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How Special Forces Raided Public Assembly Protest Rally in Batumi
On May 21st the Special Forces raided the protest rally in front of Adjara TV. The protest rally participants were beaten by the clubs they brought for flags and posters according to their statement. In the morning of May 22nd, at 4 am, the Special Forces raided the office of Public Assembly and took several people.

Lawyer of the Human Rights Center and Prisoner Locked in One Room
“Penitentiary institution breaches the rights of the prisoners’ visitors,” the lawyer of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili said. According to the lawyer, her right was breached in the prison # 17 on May 20.

Mukhrovani “Mutiny” – Saakashvili Staged Performance
On May 20, the video studio of the Human Rights Center HRIDC.TV screened a new documentary “Operation - “Mutiny” at the Tbilisi Cinema House. The film is about the “mutiny” in the Mukhrovani Military Base in 2009.
Chronicles of Facts of Pressure against Opposition Supporters
Different kinds of pressure mechanisms have been used against the opposition supporters from the regions in order to hinder them to join protest rallies in Tbilisi. The police officials have been the main source of intimidation.

Demonstrators Irritated at Journalists and Cameras
Supposedly, only “accredited journalists” will cover the ongoing protest demonstration organized by the Public Assembly near the building of the Public Broadcasting.

Provocations and Clashes during Protest Demonstration
On May 22, in the morning, the situation about the protest demonstration organized by the Public Assembly escalated in front of the Public Broadcasting building. The demonstrators attacked the car of the law enforcement officers and started to drub it.

Why Gvantsa Kuparadze Was Not Early Released from Prison – Who Settles Fate of Prisoners?!
Several months left before the end of Gvantsa Kuparadze’s prison term. At the end of the school-year she intends to take national exams; so she requested early release. Although the prisoner has good reference from the prison administration, the local council of the Mnistry of Corrections and Legal Aid did not satisfy her petition.

Dangers of Mediocrity (Andy Garcia or Mikheil Saakashvili?)
3 years ago some Armenian colleagues of mine told me the story of making the film The Lark Farm by Italian directors Paolo and Vittorio Tavianis. They had invited them to Yerevan, to the film festival and passed the books on Armenian-Turkish relations, namely the “genocide of Armenians” called so by part of the world.

Activists of Public Assembly were Attacked
The Public Assembly has planned to hold protest rallies with the request of changing government on May 21st. Three days before the start of protest rallies, the activists of Public Assembly were attacked in Sagarejo Region.
Leader of Youth Branch of the Georgian Party Detained
On May 18, police officers detained a leader of the youth branch of the Georgian Party Shota Iamanidze. He is accused of purchase-storage-usage of narcotic substances – Article 260 Part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The crime is punished from 7 to 14 years imprisonment. The family members said Iamanidze was arrested in Abashidze Street.
Police Raiding Lawyers on Hunger Strike
On May 17th, the lawyers started hunger strike in front of the Parliament building. As the lawyer Shalva Xachapuridze stated at the press conference held in front of the Parliament, 20 lawyers went on the hunger strike and they are going to be joined by the lawyers from the regions in several days.

Ninotsminda Residents Appealing to European Court of Human Rights
The Center of Environmental Law submitted the complaint of sufferers of oil eruption in Ninotsminda to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg on May 17th. As the Center states this is the first complaint sent to the ECHR concerning the ecology problems in Georgia.

Permanent Controversy Between Kist and Georgian Adults in Akhmeta
“In Akhmeta district, physical controversy between ethnic Kist and Georgian youth has been underway for several days already. Zakaria Kinkladze, member of Akhmeta Sakrebulo from Republic Party, told the newspaper “Resonance” that the problem is very important and it might turn into a serious ethnic conflict.

Residents of Village Mleta Taking Turns for Sleeping
The sufferers of the landslide in the village Mleta are afraid that the landslide erupt again in spring and destroy their houses. Last year, the landslide locked the river-bed and the water flooded the houses. Approximately 15 families were promised to be evacuated but the sufferers of the natural disaster still live in the destroyed houses.

Police Official Spitting, Press-Service Hiding
Georgian media has covered the details of the detainment of members of Public Assembly and organization Ara relatively comprehensively. The action the participants of which were detained was held against the head of the Rustavi Police First Department Valeri Dughashvili.

Government’s Plans for Racha
The decisions of government to hold auctions for cascade constructions and put on the market 20-year licenses have drawn public’s attention lately.

Drivers Deprived of their Mini-Buses
The mini-bus drivers, who gave ride to the protest rally participants on May 9th in Kakheti by the order of Georgian Party, were deprived of their mini-buses. According to the drivers, the law-enforcement officials did not clarify the reason of the seizure of their mini-buses.

Batumi Residents Believe Georgian Government Seized Celebration of May 6 from Them
Media organizations were selected to get accreditation at the Police Parade in Batumi. Free media outlets and ordinary citizens could not attend the parade.

Changes to Georgian Law on Police Appealed to Constitutional Court
Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) appeals against the changes made in the Georgian Law on Police to the Constitutional Court. According to the head of GYLA, Tamar Chugoshvili, the complaint to the Constitutional Court is filed on behalf of the citizen Davit Shubladze.

Government Suppressing Street Actions by Series of Imprisonments
On May 7th Rustavi police raided Public Assembly action and detained 12 participants. According to the representative of the assembly, the policemen started detaining the action participants after an anonymous individual punched the law-enforcement official.

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