among endangered languages of the world. Linguists think unless immediate and effective steps are taken for the survival of Abkhazian language, in 20-30 years only several people will know it.

Ivanishvili to Appeal President for Georgia Citizenship
Billionaire-turned-politician, Bidzina Ivanishvili, said on November 17 that he would submit an appeal to President Saakashvili with a request to restore his Georgian citizenship.

European Parliament Resolution on Georgia
European Parliament adopted on November 17 a resolution calling on the European Union to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as “occupied territories”, hailing Georgia’s “significant progress” in democratic reforms and also calling on the authorities “to further develop a democratic environment for freedom of speech.”

Coalition for Freedom of Choice Founded
Georgian non-governmental organizations established Coalition for Freedom of Choice. The coalition unites eight NGOs and two experts as it was announced at the today’s press-conference in the conference hall of the Media House “Palitra”.

Government Offers Unequal Conditions to Retired People
The government of Georgia announced a new social initiative: retired people over 67 will receive 140 GEL as a pension from September of 2012 including 15-GEL insurance packet. The initiative was raised when the 2012 state budget was drafted and the funds necessary for the increased pensions were already reflected in it.

Cartu Bank Concerned about Legislative Changes in Bank System
Cartu Bank stated that as a result of the unfair policy of the government, deposits of 45 million GEL were withdrawn from the bank. The Cartu Bank spread special statement regarding the issue.

Cell Phones for the Personnel of Batumi City Hall to Be Purchased with Budget Funds
Cell phones for the personnel of the Batumi City Hall will be purchased by budget funds. 13 000 GEL was allocated from the budget on purpose. We could not get clarifications about the issue from the representatives of the Batumi City Hall.

One Zero Less
Discussions about the issues of victims of political repressions have been very urgent recently. In 2011, according to the amendments to the Georgia law, victims of political repressions and their descendents were entitled to request compensation form the state but…

Deceased Prisoner’s Body Brought to Zugdidi Prison
On November 8, family members of late prisoner Murman Kalandia, 42, brought the deceased in front of the Zugdidi prison # 4 where he served his term before death; Kalandia died on October 31.


A Friend of Detainees Crashed into a Police Station by a Long Truck
An incident occurred in Lanchkhuti town and police detained three young men. The annoyed friend of the detainees crashed into the police station by a long truck three times.

First Parliament Session in Kutaisi – Next Childish Entertainment for Saakashvili or Snap Parliamentary Elections?
Member of the Parliamentary fraction Union for Justice MP Dimitry Lortkipanidze expects the President to surprise people with snap elections.

Journalist Gela Mtivlishvili Petitioned to Chief Prosecutor of Georgia
Editor of the ICK, journalist Gela Mtivlishvili petitioned to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava. He sues the former Kakheti regional prosecutor Levan Sachishvili and requests to start criminal prosecution against him for having threatened the journalist.

Way Home – Repatriation of Meskhs
According to the commitments and obligations of Georgia to the CoE, Georgia shall repatriate forcibly deported Meskhs by the soviet authority to their historical homeland. The process will supposedly end up late in 2012. Seekers of repatriate’s status had to submit applications before January of 2010. Georgian Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees received applications of only 5 841 Meskh families.

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