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Violent Media
On June 28th, at 8:00 pm, in the reportage covered by the Imedi news program “terrible crime” Irina Khizanishvili, reporter of the Qronika stated that “14-year-old girl in Africa settlement became the victim of sexual violence. She was raped by her grandfather.” The reporter named the first and last names of the girl, her exact address and the name of her grandfather.

Batumi City Mayor VS Socially Disabled Person
Batumi City Mayor Robert Chkhaidze has disagreement with his next-door neighbor, socially disabled Eduard Pogosyan. Batumi City Court satisfied the suit of the Mayor and his relatives. However, it is not clear whether Kutaisi Appeal Court will impose the payment of 13 300 USD on the impoverished family of Pogosyan in favor of the Mayor or not; the decision will be made on June 30.

Double Salary and Bonuses for the Regional Governor
Kakheti regional governor Giorgi Ghviniashvili receives double salary every month. In 2009-2010 the regional governor received 141 600 GEL in total that made 70 800 GEL per year. Though, his monthly salary is only 2 950 GEL.

Public Opinion Is Ignored - Number of MPs Will Increase up to 190
In accordance to the election agreement signed between the National Movement and several opposition parties, the number of MPs will increase up to 190 from current 150.

Amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia
Georgian parliament is discussing amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia. According to the amendments, the law will get stricter about creation of illegal formations, for the attack on police officer or public official and for hiding the property in order to avoid tax payment.

Irakli Okruashvili Was Going to Enter Georgia through Tskhinvali, according to MIA
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, the Counter-Intelligence Department detained a criminal group several members of which are related to Georgian Party.

11 Prisoners Released from Telavi Detention Setting
11 people, detained during the dispersal of the protest demonstration on May 26 in Tbilisi, were released from the Telavi temporary detention setting. Their administrative imprisonment finished at 00:00 am on June 25. Among them is Murman Dumbadze, head of public movement “Serve Georgia” and journalist Aleko Chubinidze.

The Only Income of a Disabled Person Might Be Sequestered
Everybody will show the house of Jumber Ashlarba in the so-called Abkhazian district in Batumi. A rusty iron gate leads us into the yard of a two-storied house. The house walls have never been painted; moreover, they had never been renovated either. A disabled person Jumber Ashlarba lives together with his family (wife and two daughters) in two rooms on the ground floor; the family copes with poverty.

Court Does not Discuss Merab Katamadze’s Case
Member of political council of the Republic Party, former single mandate candidate from Akhmeta district Merab Katamadze is accused in illegal purchase, possession and storage of firearms. Two years ago, court imposed bail on Katamadze; his case was sent to the Tbilisi City Court for further discussion though not started yet.

Sighnaghi Police Head Beat Citizen
The drunken head of Sighnaghi police Zaza Maziashvili and other police officials beat the citizen Soso Javakhishvili. The incident took place on June 18th at Sarajishvili St. in Sighnaghi. The law-enforcement officials detained beaten Soso Javakhishvili and imposed fine against him. Javakhishvili has injuries and is going through medical treatment at home.

Top Five Most Unpopular Ministers according to Poll of humanrights.ge
According to the internet survey of Human Rights Center internet magazine humanrights.ge, top 5 most unpopular Ministers are: Vano Merabishvili, Dimitri Shashkin, Bacho Akhalaia, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze and Bakur Kvezereli.

Why 2 532 Families Refused to Receive Allowances?
According to statistic data from the website of the Social Agency, in 2010, 1 904 families in Kakheti region refused to receive social allowances; in January, February, March and April of 2011, 628 families declined the allowances in the same region. Kakheti regional coordination center of the Social Agency keeps the list of the families in secret.

Zviad Kharebava Hopes Only for Strasbourg
Georgian Supreme Court did not accept the cassation suit of the convicted Zviad Kharebava. Interpresnews was reported from the Supreme Court that the Cassation Chamber, having studied the criminal case and the cassation suit, concluded that the convicted Kharebava’s suit does not comply with the requirements of the Article 547 Part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Beaten Prisoner Has Cancer
The prisoner, who was beaten in the custody by prison personnel, is now coping with death. The Human Rights Center’s lawyer Nino Andriashvili said the health conditions of the inmate are extremely grave – he cannot move, he has terrible pains, often faints and has problems with memory.

Law Enforcers’ May 26 Mistreatment to Journalists Contained Signs of Criminal Offence, Public Defender
Delivering his human rights annual report to the Parliament on June 14, Public Defender Giorgi Tugushi, told lawmakers, that law enforcers' mistreatment to journalists during the May 26 events contained the signs of criminal offence, therefore the prosecutor's office shall launch investigation into the cases.

Construction on Royal Christening Place – Topic for Disagreement
The construction is going on at the Royal Christening Place. Reportedly, an entertainment lounge is being constructed there. However, the owner denied the fact and said he is building a residential house.

School – Prison
The video portal of Human Rights Center hridc.tv decided to get acquainted with the general situation in the school. We wanted to find out what kind of sanitary situation there is, what are the conditions like and in general is there the structure that ensures the normal educational processes.

Parliamentary Majority Adds New Restrictions to the Law on Assemblies and Manifestations
Several amendments have been initiated to the Law on Assemblies and Manifestations. The amendments demonstrate that their authors were worried by the May protest rally and thought of new restrictions against the demonstrators.

Definition of Illegal Armed Formation Broadens and Criminal Accountability Increases.
Criminal accountability for leading or participating in the illegal armed formation increases. The amendments are initiated to the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Certification – Increasing the Education Level or Delicate Form of Staff Reduction
The process of teacher certification started in 2010 by the Education Ministry of Georgia. The participation is voluntary. However, it will become obligatory starting from the year of 2014. The certification exams will take place in two directions in the form of the subject and pedagogical testing.

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